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Chapter 388 – I Have No Equal in This World

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2031 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1260 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra


The call ended and Mylene put her phone back. Nobody said a word in the stadium, it was eerily quiet. Yaeger’s final words were directed at Joachim Ye. Yet, aside from Mylene, everyone else on the scene felt like their necks were sliced open by an icy blade. It was horrifying!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Those few people on the lower end of the Prodigy Ranking simultaneously felt a bad premonition in their hearts.

They came to Roc City for a simple reason, to be nosy. They simply wanted to see the prodigies from the capital city beat up [Princess], who came out of nowhere and reached the first place on the ranking.

They thought she only reached that spot because she was famous. However, after hearing her voice and killing intent from the phone, they realized that something bad was about to happen.

Obviously, she was no easy foe!

Joachim Ye, Azul Black, Korg Gongshu, and Genovese Dragon soon regained their senses. As expected of [Princess], her killing intent was intense despite speaking through a phone.

Yet, it wasn’t strong enough to frighten them.

“It’s just that she killed more people than others, so her killing intent is sharp.” Joachim Ye spoke apathetically.

Aside from defeating [Princess], he also came this time in order to defeat Korg Gongshu and the rest. This was the only way to decide the true champion and convince everyone.

Fighting [Princess] was only a part of the process. Of course, everything else would lose meaning if they bypassed this part of the process. Therefore, [Princess] had to be here.

“Hehe, Agitating her like this and making her lose her calm is a good strategy.” Genovese Dragon said with a smile.
“You won without fighting.” Korg Gongshu said calmly.
“I’m only returning the favor. She made us wait for so long. Even our fighting spirit got deflated. If we don’t win this time, it would be a shame.” Joachim Ye spoke indifferently.

To him, he could do anything for the sake of maintaining fairness. Including threatening and agitating his opponent. If [Princess] didn’t come, he would actually send someone to cause trouble in the Rosen Hotel.

The ordinary person would be afraid of the Luo Family. But was Joachim Ye any ordinary person? Absolutely not. He was the sole descendant of the capital city’s Ye Family. The new generation’s prodigy.

The moment he was born, an auspicious sign manifested. The weather became wonderful and hundreds of birds came to him, which shook the capital.

This was the child of destiny the heavens granted to the Ye Family.

He became proficient in Internal Strength at 7 years old, swordsmanship at 10 years old. At 15 years old, he mastered both Internal Strength and swordsmanship. At 18 years old, he was only one step away from reaching the Grandmaster Realm!

Joachim Ye was worthy to be called a prodigy!

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“That’s true.” Korg Gongshu nodded softly.

As the previous champion of the Prodigy Ranking, she had excellent potential and strength. Ever since she emerged, she had only lost to [Princess].

This time around, she would definitely defeat her with maximum brutality!

“She is still a village yokel in the end. She lost composure the moment she got provoked.” Genovese Dragon covered her mouth and chuckled.

The village yokel she mentioned obviously referred to [Princess]. As a young lady of the capital city’s Dragon Family and a prodigy of the new era, Genovese Dragon was arrogant.

Only people like Korg Gongshu, Joachim Ye, and Azul Black garnered her attention. This wasn’t just a matter of strength. Their identity and bloodline were also taken into consideration.

Aside from being prodigies of the new era, they were also nobility!

Hearing everyone’s words, Azul Black became deep in thought.

‘Sisters specifically mentioned her name. I’m sure she’ll be no ordinary person. It’s going to be fun.’

Shifting her eyes, she saw Mylene’s expressionless face.

At this moment, Mylene was thinking like so:
‘This pig actually provoked sister in that way. Like a fish jumping out of water, he’s asking to be killed! My head hurts. If sister really thrashed them or turned them into meat paste, what will happen to me? Aghhh, so annoying!’

As someone who had perceived Yaeger as her role model, she clearly understood that anyone who offended Yaeger would end up poorly.

‘Don’t worry. No matter what happens, I’ll evacuate you all at the fastest speed possible.’

Mylene mourned for them for a second in her heart.

The other people on the Prodigy Ranking also started to calm down after seeing Joachim Ye and the rest being so confident. Indeed, they had four supreme prodigies on their side. Even if [Princess] had four legs and eight arms, she was still a Pinnacle Master.

There was no reason to be scared!

Azul: Not me. I’m just a nosy bystander.

“Little Mylene, what are the chances of your sister winning?” Azul sneakily approached Mylene and whispered.
“What are her chances?” The latter looked at her as if she was an idiot.
“Is there really not much of a chance to win?”

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Yet, Azul Black clearly misunderstood the meaning of her words.

“I suppose so. Although Korg Gongshu was defeated last time, it was because she only used Black Shade and fought remotely. Now that Black and White Shade, and she are all present, any Pinnacle Master lower than sixth place on the Prodigy Ranking wouldn’t defeat her. Even if there are two of them.”

“Meanwhile, Joachim Ye had been training deep in the forests for the past few years and barely made an appearance. Not a single soul actually knew how strong he is now. Perhaps he might actually be stronger than Korg Gongshu.”

“As for Genovese Dragon, although I dislike her, she’s still not weaker than me. Your sister is indeed very powerful, but she’s born at the wrong time. She just had to enter this era with many prodigies.”

After listening to her words, Mylene rolled her eyes.

‘They’re the ones born in the wrong era!’

She was too lazy to refute. After all, they would witness something extraordinary after 10 minutes or so.

‘My gut hurts.’

However, when showtime was over, Mylene would be in great trouble. Because she couldn’t predict the consequences. Nobody knew if her sister would murder everyone if she lost her temper.

By then, could she stop her or not?

After all, she wasn’t acting in her own interest. The Tian Family and Black Family were behind her.

‘I hope sister won’t be too impulsive…’

If Yaeger actually killed these influential prodigies, it would cause massive controversy throughout the country. That wasn’t what Mylene wanted to see.

‘Agh, my gut hurts so much.’

However, it seemed to be very difficult to stop her sister. She couldn’t even imagine being Yaeger’s enemy. Despite doing it for her sake…

Everyone waited in place for 15 minutes. Suddenly, a gust of chilling wind blew into the stadium. Then, a figure appeared. She had long black hair, an absolutely beautiful face, a stunning figure, and wore a black Gothic dress.

At dusk, this figure was absolutely stunning! Nobody could avert their gaze! No, they were deeply attracted to her. They stared into the abyss and couldn’t escape anymore! Who else could it be, if not that dazzling, beautiful, and universally reviled Yaeger?

“All of you can come at once. I’m in a hurry.”

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She marched forward with one hand on her waist. Slightly raising her head, she spoke indifferently.

The moment she spoke those words, everyone was shocked!


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