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Chapter 399 – Conquer Your Fears, Oh Yeah!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3116 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1772 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“Boss, should we go in now? I’m sure the other players have been exploring for a while now. We can’t fall too far behind.” A Warrior player said.

A male Magician player stood beside him, who was named [Carefree Bro]. There were five players behind them and several adventurers looking around not far away from them. Three black-armored soldiers stood further behind.

They seemed indifferent, like emotionless statutes.

“What’s the rush? Those adventurers are obviously more experienced than us. Let them lead the way.” [Carefree Bro] said.

He had a very ordinary appearance, which could be called unremarkable.

The Warrior player nodded after hearing those words and stayed silent.

There was a cave entrance in front of them. Like a giant monster’s maw, it was pitch black and emanated an ominous aura. Suddenly, an adventurer took out a small pebble and tossed it into the cave.


As the pebble was about to fall into the entrance, a semitransparent barrier appeared and blocked it.

“This seems like a barrier.” [Carefree Bro] said.
“Is it to prevent things inside from coming out, or to prevent us from entering?” The Warrior player was puzzled.
“According to the usual game mechanics, this barrier is most likely erected to stop monsters from coming out. It won’t be effective on players.” [Carefree Bro] said.
“Or perhaps we can’t enter at all. Then what’s the point of that?” The player behind them said.

There were currently three discovered maze entrances in this place.

First was the cave in front of them. Second was a stone door by the left corridor. Third was a pitch black magical formation at the back corridor.

Compared to the stone door and magical formation, the players unanimously agreed that the cave entrance was their best choice. Not only them, even those adventurers held the same opinion.

The stone door was incredibly oppressive, while the pitch black magical formation had an incredibly dangerous aura. Only the cave entrance was slightly better, relatively speaking.

“Bro, those adventurers are staring at us with those eyes, like a bunch of old perverts staring at naked ladies… It’s so creepy!” The Warrior player trembled while speaking with an exaggerated tone.
“Tsk. Those adventurers probably want to use us as cannon fodder, don’t they?” One of the players said.
“Based on what I see, most likely.”
“F̲u̲c̲k̲! If they dare, we’ll fight them! It’s no big deal, we’ll just die!”
“That’s true, that’s true!”

One side seemed ferocious, while the other seemed riled up. None of them were easy prey. Although their average Level was lower than the adventurers’, the players still had an incredible advantage: they could respawn.

Hence, they weren’t afraid of these adventurers at all.

“Don’t worry. They don’t dare to mess around. Those soldiers aren’t there for show.”

[Carefree Bro] waved his hands, gesturing for everyone to stay calm before looking at those three black-armored soldiers. They were the Empire’s Direct Army. Each of them were at least Level 30, making them much stronger than those adventurers.

By now, both the outsiders and the adventurers were all handling an important task for the Emperor. Hence, these soldiers from the Direct Army would naturally not allow the adventurers to bully the players.

Of course, they wouldn’t intervene in tense standoffs like what was happening now. Everything was fine as long as they didn’t fight physically.

“Everyone, it’s getting late. It’s time to enter.” The black-armored soldier up front looked at everyone and said.

His tone was very distant, giving off a sense of superiority. In fact, he really had the right to sit on a high horse. Both his strength and status were greater than everyone else present.

Hearing that, the adventurers and players were displeased but didn’t dare to voice their opinions.

“Let’s go.” A veteran adventurer said.
“Let’s go too!” [Carefree Bro] waved his hand and shouted.

Both teams had the same exact goal, which was the cave in front.

‘It would be awesome if we encountered the succubus in this cave.’ [Carefree Bro] thought in his heart.

Many people on the scene also had the same idea in mind. Because it was more cost-effective to hunt the succubus than to explore the maze. Even if they couldn’t kill her, they had a chance to earn a Rare (Fine) Equipment just by discovering her whereabouts.

Such a reward was incredibly tempting to both players and adventurers.


While everyone was marching into the cave with various delusions of grandeur. The space not far away from them suddenly shook. Then, spatial shockwaves spread around like a ripple.

The next moment, white light flashed. Three figures appeared out of nowhere.

Feeling the sudden change, everyone looked over. They were instantly shocked and couldn’t believe what they just saw. Because they actually saw the succubus, which was worth three Epic (Master) Equipment and 10 million gold coins.

At this moment, everyone focused their attention on Alicia, completely disregarding the existence of Yunuen and that horrifying beauty.

Still, they weren’t at fault since Alicia appeared in the middle of the group and was very eye-catching. Moreover, Yaeger was distracted by the suddenly appearing scoreboard. She didn’t pay attention to her surroundings at all.

‘Looks like this is the scoreboard for clearing the maze. I wonder if I can exchange things with them?’

There was a shop button on the newly emerged scoreboard, but it was currently grayed out, obviously unavailable.

