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Chapter 411 – The Heavens Will Decide Your Fate

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2073 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1302 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

The treasure chest had a golden hue and was adorned with exquisite gemstones and intricate engravings. Despite its delicate appearance, it miraculously remained untarnished.

The repulsive flesh and blood were unable to come into contact with the treasure chest, seemingly repelled by some unknown energy. Yaeger then utilized her aura, shaping it into a tentacle to carefully transport the fragile treasure chest.

“Is it safe?” Little Fairy asked with concern in her voice.

“Perhaps a new mimic will emerge,” replied Yaeger with a smile.

Little Fairy rolled her eyes in response.

“Princess, have you found anything unusual?” Yunuen and Alicia hurried over, noticing the anomaly.

“I’ve found something valuable,” announced Yaeger as she held up the treasure chest in her palm, which now appeared even smaller from this vantage point.

“It looks fragile,” remarked Yunuen, her eyes shining with excitement. “I wonder what’s inside?”

“Most likely something good, considering we defeated numerous monsters and this is the only item we obtained,” added Little Fairy.

Studying the small treasure chest, Alicia furrowed her brow and said, “I feel like I’ve seen something similar to this before…but I can’t quite recall.”

Eager to discover its contents, Yaeger asked, “Do you have any idea what treasures it might hold?”

“Give me a moment,” replied Alicia, closing her eyes as she delved into her memory for any pertinent information.

The area was tranquil, undisturbed by anyone around her. After a while, Alicia’s eyes fluttered open, and she spoke in a deliberate tone, “I recall now. This is a reward chest from the underground labyrinth. I’ve heard it holds something particularly unique.”

Upon hearing the news, the group became ecstatic.

“Princess, open it quickly!” urged Yunuen eagerly.

After enduring the challenges of the labyrinth for an extended period of time, they had finally earned their just reward. Yunuen’s excitement was palpable. Little Fairy refrained from speaking, but her eyes betrayed her anticipation. Alicia cast a gentle smile in Yaeger’s direction.

With everyone eagerly watching, Yaeger delicately placed her hand on the small treasure chest and began to open it.

Suddenly, rays of golden light spilled out from the opening of the treasure chest, growing brighter as the gap widened. However, the radiance only lasted a few fleeting seconds before it faded away entirely.

In the end, the group caught a glimpse of the contents of the treasure chest: a single coin. But not just any coin—it was a gold one.

While it may not have been extravagant, it had a certain elegance and simplicity to it, evoking a sense of ancient heritage.

Yaeger retrieved the coin from the chest and examined it closely. Almost immediately, information materialized before her eyes.

Rare Item: Maze Coin
Usage Count: 1
Description: This coin can be redeemed for prizes at the central maze and secret areas.
Note: In theory, this coin can unlock the most valuable rewards within the underground labyrinth (smile).

As Yaeger read through the information, her mouth slightly twitched.

‘What’s with the smile emoji!’

“Heh, so it’s a raffle,” Yunuen chuckled thoughtfully.

Even Rakshasa and the other viewers watching the broadcast couldn’t help but smile, knowing full well that the [Princess] had an uncanny knack for winning prizes and always came out on top with the best rewards.

Little Fairy appeared confused, while Alicia seemed to be deep in thought.

“So I have the chance to win the best prizes? Sounds like an interesting challenge. I accept.” Yaeger stowed away the coin and treasure chest before flashing a radiant smile. With a Luck score of 666, she relished participating in lotteries more than anything else!

‘I don’t have the key to reach the central region of the maze, so I can only draw prizes from the hidden areas.’

Coincidentally, their current destination was one such hidden area.

Yaeger looked at the gold coin in her backpack and pondered, ‘This coin might have some unexpected effects.’

After taking a brief break, they resumed their journey through the maze. The monsters on the seventh floor proved to be a challenging combination of metal and earth elementals, and required more effort to defeat. Despite this, Yaeger’s powerful attacks ensured they cleared the floor at a decent pace, albeit at the cost of more energy than before.

As they approached the entrance to the eighth floor, they were surprised to find a teleportation formation instead of a typical entrance.

“Could this be a floor with a Floor Master?” Yunuen asked.
“It’s possible.” Little Fairy nodded gently.
“What do you think, Alicia?” Yaeger asked.

The latter shook her head: “I don’t know. Our clan hasn’t encountered a similar situation. Or perhaps they did, and they never came back.”
“Looks like this is the only entrance to that floor…” Yaeger walked around the teleportation formation. “I don’t feel any danger, there shouldn’t be any traps.”
“It’s up to you if we go or not.” Alicia said.

Yunuen and Little Fairy nodded at the same time.

“We can’t just stay here. Let’s go.” Yaeger pondered for a moment before making a decision.

The Level Restriction of the underground maze ensured that its level of danger was always manageable. Although, there was a slim chance that this teleportation formation could lead them straight into an Illusion Maze. However, given her exceptional Luck, Yaeger calculated that the probability of such an occurrence was roughly 0.1%.

After everyone walked into the teleportation formation, they were surrounded by a bright white light, and spatial energy emanated from it. Then, there was a loud buzz, and suddenly they disappeared.

As they arrived at the eighth floor of the Cave Maze, four figures materialized out of thin air.

Yunuen shivered and huddled up. “It’s freezing in here!” she exclaimed.

The landscape was dominated by icy blue hues, signaling that they had entered a frozen wasteland.

Yaeger noted the chilly temperature and surveyed the surroundings. “Seems like this floor is enclosed,” she remarked.

She observed the frozen landscape and deduced that it was unlikely for this area to be connected to other zones, given the presence of frozen pillars and icicles on the ceiling. If it had been connected to the seventh or potentially existing ninth floor, the cold air would have dissipated, but that was not the case here. In fact, it was almost impossible.


While everyone was still trying to make sense of the situation, a buzzing noise filled the air, and within moments, five players and three adventurers appeared through a burst of spatial energy.

“It’s so cold! What’s with this damned place?”

The moment they appeared, they were greeted by the chilling cold.

“F̲u̲c̲k̲, it’s Black-hearted Princess!” As if sensing someone’s gaze, a player turned his head to look. When he saw the stunningly beautiful face, his heart skipped a beat. The others noticed his reaction and followed his gaze, only to be met with the same sight. For a few moments, there was silence. Then, everyone turned and fled without a word.

“You all better not go that way, it’s dangerous.” Seeing this, Yaeger spoke with a mix of complicated emotions.

Those people had completely disobeyed her and fled without hesitation. Suddenly, numerous ice spears emerged from the flat icy surface, catching both the adventurers and players off guard. They failed to react, and the spears pierced through their bodies, killing them instantly. The piercing screams they let out before dying were horrifying to hear.

“I didn’t kill them, but they died because of me.” Yaeger said softly.

Although players had the possibility of being revived after their demise, NPCs were seldom granted the same privilege. Despite her gentle reminder, they persisted in their determination to perish.

“This is fate.” She sighed. “Let’s go.”

Having become adventurers, they had willingly accepted the inherent risk of death. Therefore, their current predicament was to be expected.


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