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Chapter 379 – Lend Me Your Head

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: Unk2015nown characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1236 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

After a moment of silence, Yaeger heard the rest of the broadcast.

“You killed [White Wolf], a [Shadow Wolf] assassin. You obtained the skill tome [Void Walk], and 5,000 gold coins.”

“Ding! You killed a nobleman of Jade City [Bain]. You earned 1,000 gold coins.”

“Ding! Kastina Favorability towards you has increased by 2,000 points.”

“Ding! The Mountain Lord of [Shadow Wolf]’s Favorability towards you has decreased by 30,000 points. You are now nemesis.”

“Ding! The Lawful Factions’ Favorability towards you has lowered by 1,000 points.”

“Ding! The Evil Factions’ Favorability towards you has increased by 1,000 points.”

After listening to the final notification, Yaeger was unfazed and looked very calm.

She opened the game interface and chose [Void Walk] on her skill bar. Information about it was instantly displayed.

Skill: [Void Walk] 
Grade: Epic Level 5 (Upgradeable)
Attribute: None
Level Restriction: None

Description: This is a very rare technique. When activated, it will allow you to secretly traverse the void. Your speed is increased by 200% for 20 seconds. 400 Mana is consumed. It has a 1 minute cooldown.
Common detection skills are ineffective on you when you’re in the void. Any Advanced aura sensing skills or below are ineffective on you when you’re in the void. Skill Level can be upgraded through further comprehension.

‘This is good!’ Yaeger was excited after reading the description.

The thing she needed most right now was a movement skill that was suitable for combat.

Although [Phantom Step] was a movement skill, it could only be activated by equipping [Windchaser Boots].

Moreover, the cooldown and use duration were quite limited. It wasn’t very useful in prolonged fights.

Meanwhile, [Shadow Skulk] had a cooldown of 8 hours. Although it could be shortened by leveling it up, it wasn’t that helpful regardless.

Yet, [Void Walk] was different. It had a 1-minute cooldown and a 20-second duration, and it could also render the user invisible. It was definitely the perfect skill for all murderers and bandits.

More importantly, this skill could be brought back into reality.

The threat Yaeger faced in real life was much greater than the one in the game. Any skill that could improve her basic strength was essential to her.

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“[Void Walk], [Shadow Skulk], [Phantom Step]. Now, I have three movement skills. Even if I encounter undefeatable enemies, I can strategically retreat whenever I want.”

Yaeger mumbled.

In addition, she also had [Beginner-level Flash]. Although it couldn’t go through walls and was very costly, it was still useful for sneak attacks or dodging.

Now, all 3 of her vacant skills in the tab were filled. She was even stronger than before.

‘I feel like I’m becoming more and more like an assassin…’

Compared to assassination, Yaeger preferred to face people head on… Not. It was undoubtedly the best solution to eliminate her enemies with the least amount of effort.

Equipping her skills, she started to check out the system announcements. After seeing that unfamiliar name, she became confused. “Kastina, who’s Bain?”

Hearing that, Kastina was stunned. “Isn’t he your rival?”

“Since when did I have such a rival?” Yaeger slightly tilted her head and pondered her hard, but she still had no impression of Bain.

“Before you came to Jade City, didn’t you kill a young noble named [Hades]? He is Bain’s elder brother.” Kastina said.

In fact, if she hadn’t investigated Yaeger, she would not have come to know Bain at all.

“Ah, I remember.” Yaeger came to a realization. When she first came to Jade City, the system informed her of the change in Favorability and said that Bain was now her enemy.

“He’s still your enemy, at the very least. How can you not even remember his name?” Kastina grumbled.

“Do you remember how many pieces of bread you ate?” Yaeger asked.

She had so many enemies. She couldn’t remember them all.

“Um… I don’t. Wait, what does this have to do with bread?”
“It does. I don’t remember how many enemies I have.”

Hearing that, Kastina’s and Yunuen’s eyelids twitched.

“Let’s change the topic. Let’s go back…”

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Yaeger suddenly looked at the werewolf corpse on the ground and told Yunuen, “Yunuen, here’s your pocket money.”

The bounty on assassins of [Shadow Wolf] was quite a hefty sum. As a high-ranked assassin, [White Wolf] undoubtedly had an even higher bounty.

“Sob…” Looking at the slimy object on the floor, Yunuen hesitated for a bit before eventually taking his head.

After all, she was the poorest in [Princess Alliance]. If she didn’t earn more money and become closer to the rest, she would eventually be pushed out.

This was not a deliberate act by the rest of them. It was simply because a difference in status would result in very different behavior and lifestyle.

Yunuen was sticking out like a sore thumb.

Like a sparrow mixed in the flock of phoenixes.

‘Work hard and earn money!’ Of course, there was a deeper reason why Yunuen wanted money. She wanted to make her parents live a comfortable life.

Currently, her entire family is under Nangong’s protection. However, they would eventually leave and become independent anyway.

Taking his head along, they spent some time before reaching a platform. A luxurious Beast Carriage was parked in place.

This Beast Carriage was already booked by Kastina ahead of time. Naturally, it was waiting for them here.

After handing over the head to the chauffeur for safekeeping, the 3 of them got in the carriage and were ready to return to the city.

Some time before. In a certain dark room deep in the residential district.

The Mountain Lord of [Shadow Wolf] walked around the room, pondering about something. His eyes sometimes glowed in thoughtfulness.


All of a sudden, a crisp noise was heard as if a jade pot had been shattered. The Mountain Lord stopped and his eyes widened greatly.

He slowly took out 7 pieces of jade that had varying colors. One of which, the white jade, actually had dozens of cracks on it.


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The beautiful white jade then shattered and was rendered into dust in his hands.

“Ahhhhhhh! W̲h̲o̲r̲e̲, I’ll rip you into a million pieces!”

That white jade was marked with the soul of [White Wolf]. The jade would shatter once the person died.

Obviously, his beloved subordinate, White Wolf, was killed in the Canyon of the Dead.

And the person who killed him was that lowly woman!

Bang bang bang!

The Mountain Lord’s violent aura surged from his body. It turned into a tornado and destroyed everything in the room.

Immediately after, the entire house nearly collapsed!

The luxurious Beast Carriage traveled quickly. Yaeger chit chatted with the others for a bit and then everyone became silent.

Yunuen and Kastina had been toiling all morning and were mentally fatigued. They leaned on the soft seats and rested their eyes.

‘After the initial change, I lost another thirty thousand Favorability points. I wonder how much the Mountain Lord of [Shadow Wolf] actually hates me? They were the ones coming over to be killed. But I’m the one at fault?’ Yaeger was a little stifled.

‘But still, they gave me nice things every time they came. This assassin organization seems pretty nice.’

After chuckling, Yaeger leaned back onto the soft seat and slowly closed her eyes.

The luxurious beast car was getting closer and closer to Jade City.


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