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Chapter 380 – This Taste Is…

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2184 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1248 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

In Dorado, America, A branch of the CIA.

Mira was in the new room with simple furnishings. She hunched over and looked at her text messages.

It was good news from her superiors. The Congress approved 1 billion of funding for exploration purposes. They had repeatedly failed after fighting for it for so long, but it was suddenly approved now. It was simply confusing…

No, Mira instantly knew what was going on.

It was because she got trampled on by [Princess] in front of the global audience.

Originally, the superiors thought that she was already strong enough and the money they allocated to the CIA’s special branch was plentiful enough.

However, in front of hundreds of millions of viewers, Mira was humiliated by [Princess]. This opened the eyes of those people.

The money wasn’t enough!

In their opinion, [Princess] was most likely an ace player who garnered the full support of Cathay. Naturally, the amount of money invested in her would be astronomical. However, their own Mira didn’t receive such a level of treatment. Hence, it ended up in that tragedy.

After a heated debate, a billion dollars were deposited.

“How ironic.” Mira slightly smirked in self-mockery.

The more powerful she seemed on the surface, the less her superiors valued her. Now that she got beaten like a dog, the money finally came.

In the end, her superiors valued their reputation more than anything else.

“Forget it. I’ll use this money to the fullest and improve quickly. Then, I’ll duel [Princess] again and pay back my humiliation ten times over!”


Because she used too much force, her phone crumbled under her grip and its fragments flew all over.

However, Mira didn’t care about it at all. She casually tossed it away and laid on her bed. She stared at the ceiling intently for some time, then slowly closed her eyes and entered the game.

‘Perhaps, we’ll face each other once again earlier than expected. I must become stronger as fast as possible.’

She had changed her mind. She would defeat [Princess] in the game first, then kill her once again in real life!

That was the only way to sate her thirst for revenge!

In Stardads Coffee, outside of New Country Airport in Roc City.

Four people who seemed very conspicuous sat in a corner. One was a young girl. She had silver hair and a petite body. One was a bald middle-aged man with a gaunt body and yellow skin. Wondrous runes were swimming in his eyes. One was a young man with black hair, single eyelids, and a robust body. He wore white kung-fu slacks. One was a graceful and easy-going middle-aged man. He wore a butler’s uniform and white gloves.

“Gulp gulp!” The young girl—Vera 17 gulped down her iced coffee and it was empty straightaway.


She slammed the cup on the table and immediately exclaimed, “Ah, I’m alive. That airplane meal isn’t meant for human consumption!”

She ignored everyone else’s stares and casually stuffed her mouth with a sandwich from the tray.

Just like Vera 18, Vera 17 was also a glutton. No, Vera herself was an absolute glutton. Any [Doppelgänger] from her would be identical to her. They wouldn’t have a massive change in personality or preference.

Everyone frowned as they watched Vera 17 devouring her food.

‘Is she a pig in her past life?’

Some time later, the tray of sandwiches were gone. Vera 17 picked up a cup of cappuccino that was still warm.

“There is a classic tale in Cathay, called ‘wine’s still warm after slaying Hua Xiong’. It describes a confrontation between two generals, Guan Yu and Hua Xiong. Guan Yu used an incredibly short amount of time to slay Hua Xiong, so fast that his wine is still warm when he’s done and it shocked the world. Today, I, Vera, ate twelve sandwiches while the coffee was still warm. I’m also very powerful!”

With a proud smile, Vera 17 started gulping down the cappuccino.

At this moment, the bald middle-aged man with a gaunt body and yellow skin—Kapeer—took a sip of coffee and his eyes lit up.

“Nice coffee. As expected of the product ground from the finest human-dung bean. The human-dung bean. Each bean is ingested by a pure young woman and excreted the next day. They contain the essence of humans and the scent of beauties. How wonderful!

“Pfft!” Everyone sprayed out coffee after hearing those words.

Vera 17 threw up on the spot.

Just by hearing this was enough to make her puke her guts out.

“Can you not express those disgusting revelations when we’re eating?”

The gentlemanly Gordon was enraged, which was rare.

“It’s so disgusting! Send my regards to your mother!” Desmond Song, from Korea, was angry.

“Old man, are you out of your mind?” Vera 17 wiped her mouth with a paper towel and asked grimly.

“No, everyone, please listen to me. That complex taste evokes my memory.” Kapeer said solemnly.

Everyone was taken aback before feeling grossed out. Looking at the food on the table, they all lost their appetites. After asking the waiter, they actually spotted a problem.

A few days ago, some of the water pipes in the store were clogged. Considering that they were about to re-furnish the store, the manager didn’t call for maintenance. Instead, he simply fetched water from the toilet.

“Ueek!” After listening to the waiter, Vera 17 threw up again.

Gordon and Desmond Song had terrible expressions. Meanwhile, Kapeer calmly drank his unfinished coffee.

After leaving the café, they entered the reserved hotel suite.

“Let me gather some information first. Do whatever you want.”

Vera 17 had recovered. She took a laptop into her room and started slamming her keyboard intensely.

Soon, lots of information was shown on the screen.

“Huh? Good one, [Princess]. You robbed the robbers. Looks like you earned quite a lot of money. Unfortunately, your money will soon be mine! Hahahaha!”

Although the government officials had concealed the information of Yaeger robbing the robbers in Glory Entertainment Center, it was still leaked.

Now, this information entered Vera 17’s hands.

“Is this also within her range of activity? We need to investigate further.”

After that, she walked out of the room and explained the situation to everyone.

Desmond Song volunteered himself. Since he had come to Roc City previously, he was familiar with the Glory Entertainment Center.

In the game, Jade City.

Yaeger and the rest disembarked the Beast Carriage.

Yunuen claimed the bounty for the head and earned 1 million gold coins. The Jade Empire’s Favorability of her was increased by 5,000 points.

“So much money… [Princess], can I really have all of it?” She asked in disbelief.
“Yes, it’s your pocket money.” Yaeger stroked her hair and smiled.
“It’s yours. Just keep it.” Yaeger said.
“Yes, [Princess], thank you!” Biting her lip, Yunuen accepted it.

The former had given her an Epic Equipment Crate without the blink of an eye. Hence, 1 million would mean absolutely nothing to her.

‘I’ll work harder on refining medicine to repay her!’

With that thought in mind, Yunuen said goodbye to everything else and jogged her way to the Item Shop.

Kastina also left because she had something to do.

“What should I do next?”

Yunuen earned her levels faster than expected. Yaeger now had free time to kill.

“[Princess].” Just as she was thinking about whether she should go to Alicia, she heard a familiar voice behind her.


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