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Chapter 242: Fitting (Part 3)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3043 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1341 words
Editor(s): Fire

The girls would periodically mention monsters, dungeons, and the Union, so it seemed like they were a group of adventurers.

(This is incredible…)

She began watching with more interest, amazed by how different it was to watch those girls so close, when usually she could only do that from afar.

Being an adventurer was a harsh line of work, which sometimes meant adventurers had to ignore the differences between men and women. As a result, some of the girls of this world would become less reserved or shy, especially when around other girls.

That also applied to the girls Mira was spying on, who changed clothes without batting an eye in a public space even though there was a fitting room just a few steps away. That was compounded with the fact that men would seldom visit those areas of the store, and that they were trying out inner pants which were meant to be seen if any accident occurred. And so they felt no need to be concerned about their actions.

(To think they’d go this far..!)

But in the end they were only inner pants, which were fundamentally different from the underwear men yearned for. They were like counterfeit underwear that did not elicit any joy even if one saw them.

So even though Mira could see their inner pants as much as she wanted, they did not provide her true bliss. Their thighs were exposed, and that was something Mira did enjoy, but more than that, she simply found that girly ambiance enjoyable. Anyone would appreciate being around girls who were having fun after all.

However, there was something that did make Mira feel aroused as she watched, different from their thighs and inner pants. It was their actions.

The simple fact that they were lifting their own skirts to show what lay beneath was heavily stimulating Mira’s senses.

(I see…I see… This is valuable knowledge.)

There was nothing more alluring than a girl willingly revealing an area they usually protected dearly and kept shut from anyone else.

Still repeating to herself that she was only watching to learn how people who had been girls for longer behaved, Mira focused even more on watching the girls, at the same time, she began to think that if they were blushing just a bit, they would look irresistible.

And then, probably because she had been watching for so long without moving, her eyes met those of one of the girls. They had noticed that Mira had been looking at them.


Mira was in a bind. They would only get more suspicious about her if she averted her eyes right away. Her brain began to race in an attempt to find a safe excuse, a way to explain her lascivious thoughts that only she knew about.

But despite her worries, her current appearance as a beautiful girl was working to her benefit more than she anticipated.

「Ah, I’m sorry. Were we blocking your way?」

The girl who noticed Mira first, one with blue hair and who looked the oldest of the group, apologized as she asked that. Somehow she had arrived at the conclusion that she and her friends had inadvertently been hogging that area for themselves. And she did not even suspect for a second that Mira had been spying on them with sleazy motives.

(Ah, so that’s what would happen in a situation like this..!)

Mira was once again reminded of her current appearance. She looked like a beautiful girl, who still had a certain youthful appearance to her. It was essentially the perfect disguise, as no one would be able to guess that her mind was that of a perverted old man.

So it would be hard for someone to realize her true intentions, unless they clung onto her excessively like Fricca did.

「Oh, no, that’s not it at all. It’s just…a friend told me that I should find something to wear on top of my underwear, but I’ve never done that before so I’m a bit lost. But you seemed rather knowledgeable, so I figured I’d try copying what you do.」

Mira felt like grinning as she shook her head and repeated the excuse she had been telling herself that entire time. She knew she would only look more suspicious if she tried to get away now.

The girls were not aware yet, but Mira had also gained notoriety as the Spirit Queen. If word came out that the Spirit Queen had been spying on the three girls, it would destroy her reputation. Not to mention what would happen if Mariana caught wind of that. So she chose to coerce them into the excuse she had already come up with.

「So you’re saying you never wore anything like that before?!」
「You’re kidding, right?」
「You don’t have a thing for flashing…do you?」

Mira had successfully told an excuse that the three could believe, though that also meant that their response was more extreme, making them nearly think that Mira was some sort of exhibitionist.

Wearing inner pants was essentially common sense amongst the fans of the magical girl style clothes, which was understandable considering how short the skirts tended to be. Mira had been the only exception to that.

But that shocked the three so much that their eyes widened as they looked at Mira with a mix of curiosity and pity.

「Hmm… Or is it that you’re just new to this style of clothes?」

After thinking about it for a bit, the oldest girl asked that, wanting to clear things up.

Everyone who started wearing magical girl style clothes would eventually learn how to properly pick inner pants that fit. Since Mira was not at that point yet, it was easy to conclude that she was still a beginner.

「Well, yes… I guess it’s been two or three months?」

In reality Mira had simply never cared about wearing any sort of protection for her underwear, and recalling her first day in this world still made her cringe.

At the same time she was a bit surprised to realize it had only been such a short time since Lily and the maids tailored that outfit for her. It felt like much longer had passed, and noticing how much she had gotten used to her current clothes in such a short timeframe brought a smile to her lips.

「I see, then you really are a beginner! It really isn’t your fault then, I guess? Anyway, we’re here now so we’ll teach you.」

The girls mentioned that there was a lot to learn about magical girl style clothes. They had been wearing them for three years now, but even they would learn something new from time to time, so they all could learn together now.

「Ah, um… Alright, thank you…」

Mira had essentially turned a lie into the truth, as she really did not know what to wear usually. This was the perfect opportunity to learn for the future, so she decided to go along with them.

「Your outfit looks really well balanced already though, so I didn’t see you as a beginner… I feel like you could easily end up becoming a model to represent our group in the future.」

The maids had designed everything to fit Mira’s body and accentuate her charms, and their work had been so impeccable that even fans of the style were commending it, making them think that Mira was actually a veteran.

「Umm…ah…no…I don’t think so. I’m sure there’s plenty of better choices than me.」

Mira could not think of anything she would detest more than becoming the poster child of a group of fans of the magical girl style, so she was nearly praying for someone else to do that.

「I feel like it wouldn’t be too hard though…」

They continued talking like that as they guided Mira deeper into the Magical Knights section of the store.


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