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Chapter 377 – That Figure Is Called My Comrade (Part 1)

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2031characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1261 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“Hyah!” A red tornado swept over and countless spiders were sent flying, killing them on the spot.

The truth was that the fastest way to overcome one’s fear was to kill it. After reveling in slaughter, Yunuen was now completely immune to spiders.

On the other hand, Kastina was also harvesting quickly.

Within a moment, the tidal wave of spiders that came earlier was killed off by both of them. A mountain of corpses was piled up on the scene and a weird smell started emanating.

“Good, let’s go somewhere else.” Yaeger wasn’t interested in taking any materials from the spiders. She didn’t stay behind after killing them.

The caves in Dragon Roar Mountain were complex and convoluted. They were all interconnected. Anyone else who entered inside would easily lose their way.

Of course, they could still get out as long as they didn’t go too deeply inside.

Under Yaeger’s lead, Kastina and Yunuen soon stumbled upon another swarm of experience points. Yaeger launched an attack to weaken them. Those Magic Beasts were simply pathetic as they were slaughtering them left and right.

Two hours later. Kastina was Level 23. Yunuen was Level 25. Amazing efficiency!

“[Princess] is so awesome!” Yunuen looked at Yaeger with glowing eyes.

If she didn’t control the scene and continuously weakened those monsters, Kastina and her would never get to kill them this easily.

“I must admit, lowly slave, your strength has surpassed mine by just a little bit.” Kastina glanced at Yaeger and spoke in dissatisfaction.

Although she already knew that the latter was powerful, she didn’t imagine her to be this powerful. It was nearly impossible to catch up by now.

‘After the fight with Yasa, how much stronger did she actually become?’

Currently, Yaeger seems calm and not exhausted at all. As if the action she experienced for the past 2 hours were not even considered a warm up to her.

“Break time’s over. Let’s continue.” Looking at the time, Yaeger said.

As long as Yunuen reached Level 26 and was able to wear the magic robes, they would be free to return. Yaeger decided to strike the iron while it was hot and wanted to settle it quickly.

The deeper they delved into the cave, the higher the monster’s levels were. There was a massive cave in front with a lot of spiders. If it was seen by someone with Trypophobia, They would probably faint instantly.

“We should be done after killing these ones.” Yaeger unleashed a rain of bolts before she finished speaking.

Another massacre began. And it didn’t take long to end. Yunuen successfully reached Level 26. Kastina reached Level 25.

Yaeger was a little surprised by that fact. She didn’t imagine that Kastina would work so hard. Perhaps she was worried about what was said earlier. Or perhaps, she didn’t want to fall behind too much when compared to Yaeger.



The cave shook violently when Yaeger just started speaking.

“Something’s coming!” Kastina shouted.


Suddenly, the walls in front of them collapsed and revealed a hole. A giant spider’s head poked out. There was a bulge that looked like a human infant on his forehead as it stared at Yaeger and the others with 8 massive eyes.

“A big one!” Yunuen instantly felt chills down her spine.

“Level fifty… This is a High-grade elite monster. Why would it appear…” While saying that, Yaeger suddenly realized that they had killed lots of spiders.

And since they were in the deeper cave, it would be a miracle if they didn’t attract a stronger Magic Beast of the same species!

The giant spider was still stuck at the cave’s entrance and couldn’t get out. It kept moving and shook a lot of gravel around, but still couldn’t free itself.

“[Princess], what should we do?” Yunuen asked in a panic.

“Retreat.” Since they had achieved their purpose, Yaeger had no intention of staying behind and dealing with this Magic Beast that they would never defeat.

Leaving while it was still stuck temporarily was the best choice to make.

Seemingly understanding their words, the giant spider suddenly stopped and opened its massive mouth. Within an instant, a terrifying energy gathered within.

“Oh no, let’s run!” Seeing that its attack was about to be charged, Yaeger screamed quickly.

Yunuen and Kastina ran without hesitation. Yaeger followed behind to protect them.

Yunuen was a player who could be resurrected after dying. But Kastina wasn’t the same.

Of course, no matter who they were, Yaeger would try her best to ensure their safety. Even if she risked her life.

As for sacrificing herself, that was impossible. Since she wasn’t so weak that she would be killed by a single strike from a Level 50 Magic Beast.

“Screech!” Suddenly, a strange noise was heard.

Yaeger looked back and immediately felt chills down her spine. That giant spider actually released a destructive ray of white light!

Within an instant, the entire place turned white.

When Yunuen and Kastina sensed that destructive power, they were all mortified. Such an attack was unavoidable! They were about to die!

Just when they started feeling despair, Yaeger’s back appeared in their field of vision. it was tall and robust, like an unmoving mountain!

“Sphere.” In their eyes, the always reliable Yaeger spoke a single word.

Then, a barely visible energy formed into a circle around them and enveloped everyone.


At the same time, the ray of destruction slammed onto the [Sphere].

In 0.5 second, the [Sphere] was instantly deformed. In 1 second, the [Sphere] ruptured. In 1.5 seconds, the ray of destruction impacted.

“Protect yourself!” As if everything was under control, Yaeger reacted quickly and coalesced her external aura, covering Yunuen and Kastina.

They were shouting some words but Yaeger couldn’t comprehend any of them. She stared at the ray of destruction right in front of her eyes and instantly unsheathed her sword.

“[Greatwave]!” With a wave, [Sunscorch] spewed out a wave of fire and it collided with the ray of destruction.

However, that powerful wave of fire only negated a portion of the ray of destruction before dissipating.

The rest of the attack still remained as a beam.

Technically speaking, Yaeger could take the opportunity to dodge it.

However, upon realizing that Yunuen and Kastina were behind her, she decisively chose to face it head on.

[Go All Out]!

This was her Level 30 skill. It could release all her Mana within a split-second and unleash an attack at full force.

The sword flashed.

Yaeger seemed to have sliced open space itself. The ray of destruction was split into two. It’s power was halved too!

However, after this attack, Yaeger exhausted all her Mana. Next, she could only face it with her flesh!

“Lowly slave!”

Seeing Yaeger standing still and waiting for the attack to come, Yunuen and Kastina felt heartache as their eyes instantly moistened.

They knew that Yaeger stood still instead of dodging in order to protect them!

Within the moment, both of them felt moved and sorrowful at the same time. They felt the urge to come forward and absorb some of the damage for her.

However, Yaeger’s aura was pressing on them and it made them unable to move.

The ray of destruction had arrived!

“[Devourer].” Yaeger seemed emotionless. She actually raised an arm to block it!


White light erupted and the cave trembled. Countless stone debris fell down and dust scattered everywhere.

An undetermined amount of time later, everything became quiet.

By now, the cave was completely ruined and tattered.


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