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Chapter 398 – Unexpected Crisis

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2047 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1230 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

‘God dammit!’ [Little Fairy] anguished in her heart. Being not allowed to quit in the middle of combat was fine, but she couldn’t even quit in the maze! ‘Who designed this stupid game?’

The same applied to other players. Within a moment, everyone became fearful. At this moment, the two players who died dissipated into light particles.

On the tile with stone spikes, an Uncommon Equipment was left behind. Behind them, another Uncommon Equipment appeared on top of the square object. Looking at the two pieces of Equipment, everyone instantly realized that this was the consequences of death!

They actually dropped their Equipment… Those guys were really unlucky! Looking at the sparkling Uncommon Equipment, nobody had intentions to pick them out. They might be great, but they couldn’t risk their lives for it. Nobody knew if they would trigger another trap and get themselves killed.

No, they don’t even have time to think about these unnecessary things right now.

“What to do?” [White Cloud] shouted.

It was impossible for them to turn back. However, dangerous traps were in front of them! If they stood still, nobody knew what would happen also.

“Let’s keep moving.” [Little Fairy] forcefully calmed down and spoke. If she knew she couldn’t quit the game after entering this place, she would never have come here in the first place.

‘Being greedy ruined me!’ [Little Fairy] silently lamented.

“Even if you say so…” The Warrior player spoke while trembling. He had never died before, but he knew how horrible dying felt based on the posts he read on the forums. Nobody would wish to die.

“I have a bad premonition, we can’t stay here for long.” [Little Fairy] glanced at him before shaking her head.

As a fully grown man, him being so cowardly was a shameful sight to see.

“That’s right, we can’t stay here for long. Why don’t you lead the way, [Little Fairy]?” [White Cloud] said casually.

Hearing those words, the remaining players also glanced at [Little Fairy]. The latter raised her eyebrows, instantly understanding his intent. He wanted her to become the minesweeper!

“You told us to move forward, so shouldn’t you lead the pack?” [White Cloud] slightly raised his head and spoke arrogantly.

“That’s right, that’s right!” The other players instantly affirmed.

“Why should it be me…” Before [Little Fairy] could finish, she saw [White Cloud] pulling out a sword. Her eyes instantly widened and her pupils shrank.

“For everyone’s sake, I advise you to do as I say.” [White Cloud] squinted his eyes and spoke menacingly.

He had a higher level and better equipment than [Little Fairy]. Also, he was a Holy Knight which was great at both offense and defense.

If they actually fought here, [Little Fairy], a Ranger, would be utterly trampled on.

Badump badump!

[White Cloud] was no goody-two-shoes. Like him, the rest of the players pulled out various weapons straightaway.

Even that most cowardly player also pointed his sword at [Little Fairy].

“You guys… Fine, fine. I’ll go first!” [Little Fairy] had no way out of this predicament. Hence, she could only suppress the boiling anger in her heart and walk forward.

Despite that, those players still kept their weapons up.

‘I’m so unlucky. I actually got grouped up with these fine specimens!’

She was suddenly reminded of Black-hearted Princess. Despite having an abhorrent reputation, the latter was openly evil. Unlike these shameful hypocritical scoundrels. They were nauseating!

While [Little Fairy] was mine sweeping with her life at stake. Inside the [Prison of Death], Yaeger walked towards the stone door not far away with a pleasant expression, and Alicia and Yunuen in tow.

There were dozens of stone doors in this maze.

Only 1 door led to the exit, the rest would lead them to their demise. To find the only safe door within all these doors, it was definitely no easy feat. Moreover, this was definitely made harder since they had to find it out while facing potential danger with every step they took.

Of course, such difficulty only applied to the average person. Yaeger moved rapidly and was already close to a stone door.

‘The [Child of Destiny] is truly dependable. Thank you for sending her to me, Goddess of Destiny!’ Alicia sighed in her heart. If she came to conquer the maze alone, she would have probably failed in the [Prison of Death].

No, there was also a chance for her to die here.

Yaeger kept moving quickly. Before long, there were three stone tiles between them and the door. Left, right, and center. Three choices.

Yaeger instantly chose to step on the center tile. However!


An extremely subtle noise was heard. Immediately after, she felt an intense bad premonition. Yaeger decisively retracted her beautiful leg and looked down at that floor tile.

Just now, a horrible change seemed to have occurred here.

“What’s wrong?” Alicia asked.

“This stone tile is very dangerous. Let’s choose another.” Yaeger exhaled lightly.

She almost accidentally stepped on it.

‘As expected of the [Prison of Death]. I really can’t let my guard down here.’

After reflecting on her mistakes in her heart, Yaeger chose to go left. This time around, that feeling wasn’t felt. It seemed very normal. The floor tile slightly shimmered, indicating it was safe.

“Phew.” She suddenly let out a sigh of relief.

While she was about to keep moving, she felt a bad premonition again.


An incredibly quiet sound was heard. Yaeger decisively returned to her original tile. Witnessing the scene, Alicia and Yunuen approached in a hurry.

“Prin…” They were about to speak, only to see the floor tile in front suddenly shatter and spew out a pillar of flame. Its terrifying heat and aura were much stronger than the Commander’s full-force punch!

Even if they grazed it, they would be rendered into ashes!

“So close.” Yaeger wiped her forehead habitually and muttered.

“Why is it suddenly so dangerous once we’re about to reach a stone door?” Yunuen mumbled to herself nervously.

“Alicia, have your ancestors experienced a similar thing?” Yaeger turned around and asked Alicia.

The latter pondered slightly before shaking her head. “Probably not. But even if they did, they probably died.”

It was impossible for the dead to leave behind records. Hence, the answer didn’t matter.

“Forget it. Since there’s only one path left, I’m sure it won’t happen again.”

While speaking, Yaeger moved to the right. The floor tile shimmered, it was normal. After waiting for a while, nothing happened. After motioning for Alicia and Yunuen to come over, she kept moving forward.

There was only one floor tile left. She didn’t feel any danger.

“Phew.” With a deep breath, Yaeger started getting serious. She had no intentions to walk into a trap for the very last time.


She stepped foot into it. White light glimmered and spatial energy emanated.

“This is it. Alicia, Yunuen, come quickly!”

Feeling the spatial energy becoming more intense, Yaeger instantly came to a realization. These stone doors were mere decorations. The actual way out was the teleportation formation hidden underneath the tile.

Alicia and Yunuen quickly stepped on it and white light instantly exploded.

The next moment, the space itself shook slightly. They instantly disappeared. Then, the place became quiet again.

“Hmph!” Suddenly, a cute but unpleasant-sounding grunt was heard. Yet, there was nobody around the place. It seemed ominous.


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