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Chapter 406 – I Really Want To Tell You

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3200 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2042 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Early morning, April 9.

At this point in time, most people were immersing themselves in the dreamworld. However, some people were still working, or suffering from insomnia, or having fun. At this moment, the participants of the underground maze were still working hard, painstakingly.

No, a few of them were clearly drinking tea leisurely. They didn’t seem nervous at all, as if they were here on a vacation.

“Why did you help me, Princess?” Just as leisure time was about to end, Little Fairy suddenly stared at Yaeger and asked boldly.

It constantly bothered her until she could find out the truth. In this world, affection and spite were granted to someone for a reason. Perhaps Black-hearted Princess treated her nicely because she liked her. Yet, Little Fairy would never believe that.

Back in Novice Village 101, there were other girls prettier than her, but they were all executed by Yaeger’s volley of bolts.

‘If I didn’t remain on the walls and chose to go down, I might have been killed as well…’

Recalling the incident where Black-hearted Princess indiscriminately slaughtered everyone outside the city, Little Fairy still felt a little trepidation. This person, or this demon, had actually been making moves before the game had officially started. She exploited them, and even personally killed them after using them.

She was truly insidious and evil. When it came to someone like her, it was impossible to believe that she helped her purely out of attraction.

The moment Little Fairy spoke, Yunuen and Alicia instantly stared at Yeager. The former was incredibly interested, and the same went for those viewing the broadcast. Meanwhile, the latter was also quite interested. After all, she clearly understood the personality of her one and only [Child of Destiny].

In response, Yaeger nonchalantly finished the snack in her hands and took a sip of black tea, then put down the teacup.

Finally, she glanced at Little Fairy. Making eye contact, there was a moment of silence. After being looked at for several seconds, Little Fairy couldn’t help but avert her gaze while feeling incredibly nervous.

‘Oh no, I’m catching feelings… No, I’m catching a cardiac arrest!’

Her rapidly beating heart is making her very uncomfortable.

“Probably because you resemble a friend of mine.” At this moment, Yaeger said calmly. Unquestionably, this was a lie. Her relationship with Little Fairy was formed with her male body, not her female body. Thus, she naturally couldn’t expose it.

The truth was that they weren’t even considered friends at all. However, in Yaeger’s view, Little Fairy was way more important to her than any friend. Because the latter’s existence had brought her a ray of hope in her hopeless life.

Little Fairy. Her real name was Rachel Bai. Twenty years old. She lived on the south side of Roc City. She worked in the flower shop somewhere close to the shoe store where Yaeger worked. It was rumored that she was struck by a vehicle last year, which rendered her disabled. She had quite a gloomy personality.

It was on a certain day. Yaeger already forgot which specific date it was. Little Fairy was once harassed by a middle-aged man who was a self-proclaimed professor at Roc City’s University. Yaeger saved her from the predicament.

However, the typical storyline of a damsel in distress being saved didn’t happen. After thanking Yaeger, Little Fairy returned to her shop in a hurry. That was how their first interaction ended.

The second time they met, Little Fairy came to the store to buy a pair of shoes. Not for herself, but as her mother’s birthday gift. When they met again, the scene became quiet. It was slightly awkward. However, Yaeger still chose a suitable pair of shoes for her.

Later, Yaeger realized that Little Fairy lived nearby and worked in the flower store.

The third time they interacted was when Yaeger was forced into a corner by Wenzel, when she was in deep despair. After her so-called friends realized that she owed a gang hundreds of thousands, none of them were willing to help. Because they knew that this was a bottomless pit that can never be filled.

Lending money to Yaeger was just the same as tossing money into the ocean.

‘At that time, I finally understood the true nature of society. It’s easy to help those who are plentiful, but difficult to help those who need it the most.’

At that time, Yaeger was at a dead end and was forced to borrow money from her rich female patrons. Each of them was willing to lend her money. However, they had conditions. Either explicitly or implicitly, they wanted Yaeger to pay with her body.

Although this request wasn’t excessive, those rich women would pay her more money after the act. However, Yaeger still refused without hesitation.

‘They just want my body. They want to make me their pets and corrupt me. This was a deal with the devil. The other party only pays money, but they get my pure soul and perfect body in exchange.’

She would never accept such a horrible deal! Hence, she despaired. She couldn’t repay the money, and had no money to escape this place. Her life was coming to an end.

As an eighteen year old who joined the workforce very recently, it was easy for her to mentally break after suffering such immense pressure all by herself. At the same time, this also made it easy for her to make the wrong decision.

Fortunately, that glimmer of hope appeared and Yaeger didn’t walk the wrong path. She already forgot the exact moment. The only thing she could remember was that the weather was gloomy on that day, just like her heart.

The sidewalk was nearly deserted. Like a walking corpse, Yaeger wandered the streets. Facing the pressure of her unending debt, and the anguish brewing in her heart. She almost lost her mind. At that moment, she walked past the moderately sized flower store and met the girl that wasn’t even considered a friend.

