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Chapter 407 – Sob, You Dummy… You’re So Strong!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2146 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1398 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

While they were done resting here, people on the other side were escaping frantically.

“Help, help… Ueeeek!” A Warrior player screamed as he ran before being dismembered by the massive Magic Beast that looked like a boar behind him. He was ruthlessly killed.

Hearing those screams, the players upfront ran even faster and more frantically as if they were being boiled by water.

“S.K.Y., you have to find a way!” Taurus was escaping at breakneck speeds.

Hearing those words, S.K.Y.’s face became sour as he ran beside him. ‘If I found a way, would I be running like a dog?’

“Aaaaagh!” At this moment, another player was mauled to death by the massive boar. He let out a ghastly scream before he died, as if he had received torment from hell itself at that very moment.

“S.K.Y.!” Taurus was incredibly nervous.

Although he was running as fast as a gazelle, he was actually much slower than that elite Magic Beast. It was currently hunting down the slower players. But soon enough, it would catch up and maul him!

S.K.Y. was flustered. If there were hundreds of players here and they managed to devise a plan, they could resolve this issue. Perhaps, it was also possible to kill this massive boar.

However, reality was harsh. Including them both, there were less than a dozen people here. All of them would die within the minute if they faced the boar head on.

‘What to do, what to do, what to do?’

It was said that even the best chef couldn’t cook without any ingredients. Although S.K.Y. had wonderful leadership abilities, since they had no manpower, they would end up being killed no matter what they chose to do.

Running away would only delay their time of death.

“Roar!” The massive boar instantly killed another Ranger and then stared at the players in front with a ferocious gaze. Opening its mouth, it unleashed a sonic attack. Everyone instantly tumbled around and felt like their blood was flowing in reverse.

“We can’t continue on like this!” Taurus stood up in a hurry, only to see the boar crushing a player into a persimmon cake.

“Young master Zhang, I found the exit!” At that moment, S.K.Y. said in delight.

Looking over, as he was told, Taurus actually saw a cave entrance that was two meters tall and one meter wide not far away from S.K.Y.. Yet, nobody knew if it was actually an exit or not. However, this was the only chance they had left.

‘Let’s gamble!’ Taurus instantly made the decision.

Both of them were about ten meters away from that exit. The boar was also about ten meters away from them. At such a distance, based on their speed, they would be killed before they could reach the exit.

Taurus and S.K.Y. was currently on a higher Level. If they died, they had to pay a hefty price. In addition, dying in the maze would lose them more experience points than dying in the open world. Their Equipment had a higher chance of dropping.

They could use the power of money to re-earn their lost experience. But if they unfortunately lost an Epic Equipment, they would have no tears left to cry.

“Young Master Zhang, give them money and have them block it. If they could delay it for several seconds, we’ll get to escape!” S.K.Y. spoke in a rush.

Without any cannon fodder to delay it, they would never get to escape the boar’s pursuit. Taurus nodded without hesitation and opened the Guild channel. He issued a mission to the guild members in his team.

Those players who stood up and ran were first dazed after seeing a sudden notification in the Quest List. Then, their expressions changed wildly. It was a mission issued by the Guild Leader.

The content was: Help me delay that monster for a few seconds. After it’s done, everyone gets 100,000 gold coins!

After skimming through the contents and weighing the options, the remaining players suddenly acted like they were dosed with steroids. They didn’t escape but charged at the boar instead.

As if they were all hypnotized.

In truth, they clearly knew that they would end up being killed anyway. Hence, they might as well take the risk and earn some money! It was a hundred thousand, not ten coins. It was worth the risk!

The moment they took action, Taurus and S.K.Y. ran like crazy.

Facing the attack from these players, the boar was completely enraged. The puny ants were actually resisting! The massive boar stomped the ground, spreading an intense shockwave that instantly disorientated those players.

Immediately after, it charged forward.

With a stab, blood splattered. Several chunks of flesh scattered around the air. Blood and indescribable objects were flying everywhere.

“Roar!” Killing the players who fought back, the boar screeched slightly before staring at S.K.Y. and Taurus. They were now less than three meters from the exit.


The boar would never allow them to escape. Stomping the ground with its hooves, its massive body launched like a war chariot! Feeling the vibrations from the back and that horrifying aura, S.K.Y. and Taurus was instantly petrified with fear.

“Young Master Zhang, jump in!” Smelling the foul stench in the air, S.K.Y. realized that the boar was inches away.
“Here goes nothing!”

Both of them used their movement skills and ran at their fastest speed, then pounced into the cave entrance like cannonballs. At the same time, the boar just managed to catch up.


Its protruding fangs pierced into the hole and its head slammed right into it. The entire cave trembled violently.


As dust scattered, the massive boar slowly backed off and let out an angry roar from its opened mouth.

Inside the hole.

“Huff… Huff…Huff… We’re saved!” Taurus breathed heavily as he broke out in cold sweat. It was his first time being so close to death.

At that moment, if they were a split second slower, they would be impaled by that boar’s fangs and die.

“Huff… Huff… Fortunately, this is a passage that leads downwards. Otherwise, we’ll be in a tough spot.” S.K.Y. said.

The moment they jumped in, they realized the ground was tilted. Hence, their momentum made them roll downwards the moment they landed on the ground. Although they were slightly hurt, it was nothing since they escaped the boar’s pursuit.

Taurus looked at S.K.Y.. He initially had a lot of complaints, but realized that it was pointless to say these things at this point.

“What’s next?” He took a breath and asked.

Conquering the maze with only two people was obviously inadequate. They would die long before then.

“Let’s regroup with those adventurers.” S.K.Y. said.

Their batch of people wasn’t under the black-armored soldiers’ supervision. Hence, they split up right at the start and explored the area freely. After all, the adventurers didn’t trust the players, and vice-versa. It was actually bad for them to be together.

However, by now, S.K.Y. and Taurus had no choice but to mingle with the adventurers.

“I suppose so.” Taurus nodded.
“Coincidentally, they traveled this way. If we go down from here, we might meet up with them.” S.K.Y. adjusted his nonexistent gold-rimmed glasses and said.
“I hope so.”

After speaking, S.K.Y. and Taurus walked down.

On the other side, Yaeger and the rest had been moving around for some time. However, they didn’t encounter any Magic Beasts along the way. They traveled leisurely.

“Alicia, apart from the hidden area, have your ancestors placed treasures in any other parts of the maze?” Yaeger suddenly asked.

They started off with an advantage, had the most accumulated score, and had plenty of time left. It seemed appropriate for them to search for other treasures along the way. That was what she planned.

“Yes, there are. But most of them are deeply hidden. Besides, some treasures are cursed items. It’s better we don’t touch it, lest we become unfortunate.” Alicia spoke solemnly.

“I see, then forget it. Then let’s head to the hidden area as fast as possible.” Yaeger said in disappointment.

At this moment. Wild flame elementals appeared!


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