Chapter 207 – World Change.

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2062 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1430 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“Strange, that fantastic aura can’t be captured anymore.” The tall foreigner——Viper muttered to himself.

Yaeger looked over at the direction of the voice with a calm expression, but a ripple emerged in her heart.

She had a gut feeling that this foreigner wasn’t an ordinary person since she felt a subtle sense of danger emanating off his body.

It was like confronting a viper lurking in the grass.

The closer she approached him, the stronger the sense of danger.

When Yaeger was walking past Viper, he suddenly spoke: “Friend, do you live around here? I have something I want to ask.”

Hearing these words spoken in such a ‘wonderful’ accent, Yaeger’s expression remained unchanged and not so much as a fluctuation appeared in her eyes.

She just continued her steps without a pause and walked past Viper.

“Tsk tsk tsk, it’s said that Cathay’s people are all warm and hospitable, how could there be such a cold guy. I’m a foreigner, you know, a noble foreigner, give me a little respect!”

Viper complained unhappily.

Yaeger ignored it.

Just a tortoise reciting Buddhist scriptures, I’m not listening, I’m deaf.

She continued on with an even pace, extremely steady.

Upon seeing this, Viper spat out his forked tongue and continued forward while shaking his head.

The clue was broken in this general area, leaving him depressed.

Even though he didn’t know what that fantastic power was all about, it would have been excellent if he got his hands on it.

Just after turning the corner, Yaeger suddenly stopped in her steps and began taking big breaths. Her feeling was spot-on; that person truly wasn’t an ordinary person.

In fact, he was a very powerful person.

She was sure that she wouldn’t be able to defeat him without transforming.

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“Is it my misconception? I feel like my senses have become much sharper.” Yaeger’s face was filled with doubts as she clenched her fist.

“Forget it, I’ll figure it out after getting some sleep.” She felt a strong sense of sleepiness, a message of fatigue coming from her body.

After stealthily returning to her apartment, Yaeger changed her clothes, laid on the picnic cloth, and fell asleep within moments.

  • Meanwhile, Rosen Hotel.

“Pixie, what are you doing in Roc City?” Within a gorgeously decorated living room, Nangong Lin was gracefully sitting as she turned to look at the youthful girl beside her.

“I missed you, so I came to see you.” Pixie Qin leaned forward and frivolously lifted Nangong Lin’s chin with her white hand.

“Save it!” Nangong Lin brushed away her hand as she replied indifferently.

The two knew each other since childhood and had a pretty good relationship, so they knew each other’s ins and outs.

“Hehe, then I’ll come more often.” Pixie Qin retracted her hand and brought it up to her nose, “Mm, nice smell.”

Nangong Lin suddenly felt the urge to kill her.

Unfortunately, not even a thousand of her would be a match for Pixie Qin.

“Alright, let’s get down to proper business. I don’t believe that you’ve flown all the way here just to catch up with me.”

“Aye~ as expected, Lil’ Linlin understands me.” Pixie Qin laughed.

“Call me that again and I’ll drive you out.” Nangong Lin hugged herself and shuddered.

“Fine, I’ll stop joking around. Little Lin, I’m in a terrible situation right now.” Pixie Qin suddenly said with a serious expression.

“Ah? How could there be someone daring to take advantage of you, the number one beauty in Yanjing, a treasured young lady of the Qin Family, one of the four major families within Yanjing?”

Pixie Qin sighed: “It’s true that it’s one of the four major families in Yanjing, but it’s one of the declining four major families. You should also know that in recent years, my Qin Family is already no different from a sick cat. Let’s first not mention the other major families; even the newly formed so-called Eight Small Families don’t treat my Qin Family seriously. I, the number one beauty of Yanjing, have been very popular recently. Everyone wants to take a bite of me.”

“What, there are really people who dare to take a bite out of you?” Nangong Lin questioned.

