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Chapter 400 – How Can I Possibly Lose With Four Aces And A Pair Of Jokers?

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2136 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1271 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra


Among the deafening battle cries, a disharmonic crisp noise was heard. It was actually Yunuen rushing over and exploding [Carefree Bro] with a swing of her staff. As if a watermelon had exploded and its juices had splattered everywhere.

Everyone was stunned!

As he was screaming, it only took a second for [Carefree Bro] to be killed. With that, Yunuen’s terrifying speed was on full display. Furthermore, she instantly killed a Magician with a strike. Her strength was truly terrifying!

A Priest was actually faster and stronger than all these Warriors. It was truly an unbelievable and baffling sight to see. However, that was the truth and they had to believe it.

‘Red Demon!’

At the same time, these people unanimously gave Yunuen a nickname in their hearts. This was truly a terrifying nickname!

“You people are next.” After killing [Carefree Bro], Yunuen’s red name became even redder.

Her Attack Power increased drastically and Defense was lowered. Moreover, her entire body glowed in red light, she apparently entered a berserk state.

“Run!” Fighting an enemy despite knowing that they were inferior wasn’t brave, it was simply foolish. These players were no idiots. They wouldn’t throw their lives away fighting Yunuen.

Within the blink of an eye, they scattered in all directions. However, Yunuen, who was bloodthirsty, wouldn’t let them go. The Red Demon instantly moved and pounced at the nearest player.

Her frightening magic staff ferociously slammed into the back of his undefended head!


Another watermelon explosion!

It wasn’t over yet. Yunuen triggered the Special Effect of [Staff of Tyranny], instantly turning into a blood tornado and swept all nearby players into it. Sounds of broken bones and screams immediately broke out.

While people were getting slaughtered over here, the battle on the other side had just begun.

Alicia wanted to take her sword out and fight, but Yaeger stopped her.

“Alicia, you stay back. I can do it alone.”

She was well aware of Alicia’s current physical condition. Her Mentality couldn’t sustain her for long. It would be extinguished quickly once she got into a battle. If that happened, it would definitely affect their progress in conquering the maze.

“I understand.” Alicia bit her lip and slowly backed off.

Although she wanted to take some burden off Yaeger’s shoulders, she knew her current condition.

‘When will I ever get to unsheathe my sword…’

Over the years, she stopped fighting anyone. The sword in her heart was already coated in rust. As a swordswoman who desired to battle, her heart was in turmoil and she thirsted for blood.

Now, Yaeger was facing three black-armored soldiers and ten adventurers. Fighting thirteen enemies alone, she was undeniably at a disadvantage. Moreover, those black-armored soldiers were no ordinary enemies. They were difficult to deal with!

“Black-hearted Princess, why do you insist on protecting her?”

The squad in black armor rushed over and the leader pointed his blade at Yaeger and asked. The remaining two of them were gathering their strength in secret, waiting for the best opportunity to attack.

The adventurers at the rear also charged over menacingly.

No matter what, the more people were involved, the braver they became. Coupled with some psychological suggestions, these people were no longer fearful of Yaeger.

“Stop wasting your breath.” In response to the soldier’s tactical distraction, Yaeger drew her bow.

The next moment, a rain of bolts arrived! Instead of one, multiple waves were launched! Her hands were so quick that they were actually imperceptible.

With such terrifying Attack Speed, a rain of bolts frightened everyone. Their previous cowardice once again appeared in their hearts. However, they couldn’t retreat during the situation. Hence, they could only face it head on!

There was a Magician among the black-armored soldiers. With a wave of his magic staff, a round barrier appeared.

Clang clang clang!

The sound of iron being hit rang throughout.

Yaeger’s purple electric bolts couldn’t pierce this protective barrier, unable to harm the black-armored soldiers. However, the adventurers, who weren’t protected by a barrier, fared much worse.

They could only squeal in pain while defending themselves.

Since the system provided additional damage protection to NPCs, these adventurers’ health points and defense were much greater when compared to players at the same Level. It would be difficult to kill them within an instant even with Yaeger’s strength.


Suddenly, electrical discharges were heard in the air. Immediately after, lightning energy spread all around the area.


The next moment, a purple storm manifested and swept all the adventurers into the air.

“Bloom.” At the same time, Yaeger’s eyes became grim as she unleashed [Berserk Thunder] shots upwards. For a moment, the entire place became a massive pool of lightning. Electricity sparked everywhere in a frightening display!

On the other side, Yunuen became a red tornado and steamrolled all players. Painful wails were heard constantly. Spectating both battles, Alicia felt relief.

‘Both the [Child of Destiny] and Yunuen are very dependable. I definitely chose the right people.’

As a combat veteran, she naturally realized that both of them were far stronger than their peers. Moreover, until now, they hadn’t unleashed their full power.

‘I really want to fight…’ As she watched, she felt more and more agitated. The rust on the sword within her heart seemed to be flaking off.

“It’s about time.” At this moment, Yaeger stopped attacking. [Berserk Thunder] disappeared, and was replaced by the sword, [Sunscorch].

She could actually maintain this attack for a long time. Yet, she stopped it soon after. It was because the rain of bolts alone wasn’t enough to hinder those black-armored soldiers.

Compared to those adventurers that were being whisked like eggs, these people were far more dangerous. If the black-armored soldiers charged and attacked Alicia who stood behind her while she was dealing with those idiots, it would be really troublesome.


The moment the rain of bolts stopped, the protective barrier shattered. The three soldiers charged at Yaeger from different directions. They were as fast as lightning bolts!

Those adventurers who had barely survived recovered from shock and instantly ran away from this place.

‘Demon! She’s a true demon!’

At this moment, they were deeply frightened, terrified, and horrified.

If that storm of attacks had lasted for several more seconds, these people clearly knew that they would definitely be killed! She was trampling on everyone despite facing thirteen enemies alone. What was she if not a demon?

The adventurers fled in desperation. They had only one goal in mind, which was the pitch black magical formation closest to them.

Compared to Black-hearted Princess, the dangerous maze seemed a lot safer.

“Die!” The black-armored soldier in front screamed and stabbed his mithril sword into Yaeger’s throat.

The soldier on the left swung his great sword onto her head. The Magician on the right was charging up a magical attack. Yet, he wasn’t looking at Yaeger, his eyes were focused on Alicia!

The three seemed to be aiming at Yaeger, but in fact, only two were actually targeting her. The final person had been targeting Alicia since the beginning. This was the battle tactic that they had agreed on with eye contact while they were behind the protective barrier.

The two would hinder Yaeger while the final soldier killed Alicia. By now, they were about to succeed…

“Heh, you entered my attack range so recklessly. Oh, I’m afraid you don’t know what it means to die.” An attractive voice was suddenly heard as nine tails danced wildly!

Immediately after, they felt like their bodies were slammed by a battering ram. All of them flew out and spurted blood!


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