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Chapter 206 – I’m A Perverted Killer? No Way!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2065 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1476 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“Ability user?” Yaeger asked very cooperatively.

After all, the previous subject was a little too unpleasant to her. Girlfriend or whatever, don’t need one! Wrong, it’s ‘unable to get’!

Thinking that she might turn into a girl in less than a month, Yaeger felt a headache coming on.

If she found herself a girlfriend now, then if she was unable to remove ‘Dream Transformation’ in a month, she would change back into being a Princess, mm, yes, the world’s number one Princess.

At that time, would her girlfriend lose her self-esteem or would she fall into despair?

Who knows!

“Mm, those superpower users who are internationally known as Transcendents. It means a superior being that has transcended mortals.” Mylene Tian explained.

“So to some extent, someone selected by the above or in other words, Heaven-Chosen?” Yaeger felt as if the term ‘Heaven-Chosen’ had recently been losing its worth.

“Heaven-Chosen huh, hehe, I would much prefer to be an ordinary person, that way……” Mylene Tian looked at Yaeger as if she wanted to say something but hesitated.

“That way?”

“N-nothing, big brother, look at my hand!” Mylene Tian hastily took off a glove and exposed her delicate hand.

In the instant Yaeger looked over, she saw a white electrical current flashing on Mylene’s hand.

It was much stronger compared to when there was a glove covering her hand.

“My superpower is related to electricity; I can generate electricity as well as make use of the electricity in the surrounding environment. Of course, I am sometimes able to use the lightning from the skies.”

Yaeger blinked her eyes, feeling as if Mylene Tian had just said something terrifying.

Borrowing lightning from the skies for your own use……what are you, the God of Thunder!?

She merely had a smattering of knowledge on Transcendents, so she didn’t have even an inkling of how powerful Mylene Tian’s superpower was.

“Grandpa told me that the reason why I was so weak when I was a child is because my superpower awakening absorbed too much of my life essence. After following my master into Mount Kun, my superpower was developed, but even now, I’m unable to control my superpower with ease. These gloves act as limiting devices. With them on, I’m able to live a relatively normal life. Ehehe, it’s really unfashionable.” Mylene Tian explained while smiling at the end.

Yaeger didn’t smile along with her, though. Now, she finally knew the reason why Mylene was adopted and simultaneously understood that Mylene’s life wasn’t as easy as she described in the years they were apart.

This sort of uncontrollable superpower was an extreme hindrance with regards to living a normal life.

First of all, she and electrical appliances were bound to be unfated since just a touch would create a crackle and ratter within the appliance, followed by white smoke, then the entire thing being scrapped.

Touching people were sure to be even more frightening, ranging from the hair on one’s head being raised being the lightest outcome while being sent to the hospital for comprehensive care being the heaviest outcome.

“You haven’t had it easy.” Yaeger sighed.
“No, everyone’s taken good care of me.” Mylene Tian said.
“By the way, big brother, what happened to Sunflower Orphanage?”
“It should be faring well.”
“Should?” Mylene Tian asked doubtfully.

“Some things happened in the past, so it’s already been a while since I went back.” Yaeger downplayed what she had been through.

“So it’s like this! If we have time, how about we go back together? I wonder if the people there still remember me?” Mylene Tian didn’t pry into Yaeger’s matters.

If Yaeger felt like speaking, then she would naturally tell her.

“Mm.” Speaking of the orphanage, Yaeger was still a little worried. They hadn’t given her a return call yet, so maybe something happened. Of course, it was also possible that Yaeger was worrying for nothing.

Because when she was dodging her creditors, she had changed her cell phone number and it was her first time calling the orphanage with the new number last time. Most people wouldn’t call back when seeing an unfamiliar number.

“I hope they’re fine,” Yaeger whispered.
“Big brother, where do you live in Roc City?” Mylene Tian suddenly asked.
“I, I’m living with a friend; I plan on moving out to live by myself in a few days,” Yaeger replied hurriedly.
“So it’s like this…big brother, do you want to move into my place……I, I don’t mean it that way! There’s just a lot of vacant rooms in the house allocated to me by the department!” Mylene Tian’s face flushed as she spoke flusteredly.

Yaeger mused over Mylene Tian’s proposal and felt that it was actually a good option since there wasn’t a safer place than the Ability Management Department’s housing for higher levels.

But that was only on the premise that she wasn’t Princess.

Otherwise, if she entered with this identity, it was the equivalent of going to live in a wolf den!

“No need, I’ve already picked a good place, I’ll keep your good intentions in my heart.” Yaeger flatly refused.

Hearing this response, Mylene Tian’s face turned disappointed.

But she quickly recovered and said with a smile: “Big brother, I’ll be going over to your new place frequently to play!”

Since big brother won’t be coming over, then I’ll go over to big brother’s place!

Mylene Tian praised herself for her quick-wittedness within her heart.

“……” Yaeger blinked as her smile gradually stiffened.

If this little lass were to frequent her home, then wouldn’t her identity be easily seen through?

She wanted to refuse, but immediately took back the words that were about to come out upon seeing the lass’ brilliant smile.

“Alright.” Yaeger switched back to a “natural” smile and responded candidly.

Only the heavens knew whether or not she was crying within her mind.

“Yay! Big brother, Mylene loves you the most!” Mylene Tian cried out with excitement.

“Mm.” Seeing how happy her little sister was, Yaeger also felt joy.

Taking a look at the time, Yaeger saw that it was nearing 12 o’clock. Her male body and female body were different since her male body needed sleep.

“Mylene, it’s getting late.” Despite wanting to chat with her little sister for a while longer, Yaeger couldn’t get careless and ignore the game which was extremely important to her.

It’s getting late. It was an implicit assertion that everyone can understand and Mylene Tian was no exception.

But even though she could clearly understand, the one before her was the big brother that she hadn’t seen in 10 years, the big brother that she had always been thinking about.

How could she be willing to separate so easily!

“Big brother……” Mylene Tian said with unwillingness in her voice.

“We can exchange contact information. If you want to talk, we can use WeChat or just call. Besides, it’s not like we won’t meet again.”

Yaeger smiled.

Upon hearing these words, Mylene Tian mulled over them and felt that it was true, so she exchanged contact information with Yaeger.

Even if she was filled with extreme reluctance, Mylene was ready to go separate ways when she had to.

This is what the adult world is like.

  • Outside the store.

“Big brother, let me send you off.” Mylene Tian said.

“No need, the place I live is pretty close to here. Besides, it’s you, the girl, who should be careful.” Yaeger didn’t plan on sending off Mylene Tian because one, her place was too far away, and two, this little sister of hers had the strength to punch a cow to death.

There was no need to worry for her at all.

In contrast, she was forced to (almost) use her taboo power when faced with the encirclement of 10 gangsters.

Rather than worrying about her strong little sister, it would be better off worrying about her own little life.

After the two waved goodbye to each other. Mylene Tian gazed at Yaeger’s gradually distant figure with a touch of tenderness as well as loneliness in her eyes.

It wasn’t easy for her to meet with her big brother, but due to their respective lives, they had to once again part.

“As long as one is alive, unsatisfactory matters constitute the majority of life. Big brother, good night.” As she spoke, Mylene Tian turned around and her petite body flashed away like a bolt of lightning.

Yaeger went to a 24-hour convenience store and bought a cap and sunglasses.

“Wearing a cap and sunglasses at night makes me feel as if I’m a schizophrenic perverted killer in one of those Hong Kong TV series……”

She mocked herself as she walked on the road back.

At this moment, a slim-figured, two-meter tall foreign man wearing a black trench coat appeared in her field of view.


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