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Chapter 381 – Dark Mage Allie

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2064 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1204 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Yaeger instantly recognized the person without turning back after hearing that familiar voice.

“This isn’t a good place to talk. Let’s switch places.” That person moved quickly. They approached Yaeger and whispered.

This person was Alicia’s petite maid—Nectar.

She soon disappeared into the crowd of people.

Yaeger stood in place for a while before moving. She followed the trail left behind by Nectar and soon found her in an alley.

They then entered a slightly tattered looking house.

“I’m sorry, [Princess]. I’ve nothing to serve you with.” Nectar said.

Yaeger looked around and noticed that this place was absolutely empty. Even burglars and rats would be disappointed if they came here.

“It’s fine. You didn’t meet me because you wanted to have a tea party with me, right?”

Nectar shook her head. “Of course not. It’s official business. According to our latest intel, the entrance of the underground maze is heavily guarded. Not even a fly can enter.”

“Oh? Then how are we going to get in?” Yaeger asked.

Alicia said that the maze key was capable of teleportation once it was a certain distance from the entrance.

The problem was that this distance seemed to be a little too close.

And now, Richard had sent people to guard the entrance, obviously to stop Alicia from coming close.

“Everyone and their mothers know that the underground maze is open by now. Many new Platinum-ranked adventurers and those below are all trying to seek their fortunes. Also, there’s also lots of outsiders just like you. We intend to bribe some of these adventurers and have them cause a fuss tonight. Of course, not only them. People from our [Hidden Kill] will also be among them to cause more chaos. By then, master and you can take advantage of it and get within range.” Nectar slowly said.

“This is definitely viable. But there’s a problem, how will Alicia and I get past the inspection? Can we bribe those guards as well?”

It was simply impossible for them to go through layers of screening and enter the palace.

“It’s impossible to bribe them. The people guarding the final checkpoint are soldiers directly under the Emperor’s command. We can only use special methods to get past them.”

Nectar raised her head slightly to stare at Yaeger. Her eyes twinkled, she looked so adorable.

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“Special methods?”

“Yes, special methods. To do that, we need your help.” Nectar said.

Her Favorability towards Yaeger was average, which was why she acted indifferent. Still, it was better than before.

“Sure, what do I need to do?” Yaeger said without hesitation.

“It’s very simple. Please borrow something on my master’s behalf.” Nectar smiled.

“Borrow what? Where to borrow it? From who?” Yaeger shot out 3 questions at once.

“Imperial Magic College, Dark Mage Allie, a cloak in her possession.” Nectar replied.

“Allie?” Hearing this slightly familiar name, Yaeger couldn’t help but squint her eyes and thought deeply.

“Lord Allie is master’s friend.” Nectar said.

“Since she’s Alicia’s friend, isn’t it better for you people to handle it?”

She just felt that it was unreasonable for her to borrow something from a stranger.

Yaeger was puzzled.

“Now, all of master’s friends, acquaintances, and affiliated individuals are all under secret surveillance. Once our people come in contact with Lord Allie and it is discovered, things will become very troublesome.”

“But, isn’t it also inappropriate for me to meet Allie at this point in time?” Yaeger asked.

Nectar shook her head. “No. Actually, nobody else is more suitable than you.”

“Why would you say that?”

“A few days ago, did you break some of those levitating balls when you’re undertaking the Bronze trials in the Guild?”

“Yes… No, those balls broke themselves!” Recalling the scene at that time, it was when she was testing her Agility. Those balls were under control and they attacked her.

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In the end, those levitating balls overloaded and dropped while spewing smoke. Yaeger then passed the test unscathed.

“Those floating balls were invented by Lord Allie. Two days ago, she tried to meet you in the Guild after learning of the situation but you weren’t there. She left her contact information at the guild and is waiting for you to contact her.” Nectar explained.

“I see.” Yaeger nodded. “You really know everything.”

She even knew about these minute details. Alicia’s intelligence service was truly capable.

“I don’t actually know everything. I only know what I know.” Nectar was modest.
“In other words, I only need to go to the Guild and I’ll be free of suspicion?”
“I’m not going to borrow an ordinary cloak, right?”
Nectar nodded. “That’s right, it’s called the [Cloak Of Invisibility]. As the name suggests, it will render you invisible during use.”

Hearing that, Yaeger instantly understood that they would be using this cloak to get into range.

While the opposition would definitely be guarding against tools that granted invisibility, Allie was Alicia’s friend, hence the [Cloak of Invisibility] she held was definitely no ordinary item.

“I’ll go immediately.” Since she had free time now, Yaeger decided to show her face in the Guild and get in contact with Allie before anything else.

When she came to the entrance of the Guild, she suddenly realized that Dark Mage Allie was the person who once owned Yunuen’s current magic robes.

“This thing called fate is simply incredible.”

There weren’t many people inside the Guild. It wasn’t as lively as it was in the past.

The moment Yaeger stepped in, the place became dead silent.

Many people stared at her with slight fear in their eyes.

Among the two scourges of the Empire, the seventh princess wouldn’t be here under usual circumstances. But the other one, [Princess], was likely to come.

Therefore, to these people, [Princess] was a terrifying existence.

Yaeger ignored them and walked straight to the front desk.

Seeing that, the receptionist’s eyelids twitched without anyone’s notice. She then remembered something and took out a memo, pulling out a piece of paper from within.

It was contact information left behind by Allie.

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She revealed a forceful smile and explained the situation to Yaeger, then handed her the piece of paper.

Yaeger had no intention of staying after taking the paper. She turned around and left.

Yet, she saw a familiar figure the moment she turned around, so she greeted him.

“Hello, Vice Guild Leader.”

The Vice Guild Leader, who had a robust body, wore black robes, and a white mask on his face—Chris, halted his steps and looked over.

The instant he saw Yaeger, his exposed eyes revealed a subtle grimness.

He didn’t reply. He simply nodded to her and then walked to the Guild’s backyard.

‘Strange. It looks like he released a hint of killing intent towards me. Am I mistaken? No, it’s impossible. My senses are super sharp now. I can’t be mistaken. Strange, I’m sure I never offended him. Why would he hate me all of the sudden? Wait, after my duel with Yasa last time, Chris’ Favorability towards me has lowered. He definitely gambled his money away. And it looks like he lost a whole lot.’

Yaeger shook her head helplessly. Those who wouldn’t accept their losses were frustrating to deal with.


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