“Sigh, there’s that greasy-haired, powdered-face, androgynous plastic surgery freak who really wants to take a bite out of me.” Pixie Qin spat out in disgust.

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“That young master from the Dragon Family?” Speaking of famous plastic surgery freaks within the upper circles, Nangong Lin instantly recalled several of them, but only one would dare to act against Pixie Qin; Dragon Family’s young master, Jun Dragon.

“Who else if not him. Little Lin, my life is hard~.” Pixie Qin leaned over and laid on Nangong Lin’s shoulder as she shipped out a pitiful look.

“Get off, stop taking advantage of me!” Nangong Lin immediately pushed her away, “How could their Dragon Family dare to do anything against your Qin Family?”

Pixie Qin straightened up and reverted to a serious expression: “The current Dragon Family has a strong momentum while my Qin Family is feeble; if they don’t take action at such a perfect time, then should they wait for us to rise back up? Perhaps the four major families will turn into the three major families come next year. As for me, I can only become someone else’s plaything, boohoohoo.”

“It seems that Yanjing is very unstable.” Nangong Lin nodded, “Since you came to me, could it be that you want to……”

“Mm, I announced to the outside that I came to Roc City to play with ‘Princess’, but in reality, I came to form an alliance with the Nangong Family on behalf of the Qin Family. Little Lin, I want to see my paternal aunt.”

Pixie Qin’s face didn’t have even an iota of jest in her expression; it was a severely earnest expression.

“Huh? Don’t you know that my mom entered Mount Kun half a year ago? I am currently in charge of the Nangong Family.” Nangong Lin spoke calmly.

“Really? Why didn’t you tell me?” Pixie Qin was rather surprised.

“Didn’t I tell you just now?” Nangong Lin replied.

“Little Lin, you’ve changed.”

“That’s right, I’ve changed.” Nangong Lin giggled, “Hehe, now that the Qin Family is in trouble, should I help or not?”

“Little Lin, I love you!” Pixie Qin threw herself at Nangong Lin. Of course, the result was Pixie Qin being pushed away forcefully.

“I haven’t agreed yet!” Nangong Lin retorted.

“Haha, on the basis of playing since childhood and sleeping on the same bed, how can you not agree?” Pixie Qin smiled as her eyes turned into crescents.

The corner of Nangong Lin’s eye twitched: “Can you not talk about the things that happened before we were ten.”

“Fine, fine, at best, I’ll accompany you to sleep tonight.” Pixie Qin said coquettishly.

If Yanjing’s people were to see their number one beauty act in such a way, their eyes would probably drop from their sockets.

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So your usual aloofness is all pretended!?

“Then I’ll be losing a lot!” Nangong Lin refused decisively.

“Little Lin, you’ve really changed, you used to be so cute in the past.” Pixie Qin pouted.

“Which 22 year-old would be the same as they were when they were 10 years-old!” Nangong Lin held her forehead and changed the topic, “It’s possible for our families to form an alliance, but your Qin Family needs to transfer a part of your businesses over to my Nangong Family.”

“No problem.” Pixie Qin answered frankly.

She knew well that once she formed an alliance with the Nangong Family, the Luo Family would follow suit.

The Qin Family’s purpose wasn’t simply to form an alliance with the Nangong Family; it was also to form an alliance with the Luo Family.

As long as the Nangong Family approved, the Luo Family naturally wouldn’t oppose an alliance.

“Little Lin, didn’t you dislike getting involved in Yanjing’s muddy waters? How come you’ve decided to now take part?” Their alliance was very simple, just an oral agreement was needed to accomplish the objective.

It was like playing house with children.

But their relationship was much more solid than those of children.

“Because of that game. I have the feeling that the world revolves around it now. Since the world is changing, we must change accordingly. That’s all.”

Nangong Lin downplayed.

“I also don’t know much regarding this game. The higher-ups haven’t revealed much information on it.” Pixie Qin remarked.

“Oh, then that is to say that you know something about it.” Nangong Lin’s eyes flashed.


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