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Chapter 404 – ♪Love Story♪

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2103 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1182 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

‘Oh no. I feel like I’m in love!’

At this moment, background music suddenly rang in her mind.

“Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone~”

Although she couldn’t see the other person’s face within that moment, and couldn’t discern their gender. However, Little Fairy felt the delusion of being in love. Indeed, it was a delusion. It was the ‘Suspension Bridge Effect’.

She mistakenly assumed that her elevated heart rate was a result of falling in love, instead of being frightened.

‘It’s a love story, baby, just say, “Yes”…’

Little Fairy mentally struggled for a moment before kicking that delusion out of her mental space. To people who came to help her when she was in an emergency, she would only respond in gratitude.

The spinning stopped. Yaeger sheathed her weapon and the Land Dragon was slain.

At this moment, Little Fairy finally got to see her face. The feeling of her heart skipping a beat instantly became a full-blown cardiac arrest!

‘It’s Black-hearted Princess!’

She could never expect that the person who saved her was the notoriously vile and evil Black-hearted Princess. As if she had escaped from the wolf’s den and jumped right into a tiger’s lair, she became desperate again!

“Are you alright?” Yaeger held her steady, then let go of her hand and asked.

Little Fairy was dazed for a moment before raising her head and spoke timidly, “I’m… Fine… Than… Thank you for your help just now!”

Although not knowing if she was rescued with ulterior motives in mind, her being rescued from danger was still true. Hence, Little Fairy still offered her gratitude.

“It’s nothing. These days…” Yaeger turned over to look and was instantly stunned.

It wasn’t because Little Fairy was too stunning or too ugly. In conventional beauty standards, Little Fairy was definitely beautiful. But she was still lacking when compared to Yeager.

She seemed like a young adult and a typical Asian beauty, with average height. Her appearance and demeanor made her seem like the ideal neighbor’s daughter.

Yaeger stared at Little Fairy, and vice-versa.

‘So beautiful. She doesn’t seem like a human at all!’ Little Fairy was stunned.

She had seen Yaeger before, but only from distance or through film and media. It was her first time being so close to her. Only by seeing her in the flesh did she realize what an absolute beauty she was!

“Your legs…” Yaeger spoke again. But she instantly shut up after realizing something halfway through.

Hearing that, Little Fairy’s eyes became bright. “Me… What’s wrong with my legs?”

The fact that she was disabled wasn’t exposed at all. How would she know? Little Fairy was sure that she wouldn’t be investigated. After all, she was a low-leveled player. She had no power and no influence, like an ant. Black-hearted Princess wouldn’t care about her.

Back then, these players from Novice Village 101 mostly assumed that Yaeger, who ruled the place like a queen, would suffer when she reached the main cities.

After all, players could gain an advantage using money once they left the Novice Villages. Yaeger, being alone and impoverished, couldn’t compete with them. Unfortunately, the fact was that gold would always glitter.

How could a Phoenix be compared to a normal bird? Black-hearted Princess remained the center of attention in Jade City!

“No, I saw you stumbling so I thought your legs were injured.” Yaeger smiled.

“It’s not. I’m just a little tired. So…” Seeing her angelic smile, Little Fairy felt like she was about to implode.

‘How could such a beautiful person exist?’

“I see. By the way, why are you alone?” Yaeger asked curiously.

Previously, all the adventurers and players she saw traveled in groups. Yet, Little Fairy was alone. In this maze that was filled with uncertainty, being solo wasn’t the best way to go.

Moreover, Richard planned to use the players and adventurers. He would naturally never allow them to split up. The previous batch of players and adventurers she saw were operating under the supervision of those black-armored soldiers.

“It’s a long story…” Little Fairy felt only kind intentions from her words. Hence, she slowly calmed down.

At this moment, Yunuen and Alicia approached.

The moment she saw Alicia, Little Fairy exclaimed, “Succubus!”

Hearing this, Alicia was confused.

‘Is she referring to me as a succubus?’

She looked at Yaeger, who seemed more like a succubus. Then, she realized that those adventurers and outsiders she previously encountered seemed to have screamed ‘Succubus’ when they attacked her.

Since the situation was chaotic just now, Alicia ignored it. But now, she felt something was amiss after hearing that word again.

“Why are you calling her succubus?” Yaeger asked.

Little Fairy hesitated slightly before briefly explaining what happened in the square.

“Oh, I see.” After listening, Alicia chuckled grimly.

‘Three Epic Equipment and ten million. What a hefty sum. No wonder those adventurers and players became so courageous.’ Yaeger thought.

Adventurers and players weren’t exactly a threat to them, as long as they remained within a certain number. They wouldn’t affect anything. However, those black-armored soldiers were different. Nobody knew if there were any powerhouses among them. If several of them exist, it would be very dangerous.

Considering the fact that Richard actually wanted Alicia dead, it would be impossible for him to not dispatch such elites into the maze.

‘We must be more careful in our future actions.’

Their purpose of entering the underground maze was to reach its hidden sector and retrieve the treasure left behind by Alicia’s ancestor. It would be best if they didn’t ruffle any feathers.

However, if they truly stumbled into a powerhouse, Yaeger wasn’t afraid anyway.

After learning more of the situation, Alicia didn’t wish to change her plans. Because no matter what, both sides were destined to slaughter each other in the underground maze.

“From now on, you can come with us.” Yaeger looked at the Little Fairy and said.

“Huh?” Hearing this, the latter was dumbfounded.

‘What does that mean? Has she turned a new leaf?’

She thought that the latter would abandon her in this place after learning information. Or even kill her. Unexpectedly, that incredibly evil and greedy Black-hearted Princess actually decided to bring her along. If this wasn’t a change of character, then what was?

Yunuen was also confused as a response.

‘Is Princess such a kind person?’

In her eyes, [Princess] would only be kind to her own allies and was very distant to outsiders.

“You don’t want to?” Yaeger asked.
“No, no. I do. Please allow me to come with you!” Little Fairy spoke in a fluster.

With her strength, it was clearly impossible to conquer this dangerous maze. Now that someone allowed her to hitch a ride, she would be stupid if she didn’t agree to it immediately.

“Good, let’s go.” Looking at the time, Yaeger said.

At this moment, both Alicia and Yunuen failed to notice one thing. A hint of indescribable emotion appeared in Yaeger’s gaze as she glanced at Little Fairy.

‘Without you, perhaps my life would be very different, no?’


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