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Chapter 377 – I’m here~ (Part 2)

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2364 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1288 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

The dust settled.

Yunuen got up from the ground and shook her head, which was disoriented by the blast. As her vision became clearer, she looked around but couldn’t find that familiar figure. She instantly became anxious.

“[Princess], seventh princess, where are you?”

Looking around, there was stone debris everywhere. The hole that the giant spider came out of was now blocked by the falling boulders. Aside from that, she couldn’t feel that horrifying presence anymore. It probably left.

Yunuen moved around with worry on her face.

“[Princess], seventh princess, where are you?”

With a faint glimmer of light, she looked around in search of Yaeger and Kastina. However, not a single soul could be seen aside from herself.

“Could [Princess] be… Ah sike! [Princess] is very lucky. She’s definitely fine!” Despite saying that, Yunuen was still very worried.

By absorbing the brunt of the attack, she was definitely injured and probably dead.

A player could be revived after dying, but it was still costly. Especially when it came to Yaeger since she had Artifacts on her.

Even if she didn’t drop her Equipment, she would lose quite a lot of experience.

If Yaeger actually died just like that, Yunuen would definitely be wracked with guilt for a long time.

After all, Yaeger came here in order to level her up.

‘[Princess], please be safe!’

Seemingly having heard Yunuen’s heartbeat, the stone pile in front of her suddenly shook. Then, it exploded as if it was stuffed with dynamite and a beautiful figure emerged.

“It hurts so much. That damned spider, I’ll squish it dead sooner or later!”

This beautiful figure tossed the potion bottle in her hand and grumbled.

“[Princess]!” Yunuen screamed in excitement after seeing that dazzling face.

Such a beautiful being, it was none other than that beautiful, dazzling, adorable… Who could this dazzling beauty be if not Yaeger?

“Yes, are you alright?” Yaeger looked over and heaved a sigh of relief after knowing that Yunuen wasn’t injured.

“I’m fine. Thanks to you, I’m completely fine!” Yunuen skipped over and spun a circle in front of her before standing still.

“Your safety is the most important thing of all. Where’s Kastina?” Yaeger asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe she got pushed somewhere else due to the shockwave.” Yunuen said.

“Let’s look around. There are many holes here, she probably fell in one.” Although Yaeger absorbed the brunt of the attack just now, it still caused a massive aftereffect.

At this moment, in a nearby cave.

“Don’t move, or I’ll kill you.” A grim voice resounded.

“Who the hell are you? How dare you be rude to a princess! I am the seventh princess of the Empire, Kastina!”

Feeling a cold object sticking to her neck, Kastina was terrified but still acted headstrong on the surface.

She was tied up with a rope, which was done to her when she was sent flying by the previous attack and still disoriented. Then, she was directly dragged inside this cave.

Relying on the faintly glowing plants, Kastina could see spider corpses everywhere.

Also, the man in black turned his head and looked over not far away from the cave’s entrance. The blue glow coming from his eyes evoked an ominous feeling.

“Of course I know you, you’re the scourge of the Empire. But it’s hard to say if you know me… Ah, I told you to stop moving. You will die.”

A man with droopy eyes stood behind Kastina.

“This voice, you’re Viscount Bain!” After calming down a little, Kastina realized that this person’s voice was a little familiar. After thinking it over, she finally found the right person.

“Huhu, I didn’t expect that you would remember my voice, seventh princess. What an honor.”

Bain laughed.

“Viscount Bain, as a noble of the Empire, why would you treat me like this?”

Kastina furrowed her brows. Despite knowing that this man was a noble of the Empire, she was still flustered all the same.

This person was obviously scheming something!

“It’s nothing. I just want you to be bait.” Bain said.

Some time ago, they had been ambushing here and planned to assassinate Yaeger.

Yet, the sudden appearance of that giant spider disrupted their plans.

Not only that, watching Yaeger facing the ray of destruction head on makes them feel unease. This lowly woman was much stronger than expected! That attack obviously failed to kill her!

However, she was definitely greatly injured.

As long as they took some risks, they would definitely kill her. Of course, it would be better if they removed any risk factors.

As they were planning, seeing Kastina flying over due to the impact was a godsend to them.

By using this scourge of the Empire as bait to attract that lowly woman, White Wolf was 100% confident in assassinating her!

‘Huehuehuehuehue! Kastina, I can’t believe you’ll actually contribute to something before you die!’

Bain sneered.

“Do you intend to commit treason? Viscount Bain!” Kastina shouted.

“Hehehe, what silly nonsense is that, seventh princess? I’m a noble of the Empire. Why would I ever betray it?”

“Then let go of me now!”

“Calm down, calm down. Oh, your highness. Once you’ve helped me, I’ll naturally let you go.” ‘That’s right, I’ll let you go to hell!’ Bain didn’t say that out loud.

“Kastina! Where are you?”
“Seventh princess! If you’re alright, say something!”

At this moment, 2 attractive sounds were heard close to the cave.

‘That’s great! It’s the lowly slave and her servant!’ Kastina heaved a sigh of relief after hearing that familiar voice.

“Hey, your highness, hurry up and tell that [Princess] to come save you. Hurry up and scream for help. Your puny life is now in my hands. If you cry out for help, I’ll spare your life. Because I planned to target her anyway. Come on, help me out and make her enter this cave.” Bain whispered.

“Huff…” Hearing the grim killing intent in his voice, Kastina couldn’t help but hyperventilate.

“Shout now, I’ll spare your life.”

Yunuen: “[Princess], maybe Kastina fainted?”
Yaeger: “Possibly.”
Yunuen: “Should we enter this cave to check?”
Yaeger: “Feels a little dangerous. Let’s observe first.”

Their voices were heard once again.

“Hurry up and call her. Listen, she felt danger in this place and didn’t want to come in. You two haven’t known each other much and aren’t that close, no? You just have to say help. That’s all.”

“Huff… Huff…” Kastina’s face became pale and broke out in cold sweat, her breathing became haggard.

“Do you want to die?” Bain pushed his dagger further into Kastina’s neck and spoke grimly.

“I… If I attract that lowly slave inside and let you have her… Will you really spare my life?” Kastina asked in anxiety.

“Nyeeh!” Hearing that, Bain instantly let out a sinister chuckle of joy. “That’s right. I can promise you that you’ll exchange your life for hers. It’s fair! Shout. Hurry up and bring her in!”

After hearing those words, Kastina slowly raised her head and spoke silently, “however, I refuse.”

“What?” Bain was taken aback by the unexpected response. Even White Wolf, who was hiding close to the cave’s entrance was also in disbelief.

‘Is this woman seeking death?’

“One of my favorite things to do is to say no to those self-assured jerks!” As Kastina spoke, she used her left forefinger to touch the ornate ring on her right middle finger.

The next moment, golden light glowed and enveloped her body.

“Lowly slave, I’m here! There are also two assassins aside from me! Once you enter this cave, they will ambush you!”

“You’re seeking death!” Bain was angry, very angry. He pulled the dagger in his hand!

Was the seventh princess killed?


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