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Chapter 376 – Assassination Begins

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2103 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1229 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

The Canyon of the Dead was located to the north of Jade City. It was a canyon filled with miasma, and the Magic Beasts in there were exceptionally powerful. Legends had it that there were even Legendary Beast Kings in the depths of that canyon.

Yaeger and the rest naturally weren’t there to conquer the canyon. Based on their current strength, they would be reduced to dust within an hour.

They were actually aiming to level up in the outer regions of that canyon.

For example, the red-colored mountain in front of them.

“It just feels a little sinister. I’m getting goosebumps.” Yunuen looked at the bald mountain that was filled with countless caves and mumbled.

“This is Dragon Void Mountain, also known as Dragon Roar Mountain. Legends have it that giant dragons used to stay here in the distant past. Dragon roars could be heard there from time to time. Hence the name.”

“However, it is now a nest for monsters.” Kastina added.

“Is it really?” Yunuen asked in surprise.

“It’s not surprising that a dragon has lived in a mountain like this. Look at that cave.” Yaeger pointed at the middle of the mountain.

Yunuen followed her slender fingers and looked over, only to see a massive cave that looked like a wind tunnel. It was so big that it was enough for a giant dragon to enter.

“The space inside should be very large as well.” Yunuen said.
“Yes.” Yaeger nodded.
“Princess, are we going to train there?”
“Of course not. There are probably very powerful monsters inside!” Kastina said.
“That’s right. We can’t go there right now. We’ll just train our levels in the caves nearby.”

Yaeger marched out with her long slender legs. “One thing to pay attention to, you shouldn’t delve into those caves too deeply, even if they are normal caves. Otherwise, you’ll meet stronger Magic Beasts.”

Yunuen and Kastina nodded at the same time and followed behind.

When they came to the nearest cave, Yaeger suddenly felt something and stopped. She looked around with a solemn expression.

“What’s wrong?” Kastina asked.
“I sensed something other than us.” Yaeger spoke with uncertainty.
“It must be a delusion.” Kastina looked around and couldn’t spot a single soul around.
“Perhaps. Anyway, just be careful.”

Yaeger was the first to enter the cave, while Yunuen and Kastine followed closely behind.

Right after everyone had entered, a voice was heard in a cave not far away.

“That woman is very vigilant. She almost spotted us.”

That voice was a little harsh.

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“Why not kill her here?” Another voice rang out.
“No. I specialize in assassination. Fighting them head on is disadvantageous to me.”
“So troublesome.”
“Do not worry, my Lord. Since you’ve paid a hefty price to hire us, the [Shadow Wolf], we’ll do everything we can to finish the mission. Besides, that lowly woman is a mortal enemy of our chosen race.”

“Twice, you’ve already failed twice.” The sunlight beamed into the cave, revealing a thin man in his 30s with a pair of drooping eyes.

On his opposite was a masked man wearing stealth attire, about 185 centimeters tall, with a pair of wolf ears.

“That’s because we underestimated her. Nobody could expect that this lowly woman was just as powerful as a Platinum-ranked. So, this time, the Mountain Lord sent me on this mission. Perhaps you’ve heard of us, the [Prismatic Wolves]. Yes, I’m the white wolf.”

Hearing that, the man with drooping eyes shrank his pupils while feeling shocked.

He expected [Shadow Wolf] to send over a typical expert for the job. Instead, they actually sent one of the [Prismatic Wolves].

The so-called [Prismatic Wolves] were composed of 7 Werewolf Race Hitmen that were named White, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Purple, and Black. They were the strongest fighters in [Shadow Wolf].

This White Wolf was the weakest among the 7 of them. Still, he was still much stronger than the droopy-eyed man.

“Very good, I won’t worry anymore.” The droopy-eyed man laughed sinisterly.
“However, the seventh princess is also here. She’ll be a slight obstacle to our operation.” White Wolf said.
“That scourge of the Empire? Hmph, then we can get rid of her along the way.” The droopy-eyed man said calmly.
“What?” White Wolf’s eyes were filled with surprise.

This man actually wanted to eliminate the princess of his own country along the way… Was something wrong with him?

“Huhu, we’re in the middle of nowhere and it’s filled with Magic Beasts. She’s traveling with that lowly woman and got eaten by Magic Beasts. What’s wrong with that?” The droopy-eyed man laughed.

White Wolf was silent.

“Stop gossiping and let’s start the operation.” The droopy-eyed man turned around and entered the darkness. White Wolf slightly shook his head and followed behind.

“Wow, that smells awful!” Kastina pinched her nose and said in disgust.
“It’s a little overwhelming.” Yunuen frowned.
“Here’s a deodorant. Take it.” Yaeger took out two tiny bottles of potion and handed them to them.

She had the ability of self-purification. When those awful smells entered her vicinity, they would be automatically purified. So convenient.

The two of them quickly applied the medicine to their bodies, and the stinky smell was finally gone.

“I’m alive!” Kastina spoke in exaggeration.
“It feels a bit dirty here.” Yunuen looked around and spoke with a slightly disgusted tone.
“It looks fine.” Yaeger smiled.

Compared to the Swift Black Dragon’s nest, this place was much cleaner.

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At a glance, there were glowing mushrooms and glowing mosses everywhere; The ground and stone walls were covered with a large amount of sticky matter, white worms, animal carcasses, and substances that looked like excrement.

“Princess, what kind of monster lives here?” Yunuen asked.

She instantly felt a bad premonition after seeing the sticky substances on the ground and those things that looked like insect pupae.

It was likely that the monsters living here were the ones that she hated the most, arthropods.

Swoosh Swoosh!

As soon as she finished speaking, wondrous noises were heard inside the cave.

“It’s coming.” Yaeger looked in front of her and pulled out her purple crossbow, [Berserk Thunder].

Kastina pulled out her sword.

Yunuen pulled out the [Staff of Tyranny] and stared intently towards her front. Soon, she saw something approaching.

“Waaaah! A spider!”

Indeed, it was the arthropod that she hated the most—spiders.

Then there was an ocean’s worth of them coming their way. There were red, white, green, and colorful ones. They moved quickly as their eyes glimmered.

“So disgusting.” Although Kastina didn’t hate spiders, she still felt nauseous after seeing so many of them rushing over.
“What do you mean, those are all precious experience points.”

Yaeger didn’t react much. She had seen a lot of creatures that were more disgusting and horrifying, not to mention spiders.

“I’ll launch a wave of attacks to weaken them, then you guys rush up and kill as much as you can.”

Then, Yaeger drew her crossbow and released it. The next moment, purple energy bolts rained down.

Pew pew pew pew pew pew!

Those spiders didn’t stop or dodge those quick energy bolts. They all rushed forward without a care.

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Their limbs and green blood splattered all over. It was scarier than a horror flick.

‘Ugh, so disgusting!’ Witnessing such a scene, Yunuen grabbed her staff tightly and prepared to strike.


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