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Chapter 383 – Contrast Cuteness? No, It’s a Massive Red Flag!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2047characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1282 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Within the tower, she was treated respectfully and welcomed after showing Allie’s note. This surprised her. But after thinking about it, she realized it was normal. Although Allie was notorious and reviled by all, she was still a top leader of the Academy.

‘Looks like that old man isn’t just a security guard.’ Remembering the middle-aged Magician that had tasted her boot, Yaeger was in deep thought.

“Please come this way.” Despite feeling revolted by Yaeger, the receptionist still led the way with a smile.

Yaeger followed closely behind.

“Please stand on top of it. I’ll teach you how to operate it.” A spherical object floated beside the receptionist. It seemed somewhat like a rock and was 1 meter in diameter.

It had a flat surface on top, which was adorned with a bunch of gems in various colors.

Yaeger stood on top. “What do I do next?”

“The green gem signifies up, the red gem signifies down, and the purple gem signifies stop. There were three rows of gems in front of those gems. Each gem represents a floor, and each is engraved with its respective floor.

Master Allie is in her laboratory on the twentieth floor. You only need to gently step on the green gem. When you reach the twentieth floor, just step on the purple gem. When you’re descending, step on red, then purple.” The receptionist explained.

“I see, I understand.” This was akin to a lift. No, it seemed to be more advanced. After all, it was powered by levitation magic.

Yaeger gently stepped on the green gem. The next moment, the platform immediately let out a faint yellow light, and a pillar of light rose up.

Yaeger released her aura, but it was trapped within the pillar of light.

‘The safety features are quite nice.’ With that in mind, the platform rose slowly.

Looking up, she saw a circular notch on top. It was about the size of this circular platform.

Yaeger stood on it. She only felt like it was very stable, as if it wasn’t rising at all.

The platform ascended one floor at a time, and soon reached the twentieth floor. Yaeger stepped on the purple gem and purple light emanated. Then, the platform stopped and the pillar of light disappeared.

“It’s slightly slower than a lift, but it’s much stabler and safer.” She walked off the platform while mumbling to herself.

Yaeger had never been here in her previous life. She never met Allie either. Everything that she experienced in the Sage Tower was new to her.

She noticed a reception area not far in front of her. A cute receptionist instantly smiled the moment she saw Yaeger. However, that smile slowly became stiff after she identified the guest.

‘Favorability definitely causes a massive impact.’ Yaeger smiled bitterly in the heart before handing Allie’s note over and explaining the situation.

“I’ll take you to her immediately.” Despite despising her, she still had to do her job. The receptionist spoke while leading the way.

Yaeger looked around and noticed a lot of rooms on both sides. They were only marked with numbers and thus the purpose of the rooms were unclear.

Soon enough, they came to a room with a massive stone door. This stone door was engraved with complicated magical formations.

The receptionist stopped and took out a pale yellow communication bead, before pouring some energy into it. Immediately after, the bead gleamed slightly. After many seconds, the stone door opened with a rumble.

“Master Allie said that you may enter and meet her.”

“Sure. Thanks.” Yaeger waved her hand and walked inside with quick steps.


The stone door closed slowly.

“It’s huge.” She already realized it was huge just by looking at it from outside. Yet, it only became bigger the moment she entered. This room was really massive. It was also very bright. Within a glance, she noticed the ceiling was fully adorned with glowing gemstones.

“But it looks quite messy.” Lots of identified items were scattered on the ground. Some looked like spare parts, some looked like garbage, and some looked like jewelry. The only impression she got after observing the layout of the room was: very messy!

“Because I’m too lazy to clean it up.” At this moment, an aloof voice came from something in front that looked like a pile of garbage.

“Well, [Princess]? Can you dig me up? I accidentally fell asleep just now, and those things buried me.”

Hearing that, Yaeger instantly frowned. After reading that journal, her first impression of Allie was that she was akin to a chaotic demon lord. However, that impression of her was instantly shattered before they even officially met.

“Hurry up and help me, it’s heavy!” That voice seemed a little discontent.

“Right away.” Yaeger smiled bitterly before releasing her aura, using her tentacles to swiftly sweep the pile of trash away.

Before long, she saw a corpse wearing white robes lying on the ground… No, it was a dazzling beauty on the ground. She was only wearing a white overcoat, while wearing white lace underwear on the inside. Her legs were also covered with stockings of the same material.

‘This outfit really tempts people into becoming criminals.’ Yaeger shook her head lightly while feeling indifferent.

She couldn’t even feel a thing when Alicia was nearly naked. Hence, she wouldn’t be any worse when she saw someone wearing lace underwear.

“Yawn~” This woman, Allie, slowly stood out. She raised her hands and stretched lazily. “Haa… I didn’t sleep well at all.”

In front of her perfect breasts was a pale yellow bead. It looked like a communication device.

“Are you the famous [Princess] that has been rising in popularity lately? You’re really pretty. Not bad, not bad. Seeing a beauty will always put me in a pleasant mood.”

Allie slowly raised her head to look at Yaeger. Her snow-white hair flowed down like a river, while her ruby colored pretty eyes were glowing in an ominous light. Her face was perfectly flawless, with absolutely perfect proportions. Her jade-like skin was also the same as not the slightest flaw could be seen on it.

This person was much more beautiful than the rumors had it!

“Thank you kindly. Miss Allie, I’m here for a reason.” Yaeger wanted to get straight to the point but Allie seemed to have a different idea.

“Pull me up. I haven’t eaten today, I don’t have the strength to stand up.” She said lazily.

‘Allie looks no older than a twenty-year-old, but I’m sure she’s actually older than me. Since she’s Alicia’s friend, I’m sure she wouldn’t be that young.

Unlike Alicia who’s naturally alluring, Allie looks very charming in everything she does. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call her the personification of charm.’

With that thought in mind, Yaeger bent down and extended her hand.

“Wow, such a beautiful hand. I really like you more by the minute.” Allie smiled while holding Yaeger’s hand. It was hard to tell if she was actually being serious.

“Then I’m really grateful for your affection.” Yaeger spoke casually, she didn’t take it seriously at all. With a gentle pull, Allie got up.

No, she directly pounced into Yaeger’s arms.

Under normal circumstances, Yaeger would have dodged immediately. However, the other party was just too fast. The moment she registered that thought in her head, she was already too slow.

Allie jumped into Yaeger’s embrace just like that.

“Mn, you have a pleasant smell.” Like a cat, Allie sniffed her in an adorable way. “It’s like… A smell that’s not human~ I like it~”

Hearing that, Yaeger’s expression instantly stiffened, and her heart started beating fast.


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