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Chapter 409 – A Familiar Strategy, A Familiar Stench!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2057 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1267 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

At this moment, the black-armored soldiers were absolutely flabbergasted.

Not long ago, they had painstakingly passed through an Illusion Maze before being transported. After a grueling battle, they finally tumbled into the group of adventurers here.

And before long, another large group of Magic Beasts appeared. After exterminating them, they were incredibly exhausted and decided to rest.

In the end, before they even started to relax, those damned outsiders led an incredibly powerful Magic Beast to them.

The stun effect caused by the shockwave tortured the soldiers. They wanted to stand up, but their bodies wouldn’t listen to them. They were cursing in their minds.

If they survived this crisis, they would definitely torture those outsiders to death. However, their vision became dark.


They felt sharp pain that instantly faded away.

The black-armored warriors were turned into ketchup sauce under the boar’s hooves. They were utterly dead.

Witnessing such a horrible scene, the adventurers were all shocked and terrified.

S.K.Y. and Taurus restricted their pupils and had pale expressions. While feeling immense shock in their hearts, their bodies were trying to recover from the stun effect.

“Roar!” Flattening the black-armored soldiers, the massive boar roared in excitement.

“S.K.Y., find a way!” Taurus lowered his voice and spoke in a fluster.

He thought diverting the trouble would buy them sometime. Little did he expect, this pig was actually horrifying. It knocked everyone down with a single AoE attack.

‘What way do I have? I’m also very desperate!’ S.K.Y. had no tears left to cry.

Despite being filled with despair, he still pretended like he was thinking of a solution.


An adventurer who couldn’t regain his footing was turned into ketchup sauce.

Listening to the noise where bone, flesh, and blood was merged into one harmonious entity, every one felt chills down their spines.

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“S.K.Y.!” Taurus screamed hysterically.

His voice was filled with obvious desperation and fear.

‘I don’t know either!’ S.K.Y. didn’t say that out loud.

Because the moment he was about to say it, he noticed several openings in the stone walls not far away from the corner of his vision.

Debris littered the ground, and it seemed very recent. It was most likely created by the massive boar’s shockwave attack.

‘A hidden passage!’ S.K.Y.’s eyes flashed with the light of enlightenment.

He had played a lot of adventure games, and knew that many game developers would place some Easter eggs in inconspicuous spots.

For example, after entering a cave, one could discover a lever on a random wall and reach the final boss by opening a stone entrance…

Well, that would be the last thing they ever wanted to see.

However, no matter what, it was much better than being grounded into liquid by its hooves.

These holes that were slightly bigger than pet doors were their only remaining hope!

“Young master Zhang, look over there!” S.K.Y whispered. He didn’t want the adventurers to discover these openings.

Taurus looked over and his eyes became wide, he nearly exclaimed in surprise. Fortunately, he had adequate willpower and instantly covered his mouth with his hands.

They glanced at each other and instantly looked at the opening. Without a second thought, they used their movement skills.

Since they couldn’t stand up for the time being, they would climb! Using movement skills while climbing also increases one’s speed. This was discovered by some bored players.

When S.K.Y. learned of this information, he even made fun of them along with Taurus for acting like dogs.

Now, they finally became dogs.

On the other side, the massive boar reveled in slaughter. It didn’t notice two ants escaping quickly.

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By the time it did, Taurus and S.K.Y. was close to the opening.

“Roar!” Seeing that, the boar was definitely livid.

‘These damned ants. Why are they still running!’

At this moment, the boar finally realized its initial goal. Which was to kill these ants! They dared to escape after provoking it!

Stomping on the ground, the boar charged suddenly!

“Auuuuugh!” Feeling the intense vibration behind them, S.K.Y. and Taurus clearly knew that the boar had discovered them. They instantly climbed to the opening with full force while moaning weirdly.

There were four holes ahead of them.

S.K.Y.’s target was the leftmost, because it was the biggest and he could just barely fit into it.

Taurus aimed for the rightmost, because it was the closest to him and the opening was big enough for him to climb inside.


The boar arrived, its bloodshot eyes stared at them menacingly. Its glimmering fangs were already prepared to strike.

“This is my last charge!” S.K.Y. shouted as if it could unleash all potential in his body.

Immediately after, his body glimmered in red light as he pounced into the hole like an arrow.

On the other side, Taurus charged at the same time and stared daggers at the hole.

“Roar!” Watching as the ants were about to crawl into those holes, the boar was both angry and frustrated and jumped up.

It planned to pummel S.K.Y. and Taurus using its bodyweight!


The body, which was as large as a small mountain, landed quickly. The ground instantly cracked and dust clouds emerged.

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If S.K.Y. and Taurus were struck by this attack, they would be rendered into dust. However…
“Roaaaaar!” The sudden roar of anger seemingly indicated that it had failed.

Taurus and S.K.Y. escaped.

Within the dust cloud, red light flashed. The remaining adventurers then saw a raging boar running wildly towards them. Desperate wails soon emerged.

“Little Fairy, kill that monster.”
“Little Fairy, kill…”
“Little Fairy…”
“Little Fa…”

On the cave’s sixth level, Yaeger and the rest were resting on the spot after eliminating all water elementals in this place.

“Ueegh… My father who art in heaven, I’m going to die~” On the picnic tarp, there was a girl whispering while laying on the ground like a salted fish, with a pale expression and dead eyes.

No, she seemed more like she was talking in her sleep.

The moment she finished speaking, her body trembled uncontrollably, as if she had encountered something horrible.

This person was Little Fairy.

Seeing how miserable she was, Yunuen couldn’t help but smirk. Nangong and Rakshasa who were watching the broadcast also did the same.

What a familiar strategy, what a familiar scent! Absolutely fantastic! Back in those days, they were also abused by [Princess] like so… No, it was love.

Nangong and Rakshasa who were originally a little resentful felt nothing but sympathy towards Little Fairy right now.

Also, with a massive grin on their faces!

“Alicia, was the maze always this difficult back then?”

Yaeger took a sip of tea and suddenly asked.

They fought all the way from the first level to the sixth. Each level was filled with lots of magical creatures and traps.

If Yaeger wasn’t blessed with near-clairvoyant abilities, they wouldn’t reach this point smoothly.

“According to the records of my ancestors, it won’t be so difficult in usual circumstances.” Alicia said.

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“Is it because your clan had lost the key for many years?” Yaeger asked.

“Yes. The underground maze has been inactive for too long. Some unexpected mutations will happen. That’s why I asked you to reach Platinum rank back then, just in case.” Alicia looked at Yaeger and said.

“I see…” Halfway through the sentence, Yaeger suddenly looked up and released her aura, instantly entering combat mode.


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