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Chapter 205 – Big Brother, Do You Have A Girlfriend

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2036characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1367 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Wherever there’s a McDonald’s, there will also be a KFC.

This is indeed the case inside Roc City.

Yaeger and Mylene went to the store opposite Mcdonalds’ and saw that KFC was relatively empty. After buying several items to-go, they found a quiet area to sit down.

The reason why Yaeger chose KFC over McDonald’s was that it was relatively empty, not because Yaeger liked to eat it.

Sipping on some diluted fruit juice, Mylene Tian took the lead in starting a conversation: “Big brother, do you know Saint Demon World?”

“I do, it’s the world’s first virtual reality game.” Yaeger propped up her chin with one hand as her eyes fell into Mylene Tian.

“Big brother, my latest mission is related to this game.”

“Are you able to tell me about your mission?” Yaeger was rather surprised.

“It’s no problem, big brother isn’t an outsider.” Mylene Tian said disapprovingly.

It’s a very big problem, okay? If you act like this, you might lose your job! Yaeger couldn’t help but to bitterly smile upon hearing her answer.

However, she felt warmth in her heart.

“Big brother, do you know about Princess?” Mylene Tian fixed her gaze on Yaeger.

“Mm, of course I do, she’s the world’s number one beauty, number one princess, and number one player. It would be hard for me to not know such a famous person.”

Yaeger said without her face turning red or her heart skipping a beat.

“That’s true. Big brother, actually, my main mission in Roc City this time is to protect Princess.”

Hearing this, Yaeger raised an eyebrow as some doubts emerged in her mind: So Mylene came to protect my female body, but that Old Man Tian, wait a second, Mylene’s surname is Tian, could it be……

“Big brother, listen to me, this time’s mission is really hard, really torturous!” Mylene cried out her feelings.

Immediately afterwards, she began recounting the recent events she had been through.

Once Mylene finished speaking, Yaeger was promptly relieved. It turned out that it was Old Man Tian acting on his own initiative and fortunately wasn’t Mylene Tian’s idea.

Otherwise, she truly would have no idea how to face this younger sister.

Yaeger also heard some other tidbits of information from Mylene Tian’s words.

For the time being, the Ability Management Department decided to have a friendly relationship with her.

At the very least, the Black family was friendly towards her.

But once the Dragon family leaves the stage, it could possibly change.

After all, the Ability Management Department is like a muddy puddle of water, a total mess.

If it weren’t for Mylene Tian here, Yaeger wouldn’t want too much contact with them.

(That said, the Ability Management Department’s reputation is still quite useful. When my strength reaches grandmaster level, it’s not out of the question to discuss some conditions with them.)

Yaeger sneered in her heart. Whatever she could exploit, she would definitely exploit.

The Ability Management Department’s dream of controlling her was exactly that; a dream, an unrealistic idea!

“Big brother, are you playing this game?” Mylene Tian asked out of curiosity.

“Not yet.” Yaeger wasn’t lying since, after all, his male body really didn’t play the game because it simply didn’t exist!

“I really want to play the game with big brother.” Mylene Tian stared at Yaeger with sparkling eyes that conveyed an obvious message.

“Let’s talk about it when I have time,” Yaeger said perfunctorily.

“Hehe, Mylene is looking forward to it.”

“Oh right, Mylene, have you gone out of the Novice Village? I heard that the main city of humanity in the game is very beautiful.” Yaeger seamlessly shifted the topic.

Mylene Tian instantly withered upon hearing these words as her face turned into a sad pout.

“What’s wrong?” Yaeger queried.

“Big brother, listen to me.”

“Mm, I’m listening.”

“I seem to be playing a fake game! When other people reach level 10, they all go to Jade City, but I was sent to a strange place!”

“Oh, what kind of place?” Yaeger appeared calm on the surface, but there were turbulent waves within her heart as she faintly became aware of something.

“It’s a place called Azure Hill Paradise, the territory of the Demon Fox race. It’s like a million miles away from Jade City, so far that I’ve given up all hope. That Princess is in Jade City yet I can’t even go there to get in touch with her……”

As she spoke, Mylene Tian’s big, watery eyes began misting up, clearly about to cry.

It could be imagined how depressed she felt.

“Did you trigger a bloodline mission?” Yaeger asked.

“Big brother, how did you know that I triggered a bloodline mission!?” Mylene Tian replied in shock.

Yaeger’s face didn’t change as she answered: “I have a friend who came across something similar and it didn’t take long for her to trigger a special mission.”

“So it was like this! Big brother knows so much even though he hasn’t played the game yet, so amazing!” Mylene Tian praised.

“Haha, I just prefer to plan first before acting, so I know more than the average player.” Yaeger maintained a normal expression.

“Big brother, do you think I should do this mission?” Mylene Tian inquired.

“Yes, why not take it up? You should take the benefits presented to you. In any case, you won’t be able to go to Jade City in the short term.”

Yaeger responded.

“But I’m playing the game to get in touch with Princess, not play the game.”

“There’s a saying that goes ‘haste makes waste’. With your current situation, you have no way to change anything, so you may as well complete the tasks before you and slowly look into a way to leave the ‘paradise’. Besides, you’ve been pushing yourself a little too hard recently. If you continue like this, you’ll collapse sooner or later. It’s not a bad thing to relax once in a while.”

Yaeger advised.

“Mm, it’s indeed as big brother said, I’ve been pushing myself a little bit too much recently, which isn’t a good thing. Okay, I’ll listen to big brother’s words and think up a way out as I play.”

Mylene said with a smile as the pressure she felt in her heart lessened drastically.

“Very good.” Yaeger took a sip of iced tea and looked at Mylene Tian with a gentle gaze.

Mylene was still the same as she was in the past; always listening to her words, what a good child.

A good younger sister.

“Big brother, can I ask you a question?” Mylene Tian lowered her head and whispered.

“What question?”

“Big brother, d-do you have a girlfriend yet?” Mylene Tian said a little uneasily as her eyes drifted away, her fingers squeezing the straw.

Goal friend? What the heck?

Yaeger’s expression turned into one of astonishment.

“Do you have?” Mylene Tian bit her lip as she became even more uneasy.

“Do I have what?” Yaeger tilted her head slightly.


This time, she finally understood.

“No.” Girlfriend or whatever, how could she possibly have one!

Of course, if she wasn’t being choosy, then the number of girls lining up to be her girlfriend would span across the entire street.

But what’s the point in that?

“No?” Mylene Tian’s eyes widened a great deal as her heartbeat began racing.

“Nope, so far, I haven’t had even a single girlfriend.” Yaeger sighed.

In her previous life, she was a little close to Sachiel Luo. But after she was reborn, she had busied herself in playing games, so how could she have time to whisper sweet nothings to a girl?

As for whether or not Yaeger wanted to have a girlfriend, then of course she wanted one.

“That’s great!” Mylene Tian shouted excitedly. Electricity came out of her black gloves and caused white light to flash around.

“Ah?” I, your big brother, am single, how is that something worth being excited over? Furthermore, what’s with the gloves, why did electricity just come out of them!?

Yaeger fell into a spell of amazement.

When their eyes met, Mylene Tian smiled awkwardly.

“Big brother, I’m actually an ability user.”

Afterward, she stiffly shifted the subject.


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