‘I’m in first place, one-hundred points. That doesn’t seem like much.’ Yaeger was slightly dissatisfied.

At this moment.

“It’s the succubus!”
“I’m rich!”
“My ancestors are blessing me!”
“Three Epic Equipment!”
“Kill the succubus!”

Chaos reigned over the scene. Everyone was overjoyed. They all wished they had three legs so they could reach Alicia sooner and lop off her head.

Within a moment, everyone unsheathed their weapons as they ran. They stared at Alicia like hungry wolves who found a tasty sheep! The three black-armored soldiers were just as excited as these adventurers and players. No, they were even more excited. Their previously indifferent expressions had crumpled and twisted. Their gazes became venomous and ferocious.

There was a reason why these black-armored soldiers were so excited. It was because the Commander had promised them a reward of 20 million gold coins and five Epic Equipment!

They were offered a reward that was about twice as much when compared to the outsiders. Hence, they were naturally excited.

Upon spotting so many hungry wolves charging at them right after teleportation, Alicia and Yunuen were instantly shocked and panicked.

“So noisy.” However, the moment they heard a pleasant voice ringing beside her ears, their panic and anxiety were instantly suppressed.

Purple light flashed.

“Can you all just leave me alone?” Yaeger raised her head and looked in front. The purple crossbow [Berserk Thunder] appeared in her hands.

Everyone who charged over was dumbfounded after hearing that familiar voice. Looking over, they saw that familiar figure…

“F̲u̲c̲k̲! It’s Black-hearted Princess!”
“Am I actually dreaming?”
“Why is she here?”
“Brothers, stop!” [Carefree Bro] screamed decisively as his face became pale.

The fear of Black-hearted Princess was deeply ingrained in the hearts of all players. The moment they saw her, they involuntarily felt chills down their spines. Before the order was made, most people had already stopped themselves!

The adventurers were slightly slower but they also stopped. Compared to the players, they were just as fearful of Yaeger. Only the three black-armored soldiers kept running and charged up front.

They naturally knew how powerful the scourge of the Empire was. However, with these experts on scene, surely she would be killed right away!

“Everyone, charge! There are only three of them, there’s no need to be afraid!” The black-armored soldier in front shouted.

Hearing that, everyone regained their senses and calculated their odds at high speed.
‘Indeed, there are only three of them, and we have twenty. We’re all capable fighters too. If we gang up on her, we can kill her straight away!’

“Charge!” Among the adventurers, someone shouted. “Kill the succubus and we’ll split the Equipment!”

There were only three Epic (Master) Equipment as a reward but there were a lot of people here. It was obviously not enough. Anyone who was a little slower would end up with nothing!

The adventurers’ eyes lit up as they charged over with weapons in hand.

“We’ll also…” [Carefree Bro] spoke halfway but his soul nearly left his body after accidentally glancing at Yunuen.

If Black-hearted Princess was a great demon, then [Mahou Shoujo Yunuen] would be a little demon! She was not as terrifying as a great demon, but still dangerous! Her bright-red magic staff and petite figure only made people comprehend this word: violence!

“Yunuen, I’ll let you deal with the players. Especially [Carefree Bro], beat him up nice and good.” At this moment, Yaeger said.

She already noticed [Carefree Bro] far away. They had a spat in the forums, and Yaeger once said she would kill him until he lost all his Levels.

Now that she was facing three Level 30 black-armored soldiers and a bunch of adventurers, She could only entrust this sacred duty to Yunuen.

The latter nodded hard, with a serious expression.

‘Wait, why do I feel like I’m about to be in big trouble? I’m out of here!’

Despite not knowing what the great demon had told the little demon, [Carefree Bro] noticed her ravenous gaze. He instantly realized that something bad was about to happen, and thus he opened his game interface.

“Oh s̲h̲i̲t̲! I can’t log out!”

However, the moment he saw the grayed-out logout button, an intense sense of desperation filled his heart.

“Bro, be careful!” Just as [Carefree Bro] was despairing, a familiar voice was heard.

Looking ahead, he saw Yunuen charging over at high speed and the red light pouring out of the magic staff in her hand.

‘F̲u̲c̲k̲ you! Why are you charging at me? You’re a Priest!’

“Kill her now!” [Carefree Bro] lost composure and screamed.

Those players were just as scared as him, but they knew they couldn’t resolve the issue just by being afraid. The best way to overcome their fear was to face fear itself. Good luck!

Everyone encouraged themselves in their hearts.

Then, they instantly launched an all-out attack against Yunuen.

“I’ll be taking your head.” However, Yunuen completely ignored them. She stared at [Carefree Bro] while deploying her barrier, charging over while enduring the intense attacks.

“Stay away from me!”

Watching her figure and that blindingly red magic staff enlarging in his field of vision, [Carefree Bro] cried out like the macho man he was.


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