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Chapter 408 – Trying To Survive In The Midst Of Chaos

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2099 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1252 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

In front of Yaeger’s group, there were a bunch of levitating elementals that were covered with flames and half the height of a human. Strictly speaking, these flame elementals weren’t monsters. They were magical flame lifeforms.

Unlike Magic Beasts, magical beings often had unique constitutions. They might be composed of plants, mucus, gas, minerals, or elements… In a nutshell, they exist in all sorts of weird ways.

“Elemental beings don’t share the same weaknesses as Magic Beasts. Most of them rely on the core in their bodies. Just like a human’s heart.” Alicia suddenly said.
“Yes, that’s obvious.” Yaeger looked at a nearby flame elemental. She could vaguely see a crimson red core in the middle of its body.
“Some cunning elemental beings will create several fake cores to confuse the enemy. However, these Low-grade elementals obviously aren’t that intelligent.” Alicia said.
“Their weaknesses are so obvious. Letting me attack them seems inappropriate.”

Yaeger pondered for a moment before staring at Little Fairy. “I’ll let you have some practice.”

The latter nodded.

Not everyone had the opportunity to receive guidance from the world’s strongest player. Although she didn’t understand Black-hearted Princess’ true intentions yet, Little Fairy still treasured this opportunity deeply.

Because like any other ordinary player, she was poor and weak. Now that someone was willing to carry her, she would definitely make the most out of it. Personal strength was the best asset to keep oneself safe.

In the previous maze, she already knew what ‘survival of the fittest’ meant. No, perhaps she had already learned of it a long time ago. Yet, she just chose not to acknowledge it. If people lived in a safe and isolated environment, they would become complacent.

However, as long as they were tossed into a highly competitive place, the aggression hidden deep in their hearts and the innate abilities in their blood would eventually be awakened.

Little Fairy was already awakened. She currently understood that her weakness was the reason why she couldn’t fight against unfairness in life.

‘Even though it’s a game, I still want to become strong.’

Pulling out her bow, Little Fairy looked ahead in determination. Then, she drew her bow and released arrows, unleashing [Multi Shot].

On the other side, Taurus and S.K.Y. painstakingly made it to the opening and reached the lower level of the cave maze. Looking down, there were many corpses on the ground. The pungent stench of blood was nauseating.

Based on the wounds on their bodies, these Magic Beasts had died recently.

“Those adventurers and black-armored soldiers must be the ones behind this.” S.K.Y. said.
“Follow the trail of bodies, we might find them.” Taurus said.

They looked at each other and simultaneously heaved a sigh of relief. Once they grouped up with everyone else, they wouldn’t need to be so anxious. Although they might be assigned to dangerous missions, it was always better than roaming the maze all by themselves.

As long as they stalled until they had reached maximum fatigue, the system would boot them offline automatically.

“We didn’t get anything this time around. We really lost big.” Taurus sighed.
“Consider this a lesson learned, by spending money.” S.K.Y. said.
“I suppose that’s that.” Taurus shook his head. “Oh, loot, where are you?”


Seemingly responding to his words, a massive cave opening not far away suddenly shook violently.

S.K.Y. looked over while feeling nervous. Taurus regained his senses and also looked over.

The next moment, a familiar pig’s head popped out of the hole!


Witnessing such a horrifying scene, S.K.Y. and Taurus screamed in unison. They could never imagine that this massive boar would follow them!

“Run!” S.K.Y. shouted.

Hearing that, Taurus started sprinting and escaped at lightning speeds. There were a lot of stone pillars littered around this empty space. There wasn’t any space for them to run in straight lines.

S.K.Y. and Taurus used the terrain and their physical prowess to weave around. They actually distanced themselves slightly from the boar.

Behind them, the boar was enraged.

‘These ants actually managed to escape this quickly. I’m so angry!’

It uncontrollably accelerated and completely punched through those stone pillars without a care!

“F̲u̲c̲k̲!” Taurus looked back and his soul almost left his body from fright.
“I see them!” S.K.Y. ran beside him and ignored the movements behind him. He kept looking ahead in search of the adventurers. At this moment, he finally found them!

‘Divert the problem elsewhere!’ Taurus and S.K.Y. thought of the same thing at the same time.

There were ten adventurers and two black-armored soldiers. A total of twelve competent men. Such a lineup could barely handle the boar. Yet, it was enough to stall for some time.

Exchanging some glances, both of them instantly ran towards the place where the adventurers were.


Hearing the noise, all these adventurers looked over. The moment they saw it, their soul almost ascended to heaven. There was actually a terrifyingly powerful Magic Beast. Even the two black-armored soldiers felt chills down the spines at this moment.

Just by sensing its aura alone, they knew that they were no match.

“Stay away from us!” Someone discovered two people running towards them and shouted.

However, those two didn’t slow down at all, as if they didn’t hear anything. No, they actually sped up. At this moment, these brilliant adventurers instantly realized that those two evildoers were trying to ruin them!

“I’m going to kill those b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲!” A black-armored soldier clenched his fist and said furiously.

They had experienced a tough battle recently and were currently resting. They had no strength to spare to escape. It was likely that they would be caught up by that horrifying boar halfway while running and be slaughtered.

“Prepare for battle!” Another black-armored soldier shouted.

Since they couldn’t escape, they could only fight! However, those adventurers had already turned around and ran the moment he spoke.

“You guys!” The two black-armored soldiers were fuming with rage.

‘Do these idiots think they can escape with the little strength they have left?’

In truth, the adventurers were aware of the current situation. They also knew that they would most likely fail to escape even if they tried. However, as long as there was the slightest chance, they would risk it all.

All of them gathered here due to benefits. Hence, it was natural for them to break away when they were in danger. Shouldn’t everyone value their own life?

Of course, the soldiers would never understand the adventurers’ mindset. After all, the former served an empire, while the latter were half self-employed professionals and half homeless vagrants.

Preaching to them about discipline and the spirit of sacrifice would be a waste of effort.

“Roar!” Two seconds after the adventurers escaped, the boar was already there.

S.K.Y. and Taurus didn’t slow down at all. They ran through the black-armored soldiers and joined the mob of escapees.

‘Halfway to success! As long as we can find a passage to another place, we’ll be safe!’
‘That’s true!’

S.K.Y. and Taurus communicated through eye contact. Their worries were somewhat alleviated.


Suddenly, the ground shook. A powerful shockwave was scattered in all directions. The next moment, everyone in the room fell to the ground. Dizziness clouded their minds.


Immediately after, S.K.Y. and Taurus saw that massive boar charging towards them like a bulldozer at full speed!


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