Then, as if in a trance, she entered the store and told her about her predicament, and wanted to borrow some money.

At first, she expected the worst to happen. Yet, Little Fairy actually lended her money. A total of 3763.50 yuan.

Until this day, Yaeger hadn’t forgotten it. This number was the light that illuminated her dark life. This was the glimmer of hope. Which made her remain faithful that there were good people in life. The world was still beautiful.

‘Unfortunately, I can’t repay this money even until I die.’

When Yaeger had resolved her issues, she returned to the street and planned to return the money. However, that flower shop was already sold to someone else. Little Fairy was nowhere to be seen.

After her rebirth, Yaeger also borrowed money from Little Fairy to purchase her terminal. Without this money, with her current situation, it would be very difficult to earn 2888 yuan to purchase the terminal in a short time.

A single misstep and she would be captured by Wenzel and sold to Sister Red! It could be said that Little Fairy, Rachel Bai, had helped Yaeger tremendously in both her current life and previous life.

Thus, it was natural for Yaeger to treat her this nicely now.

“Like your friend…” Little Fairy was a little skeptical by this answer.

Showing affection to people resembling a loved one was natural. However, what was happening now was too excessive. Yaeger was too nice to her. Way too much!

‘Friend.’ Seemingly touched by that word, Little Fairy was suddenly reminded of a handsome person in her mind.

‘On that day, if he hadn’t helped…’

Recalling the broad figure of the person shielding her from a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Little Fairy was instantly dazed.

‘Back then, he was the one who helped me. Yet, I purposely avoided him. I’m truly at fault… But I can’t help it. My heart feels like it’s about to explode. How can I speak to him like this? Now that I think about it, that feeling was probably love at first sight… No, it’s not! I didn’t fall in love at first sight. I’m just… My heart’s beating fast because I’m afraid!’

Little Fairy shook her head with a blushed face, which confused everyone.

‘Later, I learned that he worked in a shoe store nearby. After finishing work, I’ll ride the wheelchair and pass by occasionally to sneak a peek at him, but I didn’t dare to talk to him. But I clearly wanted to thank him for his help.’
‘One day, I finally found the courage to enter the store. As everyone else stared at me weirdly, I found him. Then, I made him choose a pair of shoes for my mother as her birthday gift.’
‘This was a lie. My mother married someone else when I was very young. I… Don’t have a mother.’

Little Fairy grew up with her father alone, and came to Roc City to earn money when she was seventeen. She chose not to pursue further education after graduating high school. Instead, she went out to work to alleviate her father’s burden.

Little Fairy at that time cherished her father like the world itself. However, even the world would end someday. A car accident. Not only did it claim her father’s life, it also claimed her legs.

On that day, Little Fairy’s worldview was completely destroyed. Once her physical and mental state had slightly recovered , she was cared for by her relatives in the city. And when she had nearly recovered, Little Fairy proactively asked to work in the flower store.

She didn’t want to remain a useless person. She wanted to show that she had worth.

However, as everyone else stared at her with a particular gaze, Little Fairy understood the reality despite being unwilling to admit it. She was useless. Before long, she became completely depressed.

Until the day where a ray of light entered her heart.

‘If he hadn’t showed up on that day, I might have become worse and worse. In this world, there’s actually someone like him. Pure and innocent…’

Remembering how Yaeger looked at her back then, Little Fairy couldn’t help but smirk.

‘After all, I’ve received dozens of love letters when I was in school and was confessed to several times as I started working. But he actually didn’t feel anything… I’m definitely hurt by that. However, right as that happened, I realized that this person is worth being together with. Yes, as friends.’

Ever since she became disabled, Little Fairy withdrew herself from many relationships, consciously and unconsciously. She became alone, in self isolation. Until she met Yeager.

‘It has nothing to do with romance. I just want to get close to him, to the ray of light that warmed my heart. That’s why I kept peeking at him secretly. I want to speak to him, I want to… Wait a minute, doesn’t this mean that I’m interested in him? Something must be wrong!’

As everyone looked in confusion, Little Fairy shook her head even harder. Her face blushed unnaturally.

‘Then again, after that day, we never met again.’

On that day, the sky was as gloomy as her heart, on the day where she learned of her father’s death and her losing both legs. Choking in desperation.

‘At that time, he looked just like me back then, filled with despair. In fact, he’s really desperate. If I had been ruined by my friends and forced into a massive debt, I’d probably be just as desperate. That’s why I decided to help him with everything I can.’
‘Three thousand seven hundred sixty-seven yuan and fifty cents. I gave him my life’s savings. I initially had more, but I regrettably spent most of it when I bought those shoes last time.’
‘Yet, I can’t even wear those shoes. How funny is that? I wonder how he’s doing now? Perhaps he’s still stuck in his predicament. Or perhaps…’

“It’s about time. Let’s go.”

Suddenly, a pleasant voice interrupted Little Fairy’s thoughts. Looking up, she met Black-hearted Princess’ pair of beautiful eyes. Just like the person in her heart, it was pure and innocent.


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