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Chapter 385 – Everything Is Prepared, We Need Only An Opportunity

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3077 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1799 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“Ahhh!” The immense impact churned her organs, her back even shattered the entire ceiling. Feeling immense pain, a painful wail followed soon after.

Immediately after, she felt immense pressure in her throat and vomited fresh blood.

“I already told you the consequences are dire. You just won’t believe me.”

By now, Yaeger had calmed down. She had already experienced the unpredictability of [Chaos Roulette] before, hence she adjusted quickly. Last time, she almost lost herself in Limitless Fairyland. It was [Chaos Roulette] that woke her up.

‘This roulette might be weird, but it always surprises me in critical moments.’

Yaeger couldn’t help but think while glancing at the settled down [Chaos Roulette].

On the surface, the [Chaos Roulette] was inferior to the [Chaos God Ring]. But in terms of level and unpredictability, the former was obviously much greater than the latter.

‘I wonder what kind of existence Litzy really is… Makes me so curious.’

This was no longer the era where Gods and Demons existed. However, Litzy could still go anywhere she pleased. She was definitely an extraordinary being.

‘Even the high and mighty Celestial Race are forced to stay in one place before their time comes. But Litzy… Wait, Litzy appeared from that mysterious void space. Just like those roulettes, she materialized from nothing!’

The more she thought about it, the more mysterious Litzy became.

At this moment, Allie dropped from the ceiling with a face full of anguish. She seemed to be injured.

“So troublesome.” Yaeger bounced out to her feet and caught her with her hands. She even absorbed all the impact from falling.

Immediately after, she felt an unusual sensation of softness in her hands.

“Your underwear feels good to the touch.” Yaeger said expressionlessly.

Such a level of physical contact meant nothing to her.

‘We’re all girls… Ah sike! I’m not a girl!’

“It hurts, it hurts so much. I haven’t felt this much pain since a few years ago! [Princess], how dare you do this!” Allie grumbled.
“Are you serious? You’re the one who attacked me first.” Yeager spoke in exasperation.

Immediately after, she tossed her onto the bed. Yaeger wouldn’t show any consideration just because she was a woman!

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“Wah! That’s too much! Even Alicia hasn’t tossed me like this!”

Allie tumbled around the bed before sitting up and pointed at Yaeger and complained.

When she slammed onto the ceiling, it caused her great pain. Until now, she still felt incredibly nauseous and dizzy.

Ding! Allie’s interest in you has increased by 10,000 points. Her Favorability towards you has increased by 5,000 points.

Yaeger was about to argue but the system announcement interrupted her.

‘Things are turning for the better.’ She was worried that the attack from [Chaos Roulette] would lower Allie’s Favorability. However, it actually increased by 5,000 points.

‘Are you Kastina?’

She couldn’t help but be reminded of the joyful expression Kastina had when she was tied up and beaten. Looking at Allie again, no such expression was found. In fact, she was actually in pain.

There was a reason why her favorability towards Yaeger hadn’t lowered. It was simply because she became more interested in her.

Back then, Allie started showing interest in Yeager because she had overloaded the levitating balls and burnt them during the Guild’s Agility test. When operating at full capacity, not even Platinum-ranked adventurers could dodge those levitating balls. Yet, Yaeger handled them with ease.

Hence, it was obvious to see that the beautiful adventurer had extraordinary talent. She would be the best candidate to test her newly made products. Indeed, the reason why Allie sought Yaeger was to make her test her new inventions.

However, everything has changed now. She was now interested in Yaeger, the individual. Incredibly interested.

“I’ll be honest, [Princess]. I’m interested in you.” She turned around and said earnestly.

“Huh?” After receiving a random confession, Yaeger was instantly confused. ‘Did she land on her head just now?’

“I hope you can become my assistant and let me examine… No. To assist me in testing new products! I’ll pay you well!” Halfway speaking, Allie suddenly realized she had said something wrong and quickly corrected it.

However, Yaeger only responded with a distant glare.

‘She’s definitely up to no good.’

“Don’t misunderstand. I’m only a little interested in you. I won’t strip you naked and do all kinds of things to your body… No, what am I talking about!”

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Hearing that, Yaeger’s eyes became grim. If it wasn’t for the sake of her mission, she would have fled already.

“I refuse. As I said before, I need your help.”

“Huh? Aren’t you here to help me with my research?” Allie tilted her head slightly and looked confused.

Instead of her research, she actually wanted to study Yaeger’s body and that wondrous roulette.

“No. I’m here on Alicia’s behalf, to borrow the [Cloak of Invisibility] from you.” Yaeger went straight to the point.

The moment she said that, Allie seemed like she had been struck by a lightning bolt.

“Are you the one that Alicia mentioned before, the one that could change her destiny?”
“You can say that. Do you want to verify it?” Yaeger said.

In truth, she had nothing capable of proving her relationship with Alicia.

