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Chapter 401 – Sob, All Men Are Pigs… That’s So Awesome

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3052 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1859 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“Die, all of you!” With her final blow, Yunuen killed the remaining two players.

The moment the red tornado had subsided, she saw a black figure dashing past in front of her. Immediately after, it slammed onto the stone wall and created a deafening bang. Upon closer examination, the figure was a black-armored soldier.

‘Princess is really amazing!’ Looking around, those adventurers were nowhere to be seen. There were only three black-armored soldiers who were knocked out on the ground.

1 vs 13, flawless victory!

In fact, the adventurous and black-armored soldiers were substantially stronger than the players. Despite that, they were no match for [Princess]! At this moment, Yunuen stared at Yaeger with starry eyes.

The black-armored soldiers climbed up from the ground with pale and dazed expressions. They simply couldn’t believe that the scourge of the Empire was actually this powerful!

As they say: Seeing is believing. Although they had heard of her notorious antics, they had never fought her personally. Hence, they wouldn’t comprehend her true power! As low-ranked soldiers of the Direct Army, these three soldiers were the cream of the crop. The combined strength was actually greater than Yasa from [Sword Clan], in his usual form.

However, their confidence had been permanently damaged after being struck by her once.

As the beautiful figure approached them with a fox coat, the three of them felt terror from the bottom of their hearts which expanded like wildfire. They couldn’t win. They couldn’t win at all. No, they had to run!

They were no longer concerned about winning or losing. They had to stay alive! They looked at each other and instantly ran away, not even sparing the time to wipe the blood trailing down their lips.

Such decisiveness and such swift action showed that they were well trained.

“Want to escape? Hehehe, did I allow you to escape?”
Just as they had stepped out and before they could start sprinting, an attractive voice rang beside them.

Immediately after, their bodies tensed up as if they were tangled by something. Looking down, as expected, they saw semi-transparent fox tails tying them up. They were instantly frightened.

Before they could even react, they were suspended in the air before being slammed into the ground!


The tough stone tiles cracked as three bloody figures flew away. The intense sensation of pain wracked their nerves and nearly exploded their heads. Their terrible cries echoed throughout the room. However, it wasn’t over yet.

Yaeger’s fox tails danced around and slammed them repeatedly, again and again. Deafening bangs were heard on the scene, along with painful screams. Watching such a scene, Yunuen’s starry eyes became even brighter. She then remembered something and instantly turned on her in-game broadcast.

In Rosen Hotel, in real life.

Nangong, Sachiel, and Pixie were watching the live broadcast. They were watching exactly what Yunuen had streamed.

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Before entering the maze, they had come to an agreement with Yunuen: She would start a broadcast whenever possible so everyone could admire [Princess], as long as she didn’t harm the progress of conquering the maze.

At the same time, Rakshasa was also watching the broadcast. She holed up in the room while covering her body with a quilt. She stared at her phone’s screen and let out a cheerful smile.

In the game, the thrashing was over. The black-armored soldiers laid on the ground without any motion.

At this moment, Yaeger deactivated her fox coat and looked ahead in confusion. The scoreboard was visible. She was still in first place, but her score had increased by 3, to 103.

‘I guess I earned these three points from defeating them? This is strange. These people aren’t a part of the maze, but they give points…’ Yaeger was absolutely confused.

Yet, she was even more confused by the fact that there was no system notification.

‘I’m not given any rewards at all? This shouldn’t be.’

She glanced at the black-armored soldiers on the ground and became even more confused.

“[Princess]!” At this moment, Yunuen skipped over with a smile on her face. “As expected of you, you’re so awesome!”

She stared at Yaeger as she spoke. The latter always seemed flawlessly beautiful and intoxicating no matter how she looked at her.

“It’s nothing.” Yaeger said modestly.

With her current strength, she could defeat three Level 30 NPCs without breaking a sweat.

“Thank you for the hard work.”

Alicia walked over and took out her handkerchief to gently wipe Yaeger’s face which was completely devoid of sweat.

“Our whereabouts have been exposed.” Yaeger said.
“Yes. But it doesn’t matter. The maze mostly teleports people randomly. It won’t affect us much.” Alicia said.
“I see. I even thought about hunting down those adventurers just now.” Yaeger turned around and looked at the branching corridor far away.

At the end of the road was a pitch black magical formation, which emanated an ominous and dangerous aura.

“It’s good that we don’t have to hunt them down. I feel like that place is dangerous.”

Any place that could make her sense danger either had incredibly strong and undefeatable Magic Beasts, or incredibly hazardous illusion realms. Considering that there was a Level Restriction here, her former answer could be neglected. In other words, it was most likely that there was an illusion realm there.

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To Yaeger, a maze that consisted of illusions would be truly dangerous. The last time when she was in Limitless Fairyland, she nearly died there.

‘My Mentality is obviously much higher than the average person. But why am I so weak against illusion realms? How strange…’ This was something Yaeger was completely clueless about.

