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Chapter 204 – Finding A Pushover To Push

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1844 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1198 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

In her previous life, the Demon Race took the lead in descending onto Earth when the two worlds merged. Humanity was faced with a life and death crisis, so it gathered both high-end and low-end combat forces to resist the invasion of the Demon Race.

Yet, in such a critical period, Yaeger had never seen Mylene Tian even until the point of her death.

This was clearly an unreasonable situation.

If Mylene Tian was an irrelevant person, then it wouldn’t be so surprising that she couldn’t see her.

But Mylene Tian just revealed that she’s a Chief Captain in the Ability Management Department, so her position and strength couldn’t be low.

Under normal circumstances, she ought to be the first to appear on the battlefield so as to direct the battle.

But, she never appeared from start to finish.

It seemed that [Night of Advent] had nothing to do with her.

All of the sudden, Yaeger thought of a very terrible mental association.

(Is it possible that before [Night of Advent], Mylene had already……)

A faint tremor wracked her body, then Yaeger shook her head fiercely. Despite not knowing how high Mylene Tian’s true strength was, she estimated that Mylene’s strength was at least on par or stronger than her female body from the beating she witnessed.

With such strength, who could kill her? A pinnacle-level grandmaster? Or……

“Big brother, what’s wrong?” Mylene asked in concern due to feeling the tremor that went through Yaeger’s body.

“It’s nothing, I just suddenly thought of some indescribable things.” Yaeger smiled softly, casting off the negative mental associations she had just made.

Perhaps Mylene was merely arranged to protect some important person from another area, so she simply hadn’t gone to the battlefield.

“By the way, big brother, why were those gangsters chasing you?” Mylene Tian reluctantly let go of Yaeger and pointed at the unconscious gangsters lying on the ground.

“They and I have some unresolved grudges,” Yaeger replied calmly.

She was able to understand three things from the words that came out of the green-haired gangster’s mouth.

First, her value had risen by double. Second, the one who caused her value to double was most likely Sister Red. Third, their new leader didn’t plan on letting her go.

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Therefore, Yaeger felt that it was necessary to dispose of these gangsters.

Of course, it was impossible for her to kill. She was currently in her male body, so she wasn’t able to kill without a trace like Princess.

Furthermore, her younger sister was still present.

“How does big brother plan on dealing with them?” Mylene Tian asked.

What a considerate younger sister. Yaeger felt a bit of happiness in her heart, following which, she said: “Mylene, can you call someone to shut these gangsters in some cell for four to five days, preferably secretly and not let anyone else know?”

Mylene Tian tilted her head: “So troublesome? You may as well, you know.”

As she spoke, she swiped her neck with a knife hand.

Hearing these words, Yaeger’s eyes contracted slightly. As expected, she really did change. Such a delicate and cute younger sister was now able to say such cruel words.

(But, I like it! As expected of my younger sister! Killing decisively, handling matters without being sloppy!)

“Those who bully big brother are better off dead.” Mylene Tian whispered.

“Forget it, it’s not worth getting your hands dirty over such people.” Yaeger stroked her small head to which she narrowed her eyes and revealed an expression of comfort.

“Mm, Mylene will listen to big brother!”

Soon, Mylene Tian called over some black-suited people who carried away these unconscious gangsters and imprisoned them secretly.

“As expected of professionals.” Yaeger couldn’t help but sigh upon seeing how practiced these black-clothed people were.

So long as these gangsters were locked up and cut off from the outside world, then her movements wouldn’t need to be so restricted because her information wouldn’t be known by other gangsters.

(Let’s handle it like this for now. When my strength rises on par with a grandmaster, it won’t be you searching for me, but rather me coming to kill you!)

The murderous intent within Yaeger’s heart surged up violently; these cockroach-like things were really annoying!

“Big brother, now that the problem has been solved, let’s go find a place to sit, I really want to know about what big brother has been through all these years!”

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Mylene Tian grabbed Yaeger’s hand and shook it lightly as she gazed at Yaeger with eyes full of longing.

She hadn’t seen her for ten years, so the accumulated longing was about to overflow from the small pool in her heart.

“Mm, I also want to listen to what you’ve been up to over the years.” Yaeger nodded with a smile. The guard she had against Mylene was finally released at this moment. The little bits and pieces of childhood continuously replayed themselves within her mind, as if time had rewound back to that simple and beautiful time.

As Yaeger and Mylene were having a reunion, under the same sky, a furious voice rang out in Tianyu Finance Ltd. Co.

“What? Say that again!?” Vincent stood up fiercely as he glared at the white haired gangster with a man-eating look.

The latter was trembling with fear, but still replied: “Brother Vincent, the people we sent to capture Rakshasa, that is, Lilith, were all caught by the plainclothes police!”

Hearing these words, Vincent squinted his eyes and gloomily hissed: “So you’re telling me, a whole THIRTY people were captured?”

“Yes, Brother Vincent.” The white haired gangster recalled the terrifying scene of nearly a hundred plainclothes police popping out from all directions upon entering that neighborhood and his heart shivered.

Fortunately, he was far away from the scene, otherwise it would’ve been hard for him to resist arrest.

Seeing his subordinates being stuffed into police cars, the white haired gangster knew that things weren’t as simple as they seemed and decisively slipped away to report it.

“There were actually nearly a hundred plainclothes police guarding that place; what is the origin of this Rakshasa?”

Vincent’s eyebrows furrowed. He had thought that Lilith and Yunuen Lin were the easiest to deal with in the Princess Alliance, but to his surprise, they were actually landmines that would instantly screw him over if he acted against them.

“I-I don’t know.” The white haired gangster shook his head as he replied with lingering fear.

Since they had easily gotten Lilith’s address, he thought she would be the easiest to deal with. However, the result nearly caused him to capsize, so how could he not have lingering fears?

“Forget it, since these three are all tough nuts to crack, let’s go find ourselves a pushover to push.” Vincent picked up Yunuen Lin’s information: “This Yunuen Lin, are you sure she has no background?”

“Yes, I called some people from Huadu to check. Her identity and background are all ordinary.”

The white haired gangster answered.

“Tell the others to drop whatever is in their hands and make them go all out to find this Yunuen Lin!”

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Vincent said with a sinister expression as he flipped his bangs.


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