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Chapter 386 – I Have A Date With A Prodigy

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2203 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1358 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

In real life, in a certain hotel suite in Roc City.

The [Wind Warrior] from Korea, Desmond Song, had returned from Glory Entertainment Center.

“[Princess] has definitely been in the entertainment center, she even took some valuables.”

He took a sip of tea and said softly.

“Heheh, took some valuables? Those people sure love to save face.” Vera 17 covered her mouth and laughed.

“Cathay people are really like that.” Kapeer from India said.

“So this means our information is correct?” The gentleman from England, Gordon, took a sip of red tea and said slowly.

“I have connections with the owner of the venue. It shouldn’t be false.” Desmond Song said.

“Combining it with information online, it’s at least ninety percent true.”

Vera 17’s tiny hands danced on the keyboard, and soon she created a simple map.

It illustrated the range of activity of [Princess] in recent times, making it simple and clear.

She turned the laptop around and looked at everyone. “This is her range of activity in the past few days. I only need to observe all surveillance cameras in the surrounding areas tonight. With that, I’m sure I can catch her.”

Everyone glanced at the screen and at that decent-sized map. They couldn’t help but be impressed by Vera 17.

This little midget was actually quite useful.

If it were up to them, they would probably run around like headless chickens and try their luck.

Even if 100 million in cash was stashed somewhere waiting for them to find, it would be nigh impossible for them to succeed.

“You’re truly reliable. As expected of the [E-Fairy].” Gordon praised.

“Yosh yosh yosh yosh yosh yosh yosh yosh yosh yosh!” Kapeer held a sphere that was as big as her head and glowing in faint red light in his arms. He spat out those words while stroking the ball and glancing at Vera 17.

‘He’s sick in the head.’ Vera 17 furrowed her right brow and ignored him.

“I’ll keep working in my room. Make yourselves at home. But still, let me remind you that you should have enough rest. Because tomorrow’s battle won’t be easy.”

To her, it was an easy feat to find someone in a specific area. It was only a matter of time. One night was enough to find Yaeger.

‘Number Eighteen’s sacrifice wasn’t in vain. [Princess], you will suffer heavy consequences for your actions!’

With that in mind, Vera 17 returned to her room with her laptop.

In Dorado, America, A branch of the CIA.

Mira returned to her room after finishing her daily duties and entered the game. By now, there were a lot of players on the Dorado server that had entered Jade City. Green names could be seen everywhere in the Jadeleaf Plaza.

Mira appeared with a flash of white light and instantly garnered lots of attention.

“Yo! Isn’t this the hope of America, young lady Mira?”

At this moment, someone spoke with a very weird tone.

Mira looked over, only to see a Warrior named [Mitch] giving her the stink eye.

This ‘Mitch’ was naturally not the Pinnacle Master Yaeger killed.

‘Mitch’ was the kind of name that was as common as ‘John’ or ‘Jane’. So basic that people would tease them about it.

“Haha, the ray of hope who got killed within three minutes. How unreliable.” A player next to [Mitch] jeered.

Soon, many in the crowd started mocking her. Most of these people belonged to the [Mitch] Guild. Guilds were usually antagonistic towards one another. Particularly when it came to guilds on the same strength. They would become mortal enemies.

There was only so much food on the plate. If they wanted to have more food, they would need to kill off other people. Unfortunately, Mitch’s guild and Mira’s guild were equal in strength. None of them could eliminate the other.

On the surface, at least.

Since she couldn’t be destroyed physically, he would strike her morale.

Mira was utterly thrashed by [Princess] in front of a global audience, and greatly humiliated. As the Guild Master from the opposing guild, Mitch would naturally kick her while she was down.

In this country where individualism and patriotism were highly valued, failure was a terrible thing.

All the glory she accumulated in the past would most likely be lost within a night. Her hero status would be ruined.

If Mira wasn’t someone with a unique identity, she would probably be lambasted by the national media by now. She would’ve been pinned as a national disgrace and burned at the stake.

After all, her defeat was far too humiliating during that battle. She had ruined the reputation of her country.

“Are those your last words? Is that it?”

Mira would simply ignore those remarks. Her mental resilience was superior to most people. She wouldn’t be enraged this easily. However, that didn’t mean that she wouldn’t vent her frustrations.

Indeed, she had to vent her frustrations after that humiliating battle!

Before she finished speaking, a massive black sword materialized.

“Wait, wait. How dare you attack me in a safe zone?” Mitch clearly didn’t expect her to throw hands without a word. He was caught with his pants down.

After seeing players in the Linhnan server being tied up by the NPCs and beaten, players from other servers definitely laughed at it. However, they still learned the lesson and respected the rules of the city deeply.

“Cut the crap.” Mira moved and black light flashed.

The next moment, a wound spanning from his shoulder to his abdomen appeared on Mitch’s body.

Before he could actually react, Mira’s black sword released a barrage of sword energy.

Within the blink of an eye, Mitch’s health points were emptied. He dissipated into white light and disappeared while feeling immense shock and pain. Everyone and anyone who witnessed the scene were all left in shock.

They actually forgot that despite being humiliated and killed by [Princess], Mira was still the strongest player in America!

“I want you all to die.” Killing Mitch alone was obviously not enough. Mira simply slaughtered everyone like a wolf entering a sheep’s pen.

Whether if they were members of the opposing guild, or just spectators, she killed all players! On this day, Mira received the title of [Blood Asura]. All players on the Dorado server now feared her.

In Linhnan server’s Jade City.

Yaeger had nothing to do after handing the [Cloak of Invisibility] over to Nectar. There was nothing for her to do on Alicia’s side.

Also, Alicia was currently adjusting herself to reach peak physical condition. It wasn’t an appropriate time for them to meet.

“So boring.”

There were 6 hours before reaching 11 PM. Such a short period of time was clearly not enough for her to level up.

Traveling to and from her destination would waste most of that time.

Moreover, both Yunuen and she had high Levels. There were no suitable targets for them to grind levels nearby.

More importantly, her expedition in the underground maze might consume a lot of time. Hence, Yaeger had to go offline to recuperate, lest she be booted by the System halfway through.

“Yunuen, I’m going offline to rest.” Entering the workshop, Yaeger interrupted Yunuen, who was engrossed in alchemy.
“Sure. Master, we’re leaving. Keep it up!”
“Well, I don’t know what you all are up to tonight, but be sure to stay safe.”

Layna waved her hand towards them, before focusing on her work again and refined medicine quickly.

Yaeger and Yunuen went offline in the guest room at the same time.

In Jade Flower Garden.

The decaying light of the sunset illuminated the floor through the window curtains, bringing some light into the darkened room.

Yaeger slowly opened her eyes and stretched after getting up from the bed.

At this moment, her Huawhey phone beeped. Picking up the phone, she realized Mylene sent her a message.

Mylene: Sister, why aren’t you here yet?

Yaeger was a little confused after reading the text.

‘Did I promise to do something with Mylene… Wait, I actually did!’

It was then that she remembered she had an appointment with those prodigies.


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