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Chapter 387 – This One Is Joachim Ye

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2052 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1215 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Some time ago.

Roc City Stadium was one of the greatest stadiums in Linhnan. While it was usually lively, it was now terrifyingly quiet.

A bunch of people stood in the central area. They were in clothing that didn’t seem ordinary. Some wore kung-fu slacks, some wore stealth costumes, and some wore skimpy qipaos…

None of them spoke but the atmosphere was extraordinary. Their fighting spirits were simply overflowing. It was just shocking. At this moment, no words needed to be said. The three people standing in front were even more imposing.

On the left was the handsome and tall Joachim Ye. He wore long robes, with a sword sheathed on his waist, and seemed heroic.

In the middle was Korg Gongshu, who wore black robes and a mask. Two puppets stood behind him. One black and one white, they were none other than White Shade and Black Shade, who had just been repaired.

On the right was the tall and beautiful Genovese Dragon who wore a high-waist qipao. She somehow just seemed snobbish.

The three of them seemed like unsheathed blades and were razor-sharp.

As time passed, they became more and more imposing. There were only a few seconds left before the agreed time. When the moment arrived, it would be the time where they became the most imposing and most powerful.

By then, they would be able to fight [Princess] at their prime, and decide the true champion!

However, even after the promised time, not a single soul had entered that stadium’s opened gate.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

An eerie silence permeated the venue.

“She’s late.” Korg Gongshu clenched her fists. Her eyes flashed grimly as she spoke.
“That’s true.” Joachim Ye stared at the entrance with sharp eyes.
“Does she think that she’s someone important? She actually got late.” Genovese Dragon was displeased.

Azul Black standing behind her slightly tilted her head. She realized something was amiss.

As expected, 15 minutes later, nobody showed up at the entrance anyway.

“Big t̲i̲t̲s̲, what’s going on here?” Genovese Dragon turned around impatiently and asked Azul Black with a hostile tone.
“How would I know?” Azul Black shrugged. She was only responsible for delivering the message. She wasn’t bothered with anything else.
“Didn’t you make an appointment at this time?” Korg Gongshu spoke grimly.

One’s spirit could be raised once, barely twice, and not thrice.

Back then, they had raised their spirits and pushed their auras and abilities to their peaks. It was done in order to duel [Princess] at peak performance.

They couldn’t maintain such a state for too long. 15 minutes was already their maximum. By now, their might had dwindled. It would be nigh impossible for them to gather their spirits once again.

At this moment, a figure appeared at the entrance.

“Is this a part of your scheme? [Princess]!” Noticing that figure, Joachim Ye’s gaze instantly went sharp as he chastised. She deliberately arrived late in order to ruin their preparation. Therefore gaining an advantage psychologically.

‘What a great strategy. I’ve underestimated you!’ Joachim Ye currently felt complicated emotions.

Hearing his voice, everyone looked over to the entrance simultaneously with resentment in their hearts. As expected, this [Princess] was incredibly cunning and ruined their plans.

“Huh? Where’s my sister?” That figure entered quickly and revealed her petite frame. She looked around but failed to notice Yaeger, so she asked.

After realizing that figure wasn’t who they expected and hearing that question, everyone’s face twitched uncontrollably.

This wasn’t [Princess] at all!

“Little Mylene!” Azul Black naturally recognized the person and instantly called out her name.
“Azul, is my sister not here yet?” Indeed, this petite person was none other than Mylene.
“That should be my question to you!” Azul Black spoke in exasperation.
“Ah.” Hearing that, Mylene was convinced without a doubt that her sister had definitely forgotten about this.

She knew Yaeger was busy with the affairs regarding the underground maze. Hence, she had probably utterly forgotten about her appointment with these Pinnacle prodigies. It couldn’t be helped since she was on a whole different level compared to them.

As a Grandmaster, it would be a walk in the park to defeat these Pinnacle prodigies. She only had to make an appearance and leave after making them feel despair.

However, the underground maze was different. Not only would it affect Alicia’s fate, it would also bring Yaeger great benefits.

“I’ll ask sister,” Mylene took out her specially made phone and stylus pen, then swiftly sent Yaeger a message.

Time started flowing.

In Jade Flower Garden.

“I’ll destroy them all with a slap, then come back and rest… No, these geniuses come from influential places. I can’t go too far.”

In Journey of the West, irrelevant monsters would be easily killed. But those monsters who were influential wouldn’t be killed.

“Although I’m not afraid of trouble, I would make things difficult for Mylene.” As the older sister, she would naturally handle things with her younger sister’s interests in mind.

‘But still, traveling back and forth wastes quite a bit of time.’

Yaeger checked the map on the phone and realized that the Roc City Stadium was quite far away from here.

“Let’s play with them some other time.”

After some deliberation, Yaeger thought that it was best to change the time and date. Then, she sent Mylene a message.

Before long, she received a voice message in response.

Mylene: “Sister, they don’t want to. They said they must decide the champion by tonight. By the way, someone named Joachim Ye said he wants to speak to you. Do you want to ignore him?”

“What a troublesome guy.” To Yaeger, these people were as insignificant as ants. She only gave them attention out of consideration for Mylene and Lisa Black.

“Let’s hear him out.” Yaeger responded with a voice message.

Beep beep beep!

Immediately after, she received a phone call.

Tapping her finger, Yaeger then sat on the bed and waited for the other end to initiate the conversation.

“You are [Princess], right? This one is Joachim Ye. Since you’ve agreed to fight today, then please attend it. Or perhaps, are you afraid of me? I think that must be the case. No worries. As long as you admit that you’re undeserving of your title, and loudly say: I, [Princess], am no match to Joachim Ye. I’m a coward and a disgrace among all prodigies. If you do that, we won’t bother you anymore.”

“What a childish provocation. You think I’m a kid? Boring.” Yaeger spoke in exasperation.

“You really won’t accept it? Oh, [Princess]. You didn’t attend the event but you’re unwilling to admit defeat. You’re making it difficult for me. How about this? We’ll stay in the Rosen Hotel for some time. We’ll only leave when you agree to fight. By the way, I heard your friend owns this hotel. And all your friends live here. Well, that’s fantastic.” Joachim Ye spoke indifferently.

The other end was silent.

For some reason, the people in the stadium instantly felt the surrounding temperature plummet. The drastic change made them uncomfortable.

Immediately after, a bone-chilling voice came out of Mylene’s phone. It made people feel as if they were locked in a walk-in freezer.

“Oh you. I’m afraid you don’t know what it means to die.”


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