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Chapter 405 – There’s Something Wrong With Them

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2265 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1383 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

There were many passages in this cave maze. After searching around, Yaeger couldn’t find the exit. Along the way, they fought many battles. Yunuen and Little Fairy handled most of them.

Yunuen was perplexed by this. [Princess] seemed to be too kind to Little Fairy. Not only had she brought her along, she also helped her improve her strength.

In real life, Nangong and the rest who watched the broadcast were also perplexed. It was as if Princess had known Little Fairy for a long time and they were very close. In fact, Little Fairy was even more confused.

No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t understand why Black-hearted Princess would treat her this kindly.

“This is it.” At this moment, Yaeger led the squad to a cave entrance and whispered. The hole traveled down, and there was wind leaving it.
“It seems like a spiral cave.” Alicia said.
“Yes. Our destination should be at its lowest point.”

Yaeger guessed that they were at the first level, and the maze had many levels.

“Let’s go down.” Yaeger said.

The group proceeded with caution.

Flap flap flap!

Suddenly, a bunch of silhouettes emerged.

Everyone looked closely, and discovered they were a bunch of Magic Beast bats with massive mouths. They weren’t exactly small but they were incredibly fast. They came close within the blink of an eye.

“Annoying.” However, someone was faster than them and a purple crossbow flashed.

Within the moment, countless energy bolts flew out and shot them down.

“I’ll let you handle the rest.” Yaeger said while drawing her crossbow and releasing the bolts. She seemed very relaxed.

Yunuen and Little Fairy nodded and rushed over.

These Magic Beasts were less than Level 20 and were heavily injured by Yaeger, they were considered medium in difficulty to fight against. Both of them worked together and handled them like slicing vegetables.

Alicia stood behind them and was incredibly bored. If possible, she also wanted to throw herself into battle. Regrettably, Yaeger forbade it.

After an avalanche of attacks, all Magic Beast bats were slain. Yaeger kept [Berserk Thunder] and continued leading the group. After some time, they reached the lower level.


Only one word could describe this place: Hot.

Looking around, they saw many crystals glowing in red light. It seemed like these crystals were the ones releasing the intense heat.

“These are flame crystals.” Alicia said.
“Unfortunately, we can’t excavate them.” Yaeger spoke in slight regret.

Flame crystals were valuable. However, these crystals were a part of the maze and thus couldn’t be removed by its challengers. It felt like stumbling upon a mountain of gold but being unable to retrieve any of them. It was quite uncomfortable.

“Even if you can excavate them, you can’t take all of it without a spatial accessory.” Alicia said.
“That’s true.” Yaeger nodded.

Materials like these crystals could only be kept in her backpack by the hundreds, which meant absolutely nothing to her. Considering the fact that she had many Equipment and tools in her backpack, she had even less room for other items.

“I really want to get a spatial ring.” Yaeger sighed.
“If you don’t mind, I’ll let you have mine.” Alicia raised her right hand and said to Yaeger.

There was a ring with an encrusted purple jewel on her right hand’s middle finger.

“How can this be? I can’t accept such a precious item. Besides, I’m sure you use this ring regularly, right?” Yaeger shook her hand.

Spatial Equipment was rare to find on the continent. Especially the ones with item storage functions, they were even rarer. Thus, one could imagine how valuable Alicia’s spatial ring was.

“Alright then.” Alicia withdrew her hand. “I’ll give it to you when I find a new one.”
“Well, sure.” Yaeger smiled.

Little Fairy was confused as she watched their interaction.

After some time, she already learned that this so-called succubus was the Empire’s eldest princess—Alicia. As for why would the Emperor desire to murder his own sister, she didn’t dare to ask since these were royal affairs, despite being curious.

In comparison, Little Fairy was more curious about the relationship between Black-hearted Princess and the Eldest Princess.

‘She decided to give away such an important item without a second thought. Their relationship isn’t ordinary.’
‘Come to think of it, if those people realized that Black-hearted Princess is the one protecting the so-called succubus, how hopeless will they feel?’ Little Fairy chuckled in her heart.

Unlike other people, she had no ulterior motives in entering the maze. She simply wanted to explore it. The succubus had a massive bounty. To casual players like her, they knew it wasn’t the place to participate since the start.

Of course, providing information also granted them rewards. However, did the casual players deserve such a good thing?

“Let’s take a break here.” Yaeger released her aura and scanned around. She told everyone to stop after realizing that they were safe.

After roaming around for some time, Yunuen and Little Fairy were already exhausted. It was time to rest. Alicia took out a luxurious picnic cloth from her spatial ring and set it on the ground. Then, she took out some teaware and snacks.

“This teapot was invented by Allie. It can boil water if you inject a little mana, very useful. Also…”

After everyone else was seated, Alicia started introducing them to Allie’s inventions. Yunuen and Little Fairy enjoyed listening to her. Meanwhile, Yaeger opened her game interface and checked her ranking.

She was still in first place.
Yunuen claimed second place.
While [Little Fairy] claimed the third place.
[S.K.Y.] was in fourth place.
[Prodigal Master Of Huadu] was in fifth place.
[Death of Flower] took sixth place.

‘S.K.Y. and Taurus Zhang(AKA Wild Arrogance, AKA Prodigal Master of Huadu) are also quite active.’ After checking the rankings, Yaeger tapped her smooth chin with her slender fingers and fell into contemplation.

‘We players can see our exact score, but the NPCs can’t. Until now, Alicia hasn’t attacked once. I wonder if she has any points? If not, when we reach the hidden area of the maze, Alicia might not be allowed to enter. Let alone claiming the treasure that her ancestors left behind. Just in case, I’ll have to let Alicia get some kills from now on.’

Considering the fact that Alicia couldn’t be in a fight for too long, Yaeger could only allow her to earn points by claiming some kills.

“Princess, tea is ready.” At this moment, Yunuen handed her a cup of tea.
“Ah, thank you.” Yaeger turned off the game interface, took the cup, and enjoyed some delicious snacks with everyone else.

If someone witnessed the scene, they would shout: “Are you here for a picnic?” They were clearly in a dangerous labyrinth, but they seemed like tourists in a vacation spot.

At the same time. In a certain cave maze.

“Phew~ These Magic Beasts are so strong.” S.K.Y. heaved a sigh and then unsheathed his sword, wiping the sweat off his brow.

On the ground were a pile of Magic Beast corpses.

“Looks like dead players can’t enter the maze again.” Taurus Zhang suddenly said.
“Is that so?” S.K.Y. was a little surprised.
“Yes. All those dead players respond outside the maze. Until now, none of them could come back in.” Taurus said.
“Let me see.” S.K.Y. opened the forum.

After browsing for a while, his expression became solemn.

“Looks like we need to be more careful.” He looked around, landing his gaze on a few guild members.
“Yes. By the way, I heard Black-hearted Princess is together with the succubus.” Taurus said in uncertainty.
“What?” S.K.Y. exclaimed uncontrollably as a response.


Suddenly, a bestial roar was heard from the cave not far away. Immediately after, a rhinoceros-sized Magic Beast came out from within.

“Level thirty elite, damn it!” The moment he realized its Level, Taurus screamed uncontrollably.

Then, he stared at S.K.Y. spitefully. If he didn’t yell out loud just now, this Magic Beast would never detect them.


However, it had already happened and there was no point mulling over it. Taurus decisively gave the order to retreat. Everyone instantly ran away unceremoniously.


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