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Chapter 382 – Magic Academy, Cradle of The Empire

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2034 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1310 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Located in the western sector of the outer city, the Magic Academy was the greatest academic institution in the Empire. Despite being named the “Magic Academy”, they also teach all kinds of professional knowledge. Most elites of the Empire graduated from this place.

Which included Alicia, Lili, and Layna. It could be said that this was the cradle for all prospects. It was deserving to be called the greatest Academy of the Empire. However, none of this had anything to do with Yaeger. She was here to meet someone.

In front of her was the main entrance of the Magic Academy. It looked very classy and was clearly baptized by the stains of time.

“Allie doesn’t seem like an easygoing person. Nectar is really terrible. She actually didn’t give me anything to prove my identity.”

Yaeger held a journal of influential people in her hands, which was like a magazine that listed celebrities in real life. The difference was that this journal had included all influential people within the Jade Empire.

Each person would occupy 1 page in a journal. They were sold for 10 copper coins. Yaeger got it for free. Not because she didn’t pay for the book, but because the seller didn’t accept it at all.

When she tossed a gold coin on the table and was about to leave, the store owner instantly went on his knees and pleaded for mercy. Yaeger could only take her money back and leave with mixed emotions.

She wasn’t acting like a bully anymore, but she seemed worse.

“Other people only occupy one page, but Allie occupies two. She definitely has a higher position.”

Yaeger had already skimmed through the journal, and already knew all the basic information about Allie.

Allie, female, age unknown, 1.65 meters tall. She was pretty and was very popular in the Empire. She always claimed second place in the popularity ranking, along with Lili.

At the same time, she was also Yaeger’s and Kastina’s predecessor. The ruler of the previous generation… No, she used to be the scourge of the Empire. People despised her so much that it was about twice the hate Yaeger and Kastina received, combined.

In short, she was reviled.

Of course, that was already in the past. Now, Allie was one of the top leaders in the Imperial Magic College.

Not only that, she was also one of the best Magicians in the Empire. Specializing in dark magic, she was awarded the title of [Pitch-Black Flower]. The so-called [Pitch-Black Flower] was another name for [Evil Flower].

“Should I go back to Nectar and make her prepare something that can prove my close relationship with Alicia? For example, a letter of introduction… Nevermind, forget it. If I can’t handle such a trivial affair, people will look down on me.”

Yaeger then shook her head and marched into the Academy.

At this moment, Nectar in Hasa Hotel suddenly raised her head as her mind flashed with realization.

“Oh no, I forgot to give master’s letter to [Princess]. Should I… Forget it, she’s the [Child of Destiny]. Surely she’ll handle it without a hitch.”


The instant Yaeger stepped into the Academy, a barrier instantly manifested and forcefully pushed her out.

“Who is it?”

At the same time, a man wearing black magic robes flashed into existence. He held a fancy staff in his hands.

He was about 40 years old, with sparse hair, a gaunt somebody, and a pair of eyes that were as sharp as a hawk’s.

“Hello, I’m here to visit Miss Allie. Here’s her invitation… Let’s just say it’s an invitation letter.”

Yaeger assertively took out the memo Allie left in the Guild.

The middle-aged Magician examined Yaeger and the corner of his eyes twitched uncontrollably. Why was the scourge of the Empire doing here? Was she here to terrorize the adorable students?

No way, she couldn’t be allowed to enter… Wait, she just said Allie, right?

The middle-aged Magician’s body suddenly shook. With goosebumps all over his body, his pupils shrank, and cold sweat started pouring out of his brow.

Yaeger was puzzled after looking at his rapidly shifting expression.

“You… You’re here to meet Master Allie?”

The middle-aged Magician forced himself to calm down before asking.

“She’s looking for me.” Yaeger corrected.

“Oh, I see. Let me see.” The middle-aged Magician was a little suspicious. Why would that horrible witch request an audience with the scourge of the Empire?

“Here.” Yaeger placed the note on the barrier.

Looking over, the middle-aged Magician realized that it was truly her handwriting! Moreover, that faint fluctuation of magical power sealed the deal. It was unquestionable that the witch wrote it!

Allie was a notorious figure in the Empire. She was despised even in the Academy.

However, aside from those few powerhouses who didn’t care about worldly affairs, there was actually no one else in the Academy that could control her. Fortunately, the witch was obsessed with research these days so she had no time to terrorize the Academy. Because of that, the faculty members actually held a grand celebration.

“There’s no mistake, this is Master Allie’s handwriting. You can come in. But before that, I must remind you that this is no ordinary place. The consequences will be dire if you cause any trouble!”

The middle-aged Magician warned sternly.

“Do I look like I’m here to cause trouble?” Yeager spoke in exasperation.

“Who knows.” The middle-aged Magician swung his staff, and a 2-meter wide hole appeared in the barrier.

However, the hole was a little too high. It was at least 5 meters above.

‘Hmph, what an annoying guy.’

Indeed, he did it on purpose.

“Seriously, anywhere I go, someone will make things difficult for me.” Yaeger smirked before instantly disappearing like a phantom.

“Huh? Where did she go?”

“Here.” The voice came from above.

The middle-aged Magician looked up, and his vision instantly went dark. He only saw the bottom of a boot descending.


Immediately after, Yaeger descended from above and stomped him onto the ground, making him squeal in pain.

“Damned outsider! Don’t think I’m afraid of you! I’m a five-star Magician, I…”

The middle-aged Magician stood up while clutching his face, only to realize that Yaeger had already left in the middle of speaking. He instantly stomped his foot in frustration.

On the other side, Yaeger walked along the path with cheerful steps. She drew a lot of attention.

Regardless of their gender, any students who were taking classes outside were all dazzled.

She was so beautiful, but so familiar…

“It’s the Black-hearted Princess!”

Someone exclaimed.

“Black-hearted Princess? The scourge of the Empire?”
“Nonsense. Who else if not her?”
“She is so beautiful, but why do I feel so disgusted at her? This is strange.”

These students only had 1 day off per week, so many of them haven’t met Yaeger yet. Now that this notorious beauty was here, they would naturally pay attention.

As they say: The newborn calf does not fear the predator. Hence, some people even tried to approach her.

However, These people instantly changed their minds the moment Yaeger released razor-sharp killing intent. They were all terrified.

Indeed, just like the rumors had it, this incredibly dazzling beauty was extremely terrifying.

Within that split second, they instantly felt chillness on their necks, as if their heads were lopped off!

“This is it.” Nobody else bothered her along the way. Yaeger soon reached the bottom entrance of a massive black tower.

“Sage Tower.”

Unlike the [Tower of Heroes], this black tower that was virtually scraping the sky took over 100 years to build and had its progress recorded since its construction started. It was only completed recently.

It was no exaggeration to say that it was a miraculous structure of the Empire.

At this moment, Allie was doing research on top of it.


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