Chapter 323 – We’re The Black And White Shade!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2121 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1305 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“What the hell are you guys?” Yaeger placed one hand on her hip and raised her head slightly, asking grimly.

There were two people in front of her. One black and one white. The black one was around 1.85 meter in height. They wore a black mask and were covered in black attire, they seemed to be male based on their musculature.

The white one was about 1.6 meters in height. They wore a white mask and were covered in snow-white attire. Even their hair was terrifyingly white. They were most probably female based on their musculature alone.

“I am Black Shade!”
“I am White Shade!” Both of them spoke simultaneously.
“We’re here to reap your pathetic life!”

Their voices were unusual, sounding like mechanical gears grinding against one another. It was simply ominous. It didn’t sound like it came from a human being.

“Black and White Shade? Interesting.” Yaeger smirked as she extended her aura. Yet, that smirk seemed chilling.

Whoosh! Both figures pounced at the same time. Black and white cooperated deftly and punched from different directions, aiming straight at Yaeger’s weak-points. Just as the Black and White Shade’s fists were about to land on her, her exuded aura instantly formed into tentacles and flailed wildly.

Within an instant, they were smacked hundreds of times. The powerful impact instantly sent them flying. But strangely, both of them didn’t make any noise despite receiving such powerful attacks, as if those strikes that landed on their bodies were nothing to them.

“The sensation’s a little weird and the aura’s not right either. Indeed, both of you aren’t humans at all. No, you’re not even living beings.”

Yaeger already realized that something was wrong with them the moment they met. She felt no lifeforce on them. However, it wasn’t right to say that they were actually ghosts. Although they proclaim themselves to be the Black and White Shade, there were still microscopic amounts of human traces on them. They obviously weren’t actual shades.

No. It was an entirely different thing to prove whether ghosts actually existed.

“Charlatans.” Yaeger could vaguely guess their true identities. “It’s disgraceful to conceal yourself. Just come out if you dare!”

Since both of these things weren’t humans or ghosts, it meant that someone was controlling them! Indeed. The Black and White Shade were just puppets!

“Huehuehuehuehue!” White Shade landed on the ground and an ominous laugh escaped its mask. “As expected of the Princess. You uncovered my disguise straightaway.”

Black Shade also landed on the ground and took a few steps back before stabilizing itself. The same ominous laugh came out of its mask. “Huehuehuehuehue! Unfortunately, I’m not a gentleman nor an honorable person. I’m also a coward. So I won’t show myself. Why don’t you come and beat me up if you can?”

“So you’re not showing yourself? Then I’ll just smash your toys.” Yaeger picked up a scrapped car with her tentacle and tossed it towards Black Shade.

It was very fast.

“You’re too slow!” However, Black Shade simply tipped its toes and dodged the projectile by bending its body.

“I think so too!” Suddenly, a voice was heard behind it.

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Immediately, Black Shade was sent flying like a cannonball. There was a figure on its original spot who retracted her slender leg. Then, she glanced at White Shade and instantly unleashed a long, thick, and semi-transparent fox tail.


As if being slammed by a bulldozer, White Shade was sent flying and spun around in mid-air.

“I didn’t expect for you two to be so sturdy.” With those attacks, Yaeger could tell that they were incredibly robust and damage-resistant.

White Shade landed on the ground gracefully while Black Shade tumbled about before getting up. Both of them seemed like they weren’t damaged at all.

“I still have things to do. I won’t be playing with you.” As she spoke, Yaeger pulled something that was covered with cloth from her purse.

It seemed like a dagger, and it was indeed one. The fabric fell off and a large dagger was revealed. This was the trophy she gained after killing Viper. It was a quality product.

Seeing that Yaeger had taken out a weapon, Black and White Shade looked at each other and nodded simultaneously. Then they ran away.

Black Shade said, “Princess, you’ll get your comeuppance sooner or later!”
White Shade said, “we will meet again!”

They definitely could shrug off a beating, however, it didn’t mean that they could shrug off Yaeger’s flying dagger. Being punch-resistant and pierce-resistant were two entirely different things.

“Don’t you run!” With grim eyes, Yaeger launched the dagger in her hands. She had only one target in mind—Black Shade! The puppet who had virtually no lifeforce actually trembled in fear, feeling a fatal attack coming its way.

A flash of light traveled through the air with a beautiful trajectory. Then, under the moonlight, that flash of light threaded the needle and hit its mark. Black Shade stood in place, as still as a statue.

Meanwhile, White Shade extended its hands and grabbed Black Shade before running again.

“Princess, I will return the favor ten times over!” The sound of mechanical grinding was heard.

Yaeger retrieved her dagger and didn’t give chase.

Her enemies didn’t show themselves and only sent 2 puppets to test her out. They had a clear objective in mind and acted strategically. With that, it meant they had probably prepared an ambush on the other side, waiting for her to spring the trap.

In her opinion, those puppets ran away in order to bait her towards the trap.

‘One hundred million US dollars. Not only did it attract lots of hitmen from overseas, even the Transcendents in this country couldn’t escape its temptation.’

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Aside from misleading Vera, she planned to bait more enemies with her actions tonight. But based on the current situation, it seemed like there were no idiots falling for it.

“These people are more patient than I thought. They’re not easy to deal with.” Yaeger let out a disappointed gaze while sighing lightly. Then, she instantly remembered something, took her phone out of her purse, and called someone.

The call was accepted within a split second.

“Sister! Do you need something?” Excitement could be heard in her voice. Since she called Yaeger her sister, this person was none other than Mylene.
“Mylene, Just now I…” Yaeger told Mylene about her encounter with Black and White Shade in detail.

After she finished, the other party left for a bit.

“Sister, I know who that person is!”
“Who?” Yaeger asked.

“That person is called Korg Gongshu. He’s a prodigy from the Gongshu Family.” Mylene then told her everything about the Four Major Families. It turned out that the Gongshu Family was one of the Four Major Families.

“Why is that guy targeting me?” As one of the Four Major Families, the Gongshu Family naturally had all the money they needed. Korg Gongshu obviously didn’t do it for money.

Mylene pondered deeply and said, “I’m not sure of the exact situation either. Maybe it’s related to the Prodigy Ranking.”

“Prodigy Ranking?” Yaeger tilted her head slightly.

Mylene continued explaining. It turned out the so-called Prodigy Ranking was a list that ranked all young prodigies in the world. It was quite similar to the Young Hero Ranking of the Jade Empire.

“That means I’ve been randomly listed on that ranking by someone else. Then, those people on that ranking became unhappy with me and they’ll eventually come teach me a lesson. Is that right?” Yeager asked in exasperation.

“I suppose so.” Mylene nodded.

“They really have nothing better to do!” Yaeger facepalmed. She thought she’d be able to catch a big fish today. But in the end, she only managed to fish out a boot. It was absolutely disappointing.


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