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Chapter 322 – Heart-To-Heart With A Swine

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2165characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1298 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

  • 11 PM at Belltower Plaza.

It was deserted. Not a single soul could be seen in this place. Construction signs and warning tapes littered the area. The flooring was in ruins and lots of tiles were stacked nearby. It was obviously under renovation.

“Want to go in and take a look?” Yaeger asked.

Belltower Plaza was the place that Sachiel wanted to visit.

“Nevermind.” She shook her head while feeling a little disappointed.
“You seem to like this place a lot, right?” Yaeger asked.

Sachiel had brought her to this place in her previous life. When Sachiel snuck out last time, she faced danger at this exact location.

“When I was young, my mom used to always bring me here.” Sachiel glanced at the clock tower not far away with a sorrowful expression. “To me, Belltower Plaza is a place filled with fond memories.”

Hearing that, Yaeger finally remembered Sachiel once said that her mother had disappeared when she was still a child. Not deceased, but disappeared.

The fully grown adult was seemingly wiped out of existence. There was no trace of her at all. Thinking retrospectively, she felt that the disappearance was incredibly abnormal. Based on the power of Nangong Family and Luo Family, it was simply unbelievable that they couldn’t find Sachiel’s mother despite many years of searching.

“My mother disappeared later…” Sachiel bit her lip and visibly struggled before telling Yaeger of the occurrence.

It turned out that Nangong and her were present on scene before her mother disappeared. However, Sachiel had absolutely no idea what happened back then and why her mother disappeared. She could only recall a terrifying sensation that consumed all her thoughts until this day.

She asked Nangong about it later but the latter also didn’t know what happened. At this point in the conversation, Yaeger realized something was amiss. Reasonably speaking, it was natural for Sachiel to not remember anything since she was very young. However, Nangong, who was 4 years older than her, would clearly remember what happened.

Remembering the fact that Nangong and Sachiel were deeply obsessed with this ordeal, Yaeger was sure what happened that day was incredibly abnormal.

“Tell me, Princess. Do you think my mother is still alive?” Sachiel glanced at Yaeger with moistened eyes, looking adorably pitiful.
“I believe… she’s still alive.” Yaeger spoke calmly.

Since the Nangong Family and Luo Family didn’t announce her mother’s death, it meant that her mother was most probably still alive.

“Well… I think so too. Someday…” Then, Sachiel shook her head lightly. “Let’s not talk about unhappy things! Princess, where are we going next?”

Her expression changed into a radiant smile, as if her anguished face just now was just an act.

“Up there.” Yaeger pointed at the night sky.

The moment she spoke, hundreds of lush tree leaves floated and danced around them, making Yaeger seem like a forest elf. Sachiel was a little mesmerized by it.

By the time she managed to react, Yaeger was already carrying her.

“Ah!” She was startled and held Yaeger’s neck with both hands. Her face was pale at first but became blushed soon.

‘Princess is so forceful and domineering! But I seem to like it! Wow, It smells so good. And it’s so soft. I want to squish it and bite it… Whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh, Sachiel Luo. You’re shameless!’

The explicit thoughts in the head made her blush deeply and steam was about to escape from her head. As a response, Yaeger was only slightly confused but didn’t mind it.

The next moment, she carried Sachiel and flew away. If anyone could witness the scene, they would assume that a movie filming session was taking place.

“Princess, I think I can see my family’s hotel!” After strolling around in mid-air, Sachiel was already used to that wondrous feeling. Now, she looked around and eventually landed her gaze on Rosen Hotel, which was not far away.

“Yes. I see it too.” Yaeger spoke calmly.
“Heheh. She probably still didn’t know that I’ve snuck out secretly!” Sachiel spoke pridefully.
“I think she already knows.”
“Ugh, please don’t! She’s going to chew me out! Princess, you must defend me!” Upon thinking of Nangong bellowing at her, Sachiel instantly shivered in fear.
“I’ll try my best. By the way, why were you feeling sad back then?” Yaeger asked.

Sachiel was moved after hearing the question and then gathered her thoughts before speaking. “Princess, have you ever dated anyone?”

“No.” Yaeger answered instantly.

That was the truth. She had never dated anyone ever since she was born. Back then, her relationship with Sachiel was only ambiguous. Hence, they were never official lovers.

It’s a pity that she still hadn’t lost her first kiss despite being such a dashing individual. Moreover, the only girl’s hands she ever held were her sister’s, Mylene. Not only that, they only held hands when she was a child.

Thinking of this, Yaeger instantly felt sorrow.

“Princess, you’re so pretty, gentle, and kind. I thought you’re already experienced in romance.” Sachiel laughed.

“Are you unhappy because of romantic issues?” I admit I’m pretty. But what do you mean gentle and kind? Who is that? It’s definitely not me! Yaeger decisively shifted the subject and focused on her.

“Hm-hmm! A portion of it. To be honest with you, I’ve fallen in love with a boy. Love at first sight!” Sachiel mustered her courage and said.
“That boy must be very handsome, right?”
“The most handsome in this world!” Sachiel spoke confidently.
“Better looking than me?” Yaeger lowered her head and glanced at her. As they made eye contact, the other party instantly blushed and evaded her gaze.

“I think… Princess, you’re the most beautiful in this world. While Yaeger’s the most handsome man in this world!” She hesitated before speaking.
“I see. That’s the name of the boy you love.” Yaeger seemed indifferent but felt incredibly awkward.
“Yes!” Sachiel nodded heavily. “It’s my first time falling in love with a boy. But it looks like he doesn’t care about me at all… He promised to play games with me but… Sob!”

As she spoke, she started feeling sad and her eyes gradually moistened.

“Maybe he’s busy with something else?” Yaeger felt a little embarrassed and spoke hurriedly.

In fact, she didn’t break the promise. She had played video games with Sachiel using her female form. As for her male form… It was impossible to play video games using that form. It would never happen in this lifetime.

Unless she deleted her account, [Princess]. No, even if she deleted her account, the side effect of [Dream Transformation] mentioned that she would be morphed into [Princess].

In a nutshell, she’ll never fulfill that promise!

Once Sachiel became in the mood to speak, she started to hurl countless insults at Yaeger.

“It’s getting late. Let’s go home.” As she listened on, Yaeger felt like she was an actual womanizer, a s̲c̲u̲m̲b̲a̲g!

Anyway, it wasn’t good.

“Are we going back…” Sachiel was a little reluctant. it was rare she could have a heartfelt conversation with Yaeger so she didn’t want to end it early!

‘Why don’t I elope with Princess for an entire day…’ The thought emerged in her head and shocked her. ‘Elope… Sleeping on the same bed with her… Waaaah! Sachiel Luo, you’re shameless!’

She sent Sachiel, who was filled with explicit thoughts, to the hotel entrance. Then, she chatted with Nangong, who had been waiting for a long time, and left on her own. Instead of returning to her apartment, she traveled to the scrapyard’s parking lot at a slow pace.

“You’ve been following me for so long. It’s time to show yourself now.”

The moment she spoke, two figures appeared. One was black while the other was white, looking ominous.


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