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Chapter 321 – Sob~ I Fell In Love With Princess…

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2161 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1383 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

  • In Sheepdog Bar.

At this time of day, the bar was crowded and noisy. However, it seemed a little odd since there were no guests at the bar counter. As if the guests instinctively avoided this place. No, looking carefully, there was actually a guest here. It was a man in a suit.

A blonde beauty with an excellent figure stood inside the bar counter. It was none other than Maria. She had a smile on her face, which was rare to see.

Ever since the second young master of the Lin Family—Stanley Lin—had seen the creature under her skirt, he stopped coming to the bar. With that, her quality of life had improved and her mood naturally became better.

“[Princess] has appeared again.” The man in a suit took a sip of iced vodka and said.
“Oh. She’s not in hiding anymore?” Maria asked curiously.
“Yes. Currently, she’s shopping around Westgate Pedestrian Street with a girl with plain clothing and sunglasses.”
“Seems like she’s not worried about anything at all. But that’s understandable. After all, there’s a Grandmaster guarding her.”

Anger flashed in Maria’s eyes. The feeling of having a big fish close to the surface but unable to scoop it out was unpleasant to her. Not only that, she knew that this big fish was purposefully exposing herself to make a fool out of them. It deeply infuriated her!

“I suspect that she’s trying to start some fires again.” The man in a suit said.

Maria’s expression changed after hearing that. “That’s right, she’s a sly fox. She must be digging a pit for someone else to fall into! Anyone who goes to her will definitely be dead!”

She suddenly remembered that the first time [Princess] exposed herself, she merely seemed to be casually strolling around. However, a few days later, the [Small Sword Group] had offered a massive bounty on her head.

“That’s what I’m thinking too. The d̲a̲m̲n̲e̲d̲ Old Man Tian must be posted up nearby. He’s going to deal with everyone who’s trying to harm her, all at once!” The man in a suit spoke emotionally, as if he had already witnessed the tragic scene where the place was littered with corpses.

“Now, let’s see how many idiots would fall for her trap.” Maria spoke calmly. They couldn’t take action against [Princess] due to the presence of Old Man Tian. Hence, they could only remain on standby for now.

“Hard to say.” The man in a suit shook his glass and then drank all of its content in one gulp. “I’ll keep monitoring the situation.”

He put the cup down and left. After he left, the bar counter was still devoid of people.

“Ronald Tian, you can keep on tooting your horn for the next few days. Once we have enough manpower, we’ll kill you.”

Maria spoke grimly as she wiped the glass a white towel.

  • In overseas.

Vera and the CIA received information about the opinions of [Princess], almost simultaneously.

“This is weird. She’s been covering her tracks all along. Why would she expose herself like this today… Something must be wrong here!”

Vera sat on a fully white bed and supported her chin with one hand. Under illumination, the silver hair that dangled in front of her chest was pretty to look at. Of course, her lovely face was also pretty.

“Westgate Pedestrian Street. It’s not included within her previous range of movement but it’s close enough.”

More than a dozen semi-transparent threads tapped on the keyboard while the monitors on the wall were flickering rapidly.

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“Is she trying to mislead me? That’s not right. She is so smart, she’ll never do such an obvious thing. There must be another reason… I just feel like I’m missing some critical information.”

Vera suddenly felt a peculiar sense of unease.

A massive firewall protected Cathay’s internet. She could only infiltrate inside by slipping through small cracks on the wall and collect information from the civilian network. She couldn’t handle it as well as the CIA or Small Sword Group.

After all, no matter how powerful her hacking skills were, she’ll never acquire any information that isn’t stored on the Internet.

Hence, Vera didn’t know that a powerhouse was present in Roc City. In fact, it was actually 3 powerhouses. Not even the CIA knew about the existence of 2 of them.

“She’s always been so cautious back then. But now, she’d expose herself so brazenly. She must have something to depend upon. Or perhaps she’s trying to bait her attackers and use other influences to get rid of her hidden enemies!

That’s right. That must be it! Luckily, our Hitmen isn’t fully assembled yet. Otherwise, they’ll all be dealt with once they reach Cathay! Heheh, what a pity. We’re hiding in the shadows, while you’re not. Your efforts tonight are all in vain!”

Vera smiled arrogantly and praised herself for her excellent deduction skills.

  • At the same time, in Westgate Pedestrian Street.

Yaeger and Sachiel, who wore sunglasses, strolled around the street and garnered lots of attention.

99% of these gazes were focused on Yaeger.

At this moment, she was akin to an international superstar—a dazzling and incredible sight to see.

Sachiel, who was beside her, had reddened eyes under her sunglasses. Her tightly clenched fists were trembling slightly. Until this moment, she still couldn’t contain her excitement. And she won’t manage that in the foreseeable future.

Because the feeling of walking through mid-air in someone’s arms was simply unbelievable! It was not the same as riding a plane. Completely different!

It wasn’t about the speed nor was it about her common sense being challenged. She simply felt like it was a dream. As if she had surpassed human limits and could achieve many impossible things.

However, she understood that these feelings were evoked by [Princess] and not by her own self.


In her life, she rarely had an intense desire to attain anything. Because her origins meant that she was granted wealth and influence no ordinary person would ever achieve no matter how hard they worked.

She wasn’t a person without desire. But she simply hadn’t discovered anything that she couldn’t attain by spending money. Just a few days ago when Sachiel met Yaeger, It was the first time that she felt such thirst and desire.

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The second time was when she secretly went out and faced danger. She desired strength. And the third time, which was right now, she desired to become just like [Princess].

“Princess, can I be like you?” Sachiel suddenly said.
Yaeger was taken aback after hearing that and asked, “what exactly are you talking about?”
“I just want to be like you.” Sachiel said.
“So, what do you mean exactly?” Yaeger stopped and stared at her.
“I just want to be like you. Confident, beautiful, strong, and charming!” Sachiel earnestly said.

“I see.” Yaeger breathed a sigh of relief. She initially thought that Sachiel wanted to undergo cosmetic surgery and look exactly like her.

“When the time comes, your wish will come true.” Yaeger held her shoulder and whispered quietly beside her ear. No matter who witnessed this scene, they would feel like the flowers of lesbianism had bloomed far and wide.

Sachiel felt Yaeger’s breath and her heartbeat accelerated, her face blushed redder and redder.

‘What… What’s going on? Why do I feel so attracted to Princess? Ah… It feels so terrible… But I clearly like boys… Ugh, It’s so fragrant and so soft… I’m going to lose it~’

Just as Sachiel was about to lose it all, Yaeger let go of her and distanced herself slightly.

“How can you do this…” At this moment, Sachiel felt like Yaeger had stripped her naked and tossed her onto the bed. Thinking that something indescribable would happen, the latter simply collapsed on the bed and slept!

“Huh?” Yaeger tilted her head slightly in confusion.
“No, it’s nothing! I’d like to go to a place, Princess. Can you accompany me?” Sachiel changed the topic in a panic.

‘You swine, I’m a devout lover. A girl’s love is innocent and pure!’

Indeed. She realized that she was slowly falling in love with [Princess]. The feelings gradually and irreversibly increased. Once it became out of control, she feared that she’d never snap out of it.


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