It seemed like there were special circumstances at play.

“Now, which maze should we enter next?” Alicia asked.

Compared to making the choice herself, she had more faith in the choice made by the [Child of Destiny].

“I don’t really like that magical formation.” Yaeger then glanced at the stone door. “There’s probably another trap maze this way. It’s uninteresting. Why don’t we go to the cave?”

Withdrawing her gaze, Yaeger then looked at the pitch black cave entrance in front.

Among the three maze entrances, only this entrance failed to make her feel any displeasure.

“I’ll do as you say.” Alicia said calmly.
“Sure. Let’s take a break and we’ll go.”

After speaking, Yaeger took out a potion bottle and gulped it down. Yunuen didn’t turn off the broadcast. She watched as Yaeger drank the potion.

In real life, Nangong and the rest became wide-eyed as they watched Yaeger gulp down the potion. As the liquid flowed down the corners of her lips and dripped onto her mounds of pleasure, Nangong and Pixie almost drooled.

What a wonderful sight to see!

On the other hand, Sachiel seemed normal. She didn’t react much.

In a certain apartment room.

‘Ah. It’s wet.’ Rakshasa was momentarily stunned after noticing the saliva on the screen and wiped it clean.

By now, Yaeger was prepared. After some idle chit chat, the three of them entered the cave at the same time.

On the other side, [Little Fairy] walked ahead with great trepidation, a pale expression, and sweat rained down her brow. She had passed five stone tiles, and miraculously didn’t trigger any traps.

However, she only became more stressed out.

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“Hurry up, haven’t eaten lunch yet?”
“That’s right. Even a tortoise is faster than you!”
“If you continue like this, we’ll die of old age before we can leave the maze!”

Behind them, [White Cloud] urged impatiently.

‘Animals!’ [Little Fairy] cursed in the heart before marching and stepped onto another stone tile.


The stone tile slightly trembled and let out a faint white light.

‘Everything will be fine. Everything will be fine!’ She looked down as her breathing became haggard. After waiting for a few seconds, there was no sign that any traps were triggered.

After being goaded from behind, [Little Fairy] instantly felt the urge to murder someone. However, she was limited in strength and couldn’t win against these people at all. Hence, she could only obey the orders and stake her life on mindsweeping duty.

The moment she stepped on another stone tile, the previous tile suddenly glimmered in red light.

“There’s… Something is wrong!” [White Cloud] who was on it instantly exclaimed.
“B̲i̲t̲c̲h̲, how dare you…” Before he finished speaking, a pillar of flame spewed out from the tile and burnt him and the other players to a crisp.
“Hue, huehahahaha! You deserve it. Die, die!”

Witnessing the scene, [Little Fairy] was first stunned before laughing hysterically. Although she had no idea what had happened, the results were satisfactory. A happy ending.

“This is divine retribution, scumbag!” [Little Fairy] stomped her feet. “Hmph, all men are…” At this point, she suddenly recalled a male figure in her mind. “Any man aside from him are all pigs.”

In her mind, that figure was so vivid and unforgettable.

‘I wonder if he has solved his issues…’

Gently shaking her head, [Little Fairy] decided to stop dwelling on these thoughts.

“This game is really amazing. My legs clearly no longer work, but I can still run and jump in this place.” With a sigh, she looked in front and noticed dozens of stone tiles.

It was obviously a difficult task to locate the exit within all these stone tiles. With a single mistake, she would be devoured by a trap and die. [Little Fairy] inhaled deeply. She slowly calmed down and her gaze became determined.

“Let’s go.” With that said, she stepped out decisively.

Perhaps due to good luck, or due to good mental determination, she walked past several tiles but didn’t trigger a single trap.

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“This time, I choose this one.” [Little Fairy], who became more confident, continued walking and survived again.

“Could it be that I actually have good luck?” She tilted her head in confusion.

Initially, she had prepared for the worst as she walked across these tiles. Yet, she ended up unscathed. So easy that it seemed unbelievable. If someone had not triggered those horrifying traps prior to this, she would’ve assumed that this maze was harmless.

“You never try, you never know.” [Little Fairy] bit her lips and marched out, running straight onto another tile. Nothing happened. She ran again. Nothing happened. She kept running. Nothing happened again.

“I’m just so lucky today!” [Little Fairy] clenched her fists and exclaimed happily.

This was human nature. No matter how dreadful their situation was, they wouldn’t stop moving as long as there was a glimmer of hope ahead. Seeing the hope that she could leave the maze, [Little Fairy] instantly became determined and motivated.

Yet, she completely failed to notice that there were a pair of eyes spying at her on top, all along!

“Huhuhu~” Not only that, a cute laugh seemed to have erupted from that place.
“This one, yes. It must be here!” Below, [Little Fairy] became more and more motivated. She practically skipped around the maze.


Suddenly, a very subtle noise came out of the floor tile that she just stepped on. Immediately after, white light exploded, and it completely engulfed [Little Fairy].


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