“I see. Since you’re Alicia’s [Child of Destiny], then everything that happened before can be explained clearly. Ah, I see, I see, I see.” Allie suddenly came to a realization and nodded constantly.

“You don’t want to verify?”

“No, I know about Alicia’s condition better than most. If you aren’t the [Child of Destiny], you wouldn’t appear at this moment to borrow the cloak from me.”

“Is it really fine to be this aloof?”

Yaeger thought that she would test her. For example, asking her to state Alicia’s measurements.

“Aloof? Absolutely not. The moment you mentioned Alicia’s name and the cloak’s name, I can confirm without a doubt that you work for Alicia.” Allie asserted.

Yaeger soon understood after thinking about it.

It wasn’t uncommon to know Alicia’s name. However, it was entirely different if someone knew about Allie’s [Cloak of Invisibility].

Combined with what happened yesterday, the truth was instantly revealed.

“Also, I’ve investigated you before. I already know that someone like you will definitely be recruited by Alicia. Still, I just didn’t expect that you’re actually the [Child of Destiny] that could change Alicia’s destiny. Fate is such an interesting thing.”

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After speaking, Allie took something out of her white robes.


Yaeger received a handkerchief with a face full of confusion.

“This is the [Cloak of Invisibility]. Although it’s called a cloak, it’s actually a handkerchief that can change in size and has the effect of invisibility.” Allie explained.

“How deceptive.” Yaeger felt mixed emotions after hearing that.

“The cloak’s invisibility effect can only last for fifteen minutes and conceal four people’s presence at most. Once the energy is used up, it needs to be charged before it can be used again.” Allie said.

“Sure, I’ll keep that in mind. If there’s nothing else, I’ll be leaving. I have lots to prepare.”

With her objective completed, Yaeger had no plans to stay any longer.

“Well… Wait a minute. Think about what I said earlier.” Allie said.

“I’ll think about it.” Yaeger hesitated for a moment and said.

Ding! Allie’s Favorability towards you has increased by 5,000 points, you are now friendly with her.

The moment she left the room, she heard the system’s broadcast.

‘Is it because of my relationship with Alicia? This is good too.’

Watching as Yaeger left the scene, Allie’s gaze became sullen.

“Oh, Alicia, please weather through this storm safe and sound.”

In her mind, she couldn’t help but recall the moment when they first met. A rift in time, her family members dead, Magic Beasts attacking, and a girl in white that seemed like a god of war. Everything was so vivid as if time had never passed ever since then.

“I can only help you this much… Cough!” Halfway speaking, Allie suddenly coughed out a mouthful of blood.

“The dimensional storm is really potent. All these years and it still tortures me this much…”

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She laughed in self-mockery then left.

Outside the Sage Tower, Yaeger stood in place and turned back to look up.

At this moment, a gust of wind blew, and her black hair danced around.

“Despite the messy process, the results are satisfactory.”

Tidying her frazzled hair, Yaeger looked forward and marched.

The last piece of the puzzle was now in hand. All she needed was the opportunity that would come tonight.

Ever since the news about the underground maze was spread, Jade City exploded in popularity. The place was always lively. The game forums were just as lively as well.

Yaeger returned to the Item Shop, only to see Layna and Yunuen engrossed in alchemy. Hence, she didn’t disturb them. She simply returned to a guest room and opened the forums to check out the latest news.

By now, most of the trending posts of the forum were talking about the underground maze.

Not only on the Linhnan server, it was the same on other servers.

The difference was that the other servers were talking about how to open the underground maze.

There was no reason why they couldn’t open it when Linhnan server’s maze was already open.

“It would be out of the ordinary if you guys could open it.” Yaeger shook her head lightly after skimming through some trending posts.

Since she had already triggered Alicia’s questline, no other servers would be able to open it. No, Alicia probably wouldn’t even exist on their servers. The same applied to Kahn.

This questline exclusively belonged to Yaeger.

“There are still about twenty days left before the promised time.”

She and Kahn had agreed to enter the [Tomb of Leviathan] in Splitting Mirror Lake about a month later.

“Still have plenty of time. Let’s prioritize solving Alicia’s curse and set everything else aside.”

She closed those related posts and continued browsing.

Soon, she saw a trending post about Yunuen.

«Shocking! The Black-hearted Princess’ burden is popping off!»

Opening it, what she saw was within her expectations. It talked about Yunuen’s recent change, her Level and her Equipment.

“Here we go again. Are you all not afraid of death?” Reading those comments dripping with greed, Yaeger couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

There was no need to be afraid of these people.

Only players like S.K.Y. and Wild Arrogance were the ones that she worried about. Of course, she was still most worried about Yunuen. Unlike Yaeger, Yunuen wasn’t capable of dominating everyone by herself.

“Once Alicia’s curse is lifted, I’ll let these people understand the feeling of absolute despair.”

Turning off the forums, Yaeger smirked cruelly.


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