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Chapter 403 – Ah, These Feelings!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2126 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1288 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Watching as the mountain-sized monster pounced over, Yunuen’s pupils shrunk to the size of pinholes and her cute face instantly became as pale as paper. Her mind was completely blank. It was her first time encountering such a sudden event. She couldn’t react at all.

Smelling its nasty breath, its sharp fangs dripping in green liquid was right in front of her. The moment it clamped its jaws shut, Yunuen would be decapitated!

‘Am I going to die?’

At this life-and-death moment, countless memories emerged within her mind. Ones that made her feel happy, joyful, stressed out, and pain… Within a moment, Yunuen forgot that she was in a game, not in reality.

‘I don’t want to die! I finally got to meet Princess and sister Nangong, and many people who are kind to me…’ Her eyes filled with tears, red light exploded from her tightly clenched magic staff.

“I’m not dying!”

At this moment, Yunuen overcame her fear. She concentrated on powering her body and was prepared to unleash a fatal strike. Even if she died, she wouldn’t let her enemy leave unscathed.

The monster’s massive mouth was instantly closed. With a determined gaze, Yunuen swung her magic staff and red light exploded. However, her ultimate strike didn’t do a thing to the monster. It didn’t even delay it for a split second.

‘I really can’t do anything properly… I’m so useless.’ Her vision became pitch black, and she fell into despair.

“Well done.” Just as the monster was about to chomp Yunuen, an attractive voice was heard. Immediately after. There was a loud noise.

Yunuen’s vision instantly brightened, only to see that the monster was sent flying and vomited green blood. The massive outline of a fist was printed on its face. Looking up, she saw a massive semi transparent fist dissipating.

“I handle the rest.”

Then, she saw a familiar figure appearing in front of her, which was simply beautiful and powerful!

“Let the flames purify your nasty stench.” Yaeger looked forward with [Sunscorch] in her hands. Wings manifested from wind unfolded behind her.

Seemingly having understood her words, the monster who was sent flying roared loudly. Its body suddenly expanded like a balloon and forcefully halted in mid-air. It glared at her as a green ball of light manifested within its opened mouth.

“[Thousand Waves].” Just as its attack was about to arrive, Yaeger was one step ahead. Massive sword energy surged as she swung [Sunscorch].

“Screech!” Facing such a relentless attack, the massive monster reacted quickly. It instantly released the attack that wasn’t done charging yet.


The pillar of green light slammed into the ocean of sword energy. The next moment, there was a massive explosion of light. A powerful impact force scattered into all directions.

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The massive monster, which faced the brunt of the attack, was sent flying and toppled several stone pillars in the empty room. Despite that, it didn’t slow down at all. At this moment, however…

“Go down.” A figure appeared on top of it. It was none other than Yaeger, who seemed like a wind elemental at this point. She spun rapidly and her slender long legs instantly slammed its head like a cannonball.


That kick, which sent a road roller flying effortlessly, slammed it into the dirt like a soccer ball and created a massive crater. It wasn’t over yet. Yaeger’s external aura was formed into tentacles, and they grabbed a segment of a broken stone pillar.

“Taste my road roller. No, taste my stone pillar!”

Immediately after, she thrust that massive and girthy stone pillar into the monster’s body. The latter was instantly frightened beyond belief. It forced itself to move its body despite the wracking pain, in order to dodge the attack.

“It’s too late. You can’t escape anymore!”

However, Yaeger would never let that happen. Swaying her tentacles, she changed the attack trajectory. The stone pillar accurately landed into its body.

Boom! “Screech!”

A massive bang and screech was heard simultaneously.

“Get flattened like a persimmon cake!” Yaeger’s attack did not end there. Her external aura instantly formed into countless translucent tentacles. The front of those tentacles were deformed and became massive fists, which slammed into the stone pillar furiously!

Machine-gun noises were instantly heard on the scene as gravel splashed everywhere!

The monster screeched nonstop.

Every time Yaeger struck the pillar, a powerful destructive force would enter its body through the pillar.

Yunuen and Alicia watched as the stone pillar scattered into pieces rapidly and countless fists were slowly inching towards that monster. They knew the battle was about to end.

The former was a little mesmerized. She had to contain herself from cheering out loud. Meanwhile, the latter nodded with satisfaction.


Finally, countless fists slammed into the monster’s massive body!

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At this moment, the entire place was trembling. Countless pieces of debris and green chunks of flesh were splattered everywhere, and a cloud of dust gradually spread.

Three seconds passed. The machine-gun sounds became even fiercer.
Six seconds passed. The sound of stone rubble dropping could be heard.
Nine seconds passed. The scene became quiet.

Within the dust cloud, a beautiful figure slowly emerged.

Outside, Nangong and the rest felt their blood boil as they watched the broadcast. Especially when they saw Yaeger walking out of the dust cloud with swagger, a completely cleaned body, like a Messiah, their hearts instantly boiled!

In a certain apartment room, somewhere.

‘Ah. It’s wet.’ Rakshasa wiped the saliva off the phone’s screen as she stared at Yaeger with starry eyes. Her cheeks started becoming unnaturally red.

In the game.

“Princess!” Yunuen came over with a smile.
“You weren’t scared just now, were you?” Yaeger stroked her head and spoke calmly.
“A little.” Yunuen said truthfully.
“I see. Remember that feeling and learn to conquer it. Only by doing that can you further improve yourself.” Yaeger retracted her hand and looked at Alicia who had approached. “Sorry for the delay. Let’s keep going.”
“Don’t you want to take a break? You just…” Before Alicia could finish, she was interrupted by a shout.

Hearing that, Yaeger and the others looked over.

‘Where is this place? Who am I? Help!’

[Little Fairy] sprinted while screaming in her heart. As if something horrifying was chasing her from behind. In fact, there was actually a big thing chasing her. Specifically, it was a large earthworm. Also known as a Land Dragon.

Not long ago, Little Fairy stepped on a stone tile with the teleportation formation attached. Her vision then went blank and was instantly transported into a cave. After escaping the Trap Maze that was filled with lethal dangers, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Then, she became nervous again and after searching for the exit. But soon enough, she stumbled into the Land Dragon right behind her and was pursued by it ever since. Perhaps out of good luck, or maybe because it had no eyes, Little Fairy avoided death several times.

Finally, she came to this empty space.

“Help!” Also, she saw three figures not far away.

“Hiss!” At the same time, the Land Dragon suddenly charged and closed the distance to Little Fairy. Its round mouth which was filled with sharp teeth and mucus came close.
“Ahhhhh!” Watching the scene that practically came out of a B-tier horror film, Little Fairy was so shocked that her soul nearly left her body.

‘I’m dead!’

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Just as she was feeling despair, a hand suddenly appeared and held her waist. Spinning around, scorching sword energy emerged.


The Land Dragon shattered in response and green blood splattered everywhere.

Little Fairy was spinning in circles and her mind was blank, but her heart was beating rapidly.


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