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Chapter 378 – This Killer Isn’t That Stone Cold

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2078 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1234 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Bain was so angry that his nerves were about to explode since mere bait dared to ruin his perfect plan. He invested full force in his strike.

‘So what if she was the princess? Kill without mercy!’

However, the sensation of slicing open flesh wasn’t felt when he pulled his knife across her throat. Instead, he felt a powerful force feedback that shook his body.

Bain was familiar with this feeling, it was what happened when he struck a solid object with his weapon.

‘The time is now!’ At this moment, Kastina’s eyes lit up and instantly ran away as her body glimmered in gold.

“Don’t you run!” Bain chased after her.

He instantly understood something after seeing the golden light on her.

As the princess of an Empire, Kastina obviously had several protective items on her!

“Die!” Bain was flustered. He had to kill Kastina before Yaeger came. Otherwise, he would be in dire circumstances if the 3 of them worked together to fight them.

The glimmering dagger came from behind. Kastina was struck since she couldn’t dodge.

At the same time, the golden light on her body became even more intense.

Another powerful feedback of force traveled through the dagger and entered Bain’s body. Yet, he had no intention of stopping and continued to attack like crazy!

He slashed more than a dozen times within a breath!

Facing such a fierce assault, Kastina was also in a bad spot. Her organs turned and she almost vomited blood.

In addition, the golden light that wrapped around her body quickly became dim after facing all these attacks.

Obviously, that energy that protected Kastina was about to be exhausted.

“Ah!” As they say: When it rains, it pours. Kastina accidentally stumbled onto the ground and all the golden light was now gone.

Bain would never let go of such a good opportunity, he instantly stabbed downwards.

However, when he saw Kastina being unfazed by the imminent attack and even had an amused expression on her face, he instantly felt a bad premonition.

The next moment, his predictions came true.

Bain’s dagger stopped in mid-air and was no longer in his control.

“The audacity to touch my people. I’m afraid you don’t know what it means to die.”

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of Bain, her barely visible fox tail swaying behind her.

“It’s you!” At this moment, Bain eventually realized that his dagger was held tight by a barely visible energy.

And this energy came from the beauty right in front of him.

“Lowly slave!” Kastina cheered.

Indeed, this figure who appeared was none other than Yaeger.

Kastina had previously told her where she was, and the fact that there were 2 assassins present. Not because she wanted Yaeger to flee.

On the contrary, she wanted her to come in and eliminate the enemies together.

When everyone was equally powerful, they would have had an obvious advantage if they were fighting 3 against 2.

Of course, even if Yaeger was the only one around, Kastina knew that it was already enough.

She had faith in her ability and intelligence.

Because Yaeger was the only person that she acknowledged.

She saw her as an opponent but treated her like an ally!

“Yes, it’s me.” Yaeger stared at Bain with a grim expression.

She didn’t know Bain and wasn’t interested in knowing why he was targeting her.

“Die.” She skipped all the pleasantries. Anyone who dared to target her would die.

Before she finished speaking, Yaeger’s powerful fist had already landed on Bain’s face.


Bones shattered!

Before feeling pain, Bain was already greeted with countless fists.

At that moment, he received an avalanche of punches like a sandbag.

A noise similar to a machine gun firing was heard at the scene.

Looking on, Kastina felt emotional and continually thought of what Yaeger said earlier: “The audacity to touch my people. I’m afraid you don’t know what it means to die.”

‘Ah, so happy. I have no more regrets in my life… Sike! I still want to live!’

“Go to hell.” While Kastina was thinking of random things, Yaeger’s barrage of attacks had already ended. Her final punch landed on Bain’s head, the powerful impact force sent him flying like a cannonball and slammed him onto the stone walls.


Then, his entire body was embedded within.

“Lowly slave, you were too late…” Kastina initially wanted to criticize Yaeger jokingly, but her pupils shrank before she could finish her words.

The moment someone had achieved success, was when they became the most careless.

It was as if a tight string had been released from all tension. It was difficult to tense it back up again.


From nowhere, a flash of light appeared and flew straight towards the back of Yaeger’s undefended head.

This entered Kastina’s vision. She couldn’t even find the time to warn Yaeger.

She could only watch as the projectile flew by.


Despair. Kastina was in deep despair.

Such an attack was unavoidable!

She actually forgot that there was another assassin!

“You finally decided to attack?” Yaeger spoke calmly. Despite being ambushed, she wasn’t flustered at all.

She didn’t even move.

When that flash of light was about to strike her skull, an ominous scene occurred.

“Ah!” The painful wail came from the empty air. Then, Kastina saw that previously flying projectile had now stopped and a bloody arm was revealed.

‘What the hell is going on?’ She squinted her eyes and was confused.

However, she immediately gave up on thinking. As long as she knew that the lowly slave was fine, she wouldn’t care about anything else.

Yet, at the entrance of the cave, Yunuen saw it clearly.

When that flash of light was about to stab into Yaeger.

The aura on her body formed into a spiderweb. It wrapped around the flash of light. Then Bain’s dagger on the floor suddenly flew up and penetrated the revealed arm like a thunderbolt.

“What an interesting ability. I can’t sense your presence at all, at least before you attack me.”

Yaeger waved her hand and her external aura pulled out the assassin hiding in the void like pulling out a carrot.

This man was wearing a stealth costume and had wolf ears. He was White Wolf.

“Damn you. How did you sense me? My [Void Walk] should be perfectly flawless!” He shouted.

At this moment, no one could understand how shocked he was.

“That so-called Void Walk of yours is quite magnificent indeed. I couldn’t sense you at all. Unfortunately, you’re just too slow. The moment you attack, you reveal your presence. If you can attack like I do, then that ability will definitely be invincible.”

“How…” White Wolf wanted to say something else. But unfortunately, he couldn’t.

With a wave of her sword, blood blossomed like flowers.

White Wolf died!

“He didn’t even know that he’s already dead. Such a lucky man.” Yaeger spoke indifferently after sheathing [Sunscorch].

She unleashed that attack just now using [Go All Out].

It was terrifyingly fast!

Kastina and Yunuen were stunned for a moment. They didn’t expect that Yaeger would end the battle within a breath. Moreover, the overwhelming strength she displayed was simply horrifying!

Those 2 assassins who seemed to be Platinum-rank were completely defenseless!

Yaeger turned around and glanced at Kastina. She wanted to say something, but the system’s notification interrupted her.



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