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Chapter 397 – I’m Sorry, Having Great Luck Means I Can Do Whatever I Want

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2060 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1151 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Just as Yaeger and the rest had entered the [Prison of Death], a group of players and adventurers gathered in a certain level of the underground maze. There was also a massive stone door in front of them, with weird texts inscribed on its top.

The adventurers were looking around. They were all veterans and had a keen sense in detecting danger. They wouldn’t enter the maze willy-nilly.

Meanwhile, those players were obviously different. Despite knowing that death was horrible and very punishing, they could still be resurrected. Hence, they were a lot less afraid of dying compared to those natives.

Indeed, the seven players on the scene only looked around casually before deciding to enter this unknown maze. The stone door rumbled and opened, then closed in a rumble.

Looking on, all the adventurers shook their heads. In their eyes, these outsiders were asking to be killed.

“I heard from my cousin’s distant friend that this underground maze is cursed. Lots of royalty are sacrificed every year. It’s really horrible! These outsiders barged in without a second thought. I’m afraid they’ll all be dead!” An adventurer said.
“Hehe, It’s actually good for them to be so courageous. They can be our scouts.”
“Tell me, How many of them do you think will survive?”
“Probably all of them will die.”
“How is that possible? At least one or two of them will come out alive.”
“Fancy a wager?”
“Wager it is then!”

They are allowed to remain in the underground maze for 24 hours. These wise adventurers didn’t progress haphazardly. Instead, they were waiting for these lab rats to come out.

They only lived once. They couldn’t waste it just like that.

In the maze. Looking over, the players only saw a gray-white interior. The walls, the ceiling, and the ground were all gray and white.

“Strange, there’s nothing here.” A player said. His name was [White Cloud], an active member within the forums.

“It just feels very quiet.” A female player whispered. Her in game name was [Little Fairy], and she hailed from Novice Village 101.

“Look. These floor tiles are massive.” A Warrior player lowered his head and spoke while examining the ground.

Everyone looked over, and they noticed the massive and wide gray stone tiles that were paved on the ground.

“I feel like these tiles are weird.” [White Cloud] said.
‘No s̲h̲i̲t̲!’ Everyone muttered in their hearts.

This grayish interior was massive, but there was no exit. The walls and the ceiling had no seams at all. Yet, the floor was paved with individual stone tiles.

“This is probably a maze with traps.” [Little Fairy] spoke in uncertainty.

“Yes, it looks like we have to choose the tiles we walk on. There’s probably a lot of traps under these stone tiles.” A random player said.

“Seems a little like Minesweeper.” [White Cloud] squinted his eyes with a solemn expression.

“In other words, as long as we don’t step on a trap and find the exit, we pass the test?” Someone asked.

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“I think so.” [Little Fairy] nodded.

“Then let’s start. I can’t wait any longer!” Someone said impatiently.

“It’s better to study it a little more…” Before [Little Fairy] could finish speaking, an inpatient player stepped on a stone tile.


The stone tile flashed slightly. Everyone waited in anticipation. Three seconds passed, and nothing happened.

“Huhu, I’m really lucky. I can feel it in my bones, here’s the next step!”

That player instantly ran and jumped onto the second stone tile.

Same as before, nothing happened.

“Hahaha, indeed, I’m the child of destiny!” He laughed uncontrollably.

“Let’s follow.” [White Cloud] urged.

Now that someone was clearing the path, only an idiot would refuse to follow. [Little Fairy] heaved a sigh and followed everyone else.

On the other side, in [Prison of Death].

Yaeger was also stepping on tiles while Alicia and Yunuen followed behind.

Just like what happened to the player, the tiles she stepped on flashed in bright light but no traps were triggered.

“Is it really fine to walk this quickly?” Yunuen asked in trepidation.

“It’s fine.” Leading the way, Yaeger spoke indifferently.

“Yes, don’t worry.” Alicia caressed Yunuen’s head and comforted her.

Actually, she was also a little worried. This maze was the [Prison of Death], that had killed many elites of the royal family. One accident alone was enough to kill them all! However, they had nearly arrived at the center formation. Yaeger remained as quick as ever, so quick that she seemed to not value her own life.

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‘Traversing this kind of maze with my Luck stat is like swatting a fly with a cannon.’

This was what Yaeger thought at this moment.

Indeed, she had 666 Luck. She could practically predict the future! The moment she felt an unpleasant feeling, she would select another tile to step on. Like a walk in the park, they hadn’t experienced any danger until this moment.

The three of them reached the center formation uneventfully.

Yaeger suddenly asked, “Alicia, do you get a higher score if you clear the maze faster?”

“I think so.”

“Is there a time limit?” Yaeger asked again.

“There is.” This time around, Alicia replied confidently.

“How long?”

“An hour. If you don’t clear the maze within an hour, you’ll be kicked out.”

“Doesn’t this mean that we can stall until the time limit ends to stay alive if we sense danger?” Yaeger asked.

“No, the traps in this maze will change dynamically. The places that we stepped on before are now different.” Alicia said.

‘As expected of the [Child of Destiny], her luck is on another level!’

Upon reaching this place unscathed with Yaeger, the hint of worry within her had disappeared.

“In other words, not only is there no way back, we also have to keep moving forward…” Yunuen muttered.

“That’s right. Once you start, you can’t stop. That’s why so many people died here.” Alicia added.

“Understood, let’s go.” Yaeger spoke calmly.

To enter the secret area deep within the maze, they had to conquer many levels. They had no time to waste.

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While they continued their smooth-sailing journey, the other side was turbulent.


As the leading player stepped onto a new stone tile, it instantly changed. With a flash of red light, 10 stone spears popped out and skewered him! Witnessing such a tragedy, the remaining 6 players felt chills down their spines.

“I… I’ll just go back!” A cowardly player backed off.

However, the moment he stepped onto the tile he previously passed through, a clicking noise was heard. Immediately after, a square object suddenly dropped from the flat ceiling.


Before he could even react, this player became ketchup. He was dead!

“I’ll… I’ll just go offline!” [Little Fairy] opened her game interface in the fluster. “No way! I can’t go offline!”

At this moment, her logout button was actually grayed out!


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