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Chapter 402 – There Is Nothing To Be Afraid Of

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2060 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1189 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

In the cave.

Yaeger and the others proceeded cautiously. Unlike the entrance area, there were many luminous algae and crystals here. It wasn’t too dark.

“It just feels very quiet here and there are no Magic Beasts around. It’s very different from the Canyon of the Dead.” Yunuen spoke softly.
“There are no Magic Beasts here, right?” Yaeger asked Alicia.
“There are. Occasionally, the underground maze would capture some Magic Beasts and keep them inside these caves. They’ll be kept in confinement or forced to kill each other. As for what exactly it does to capture them and tame them, I don’t know.” Alicia added.
“I see.” Yaeger looked in front. “Looks like we have to make another choice.”

There were more than a dozen holes of different sizes. The large ones were about seven meters high and five meters wide, while the small ones were two meters in height and width.

The only similarity that they share was that the end of the road couldn’t be seen. As if they all led to very deep places.

“Eenie meenie miney mo. Let’s choose this cave.” Yaeger flicked her fingers around the first few caves and seemingly chose the next destination randomly.

Alicia and Yunuen didn’t protest. Listening to her was always the best choice.

“Be cautious. I smelled something strange.” Inside the cave, Yaeger whispered softly.
“Yes, I smell it too.” Alicia said.

Yunuen sniffed around and couldn’t figure out what smell they were talking about. She instantly doubted if her olfactory senses were impaired. But after some deliberation, she realized both of them were literally superhumans. Wasn’t it natural for them to smell something that she couldn’t?

After five minutes of walking, they saw light.

Inside this cave maze, being able to see such a bright light would surprise anyone and also make them cautious. The closer to the exit they were, the brighter the light became.

“Turns out they’re glowing crystals. There are so many of them.” Walking outside, Alicia exclaimed in slight surprise.

This was a large empty space, and very wide. Looking around, they saw many thick stone pillars. There were a lot of glowing crystals on the ceiling that illuminated the entire room.

“Those crystals look like raw ore.” Yaeger said.
“That’s right. They don’t seem to be polished.” Alicia squinted her eyes, as if taking a closer look.
Yunuen facepalmed. ‘She can actually examine such a high place in detail? She’s not human at all… Ah, I should just get used to it.’

At this moment, she felt the impression that she was the only human being within a group of aliens.

“This is strange, I don’t see any Magic Beasts.” Yaeger asked in confusion.

Before coming here, she clearly smelled a unique stench that was released by living beings. It was rare for any other creature to survive here, aside from the incredibly resilient Magic Beasts.

“Be careful.” Alicia said with a solemn expression.

Hearing that, Yunuen instantly became nervous. This place was probably more dangerous than she expected.

Yaeger looked around. There were some green sticky fluids on the nearby stone pillars. Nobody knew if they were left behind by living beings or if they came from the pillars. The ground was covered by black dirt. They seemed a little soft.

Yaeger crouched down and sniffed a handful of it.

“I see. Now I know what’s going on.” Immediately after, she let out a smirk.
“What’s wrong?” Alicia asked.
“Found something?” Yunuen approached.
“There’s something below.” Yaeger stood up and manifested [Berserk Thunder] in her hand.

Then, she drew the crossbow and released the bolts, unleashing it at the ground nearby. Purple energy arrows sank into the ground while carrying powerful electricity.

The next moment, a weird scream was heard. Immediately after, dozens of silhouettes emerged from the soil.

Looking closely, Yunuen instantly exhaled deeply. Those black shadows’ true appearance was revealed under the light. It turned out that they had green skin, bloated bodies, lantern-like eyes, sharp fangs inside their mouths, and sharp claws on both hands.

Their fangs and claws glimmered with ominous light while green mucus flowed out of their mouths. It was incredibly gross.

“Level twenty-five? Yunuen, take care of them.” Yaeger kept [Berserk Thunder]. She wasn’t interested in dealing with them since they were too weak. She might as well let Yunuen practice.
“I understand.” Looking at those disgusting monsters, Yunuen instantly felt nauseated. She truly despised sticky things.

But since she received the order, she would naturally do it. With the blood-red staff in hand, Yunuen struck!

“I don’t need to help at all, really?” Alicia asked.
“No. Your strength won’t last long. Preserve your physical strength as much as possible in case of emergencies. Just let us handle these menial affairs.” Yaeger said indifferently.
“But, only Yunuen…”
Before she could finish speaking, Yaeger interrupted, “Yunuen’s combat experience is lacking. She needs a lot of practice.”
“Indeed. Her combat style is still too amateurish and not decisive enough. Not refined enough either.” Alicia looked ahead and nodded gently.

As a genius in combat, her judgment was unparalleled. She instantly spotted all of Yunuen’s flaws.

“Indeed. However, as long as she keeps fighting, observing, and thinking, she’ll overcome her shortcomings and improve quickly.” Yaeger spoke calmly.

She was absolutely serious when it came to Yunuen’s training. The battle in front was very rough. After deploying her barrier, Yunuen started spinning with the staff after enduring multiple strikes from those monsters.

Blood-red tornado appeared and swept all the nearby monsters into it. Explosions were heard on the scene as green blood splattered everywhere. Every time she killed a monster, her Attack Power increased significantly. She was akin to a machine bred for slaughter, unstoppable!

“It’s almost over… No, a new storm is about to come.” Seeing that Yunuen was in a berserk state, Yaeger spoke.
“What do you mean?” Alicia was a little confused. ‘She said it was nearly over. So why would a new storm arrive? By the way, what does a new storm mean?’

By now, Yunuen unleashed her might and slaughtered the remaining monsters one by one. Their shattered corpses and green blood were splattered all over.

“Huff… Huff…Huff… I’m exhausted.” She clenched her staff and gasped. These monsters were much tougher to handle than players. One mistake and those sharp fangs and claws would leave a deep mark in her body.

Fortunately, Yunuen wasn’t a pushover. She learned their movements within a short time and counterattacked ferociously.

“Princess, I’m done…” She turned around and looked at Yaeger. Before she could finish, a violent tremor came from behind.


A massive black figure emerged from the ground. Yunuen turned around, and instantly felt chills down her spine. This massive monster was nearly identical to those previous monsters!

“Screech!” The moment it opened its mouth and roared, the space itself seemed to shake. That voice was so disturbing that it caused massive distress in her. She couldn’t help but cover her ears.

At this moment, the massive monster suddenly pounced with its massive mouth open. It actually tried to swallow Yunuen whole!


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