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Chapter 410 – Stare~ I See You, Awoo!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2108 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1159 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“What’s wrong?” Noticing Yaeger’s behavior, Alicia looked up. But she didn’t see anything.

“Just now, I sensed something spying on us…” Yaeger was stunned but quickly regained her senses.

“Probably a delusion.” Alicia stared at the ceiling for a few seconds, but couldn’t find anything unusual.

“What about you, Yunuen?” Then, she asked Yunuen.

“No.” Yunuen shook her head.

As for Little Fairy, she still looked like she was broken.

‘A delusion? How can I make such mistakes again and again? Something must be targeting me.’

Yaeger looked solemn. While being rigid in her heart, she sneakily swept the ceiling with a hint of aura.

‘Nothing? How is that possible?’ The results baffled her. ‘Perhaps the other party is using some sort of long-range spell to spy on us? No, if we were spied on, Alicia should sense it. I’m the only one being targeted!’

The more Yaeger thought about it, the more shocked she became. This unidentified being seemed to have extraordinary powers, and a clear objective.

“From now on, we need to be more careful.”

Although the other party hadn’t taken action until now, it was better to be vigilant. Otherwise, if something happened later, it would be too late.

Fifteen minutes later. Rest was over.

“Ugh, I want to throw up so bad…” Little Fairy opened her mouth, and seemed to be depressed.

Until now, her mouth was still filled with the stench of potions.

“Just get used to it.” Yaeger spoke calmly.

Yunuen nodded vigorously. Little Fairy became speechless.

“Just wait for a few more hours and it will be fine.” Yaeger comforted her.

‘Ah, help me. I want to go back and sleep so much…’

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Hearing that, Little Fairy had no tears left to cry. The scent of potions in her mouth seemed to have become even more pungent.

Descending into the cave opening, Yaeger and the rest reached the seventh level uneventfully.

There was a lot of exposed metal on the floor and walls in this place. They were noticeable under the crystal’s illumination.

“More precious metals that we can’t dig up.” Yeager spoke in exasperation.
“There are so many. You can’t take it with you anyway.” Alicia smiled.
“Princess, there’s a treasure chest here!” At this moment, Yunuen suddenly exclaimed.

Hearing those words, Yaeger instantly looked over. Indeed, she saw an ancient-looking, rusted copper, and large treasure chest.

“I wonder if there are treasures inside!” Yunuen’s eyes twinkled in deep anticipation.
“Probably.” Yaeger spoke calmly.

Immediately after, [Sunscorch] flew out of her hand. Sparks flew everywhere! The next moment, [Sunscorch] struck the treasure chest and let out a massive noise.

“Hiss!” Actually, the treasure chest also screamed.
“Jackpot!” Yaeger smiled.
“Sigh, I guess as much.” Watching as the treasure chest opened and revealed a black creature with a massive mouth, Yunuen’s eyelids twitched and realized she had a close call.

If she had just approached recklessly just now, her head would have been chopped off.

“A mimic? How interesting.” Alicia took out her sword and smiled.

After some time of claiming some kills, she had regained some battle instincts. At this moment, she was eager.

“You all go together. I’ll focus on support and suppression.” Yaeger retracted [Sunscorch] and quickly switched to [Berserk Thunder].

“Yes!” Yunuen, Little Fairy, and Alicia replied in unison.

The mimic was just Level 28. To Yaeger, it was pathetically weak. However, it was just good enough for Yunuen and the rest to practice.

Especially Alicia. She was slowly regaining her battle instincts and needed a proper opponent.

“Alicia, do it moderately.” Yaeger reminded.
“Yes.” Alicia nodded, she knew best about her own physical condition.

She wouldn’t dare to be reckless.

“Die!” At this moment, Yunuen had already charged and slammed her red staff onto the mimic.

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This monster, who was pitch black but had blindingly white teeth, instantly wailed in pain.

[Staff of Tyranny] glimmered in red light. Yunuen activated [Whirlwind Staff] and sent it flying into the air.

“My turn.” Little Fairy took the opportunity and shot the levitating mimic with arrows.

As her volley ended, Alicia jumped up. Like a dancing butterfly, she slashed the mimic dozens of times.

A dance of blood!

The mimic let out a painful wail. At the same time, Yaeger’s eyes became grim and [Berserk Thunder] unleashed a rain of bolts.

Yunuen and the others instantly dispersed. Immediately after, that area became an ocean of electricity. The purple storm rose and sent the mimic flying again.

Yaeger had only started her attacks. Her hand drew the crossbow so quickly that it seemed to have disappeared.

Countless energy arrows were unleashed and turned the area ahead into an ocean of purple electricity!

Little Fairy retreated to a safe place. After sighing in the heart, she also released arrows in that direction.

Yunuen used [Holy Spirit Hammer] and struck ferociously. After fighting together for some time, they had excellent synergy. Although it wasn’t flawless yet, it was still acceptable.

As Yaeger finished her attacks, Little Fairy and Yunuen also stopped.

The mimic fell from above. The intense pain warped its expression and filled its heart with fear and anger. Because it realized that it was about to die.


Its survival instincts overwhelmed its mind. Making the mimic seem like it was resurrected and filled with energy.

Of course, this was an illusion. Once the adrenaline rush was over, it would be in critical condition again.

But still, it was much better than being killed.


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However, a voice was heard beside it. It completely shattered the mimic’s hopes of escaping.

Sword energy flashed and Alicia unleashed another butterfly dance!

“So beautiful…” Yunuen sincerely admired such a graceful and beautiful attack.

Unlike [Princess], who seemed like an angel, Alicia wasn’t that unattainable and untouchable. As long as she worked hard, she also had a chance to become just like Alicia.

‘Now that I think about it, Princess seems like she’s from an entirely different planet.’

Yunuen landed her gaze on Yaeger and sighed internally.

Alicia clearly had higher status and more elegance. However, Yunuen still felt a massive difference when she stood beside [Princess].

‘Princess is divine.’ She couldn’t help but think that.


Alicia landed gracefully and sheathed her blade, letting out a crisp noise.

Immediately after, everyone saw the mimic being sliced into dozens of pieces and green blood splattered everywhere.

In the end, it fell onto the ground.

“Sister Alicia, thank you for the hard work!” Yunuen trotted over and wiped her face to get rid of the nonexisting sweat.

While conquering the maze, they had become close. Starting as a friend of [Princess], she was now Alicia’s friend. Perhaps in the future, she might even become Alicia’s sworn younger sister.

This was something that Yaeger enjoyed seeing.

“Princess, there’s something over there!”

While Yaeger was watching the interaction, Little Fairy beside them suddenly spoke. Looking over, Yaeger saw a tiny treasure chest emerging from the puddle of blood.


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