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Chapter 243: An Unexpected Reward (Part 1)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3115 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1467 words
Editor(s): Fire

After everyone quickly introduced themselves, they all entered the fitting room. The girls had taken Mira there, telling her that they needed to understand everything about her outfit before they could find inner pants that would fit it well.

The fitting room was also bigger than Mira was used to, having ample space, unlike those with only enough space for one person to enter.

「I’ve been thinking about this since we saw you, but I don’t recall seeing this design before.」
「There’s no designer logo either, do you know where your clothes were made?」
「It looks really well built too.」

The three girls seemed really invested in the magical girl style clothes, so they were fervently checking the seams, hem, collar, and every detail of Mira’s outfit from the moment they entered the fitting room.

The oldest of the three, whose clothes resembled a cute version of a military uniform, was Milet. Then there was Marietta, who wore clothes with many animal designs, and looked really curious about everything. And lastly was Nene, whose clothes seemed to have a more traditional Japanese motif to them, and who looked really calm and subdued but somehow was the one grabbing around Mira’s skirt the most.

「Ah, this is something a friend of mine made.」

The three cute girls were piling up on Mira while talking endlessly. But Mira did not feel uncomfortable with that, and instead let them do as they wished as she replied to their question.

「It’s a custom design then, incredible!」
「This is really inspiring me for the future!」
「It looks so nice…」

The maids of the castle had really outdone themselves when perfecting Mira’s outfit, making something that was at least as good as commercial products, if not better. That only made them even more excited about it as they began to examine all of Mira with more attention.

That resulted in them completely taking off MIra’s coat, leaving her wearing only her one piece dress, and they nearly took that one off as well in their excitement.

A regular woman would have likely stopped them at that point, feeling uncomfortable with the situation, but Mira remained quiet, and without moving a muscle in retaliation, letting the girls do everything they felt like.

The way they pulled and pushed on Mira’s clothes was a sight to behold, and almost impossible to imagine that simply examining clothes could involve so much action. Or rather, a more sensible person would have decided to take their clothes off to let them examine them with more ease. But Mira did not complain and simply gave in to them.

(I have no idea what it is they’re looking at, but women’s fashion truly is a pain.)

While the girls seemed to examine every seam on her clothes, Mira stood still, her thoughts slightly missing the point of what was happening.

But her past experiences had conditioned her to believe that women always did that when looking at clothes, examining them while someone was wearing them. The only other times she had her clothes checked out had been at the castle by the maids, who were just as extreme, if not more, as they would also want to measure every inch of Mira’s body.

In a way, Mira was having a far better time now, as the three girls were only interested in her clothes.

Regardless, Mira had already gotten used to the way the maids treated her, so she did not protest against her current position either, letting them see as much as they wanted.

「Ah, wait, is this Combat Cotton? And it looks high quality too… So cool! But the overall craftsmanship is also so delicate and perfect. I’ve never seen anything so pretty before.」

Someone experienced with clothes could quickly tell all the elements that went into creating Mira’s outfit.

The most obvious one was Combat Cotton, which had been developed to be used by the army first, and later on became available to adventurers. It was a type of cotton that was processed in a certain way, giving it more resilience and shock absorption, while keeping it breathable. It was a prized material for spellcaster robes, or for warriors to wear underneath their armor, and owning clothing made of it was seen as a status symbol amongst adventurers.

There were different grades of Combat Cotton too, with the highest one usually being only afforded by high ranking officers of the army. The lining of Mira’s coat used plenty of that high grade Combat Cotton unsparingly.

「I can tell this must offer a lot of protection. And I can feel the love of whoever made it for you through it!」

It was clear that Mira’s safety had been taken keenly into account when making her outfit, so Milet could feel the love of the maids towards Mira through that. But she had no way of knowing just how deranged that love really was.

The fact remained that it was a good piece of equipment that Mira could rely on during a fight. Moreover, even the coat was designed in the magical girl style, so it was truly an enviable article for a fan of such clothes.That applied to Milet too, who was starting to look at Mira’s outfit with envy.

(They did tell me it cost them a pretty penny to get it done, but I had no idea it was to this extent.)

While the maids had done most of the work, all of the production costs had been covered by Solomon and Luminaria. They had told Mira it was an expensive piece of clothing, but she had not expected for even the materials to be so costly.

After that, Milet mentioned various specialized terms one after another, her voice sounding more excited. It seemed like she had identified many aspects of Mira’s outfit that fit the ideals of a fan of the magical girl style.

She listed many things Mira had not even heard about before, including gadgets produced with Magic Engineering, Combat Cotton linings, and even delicate spells to protect the wearer.

(I had no idea it was such an advanced piece of clothing…)

Now she was starting to understand why the maids had been so excited about it, but she still believed that it had been made mostly with their enjoyment in mind. Her two friends had taken things to the extreme and shouldered the cost to make it happen. It was true that it was an incredible piece of equipment, but Mira still saw it as more of a prop.

Milet was also excited about it, impressed by the craftsmanship that went into Mira’s clothes, comparing it to the top of the line products made by Magical Knights, who also specialized in adventurer wear.

Comparing it with those, it was safe to estimate its cost at no less than ten million. Milet looked spellbound as she continued touching Mira’s clothes, while Marietta and Nene began to pray, hoping that one day they would also be able to afford such an outfit.

Sometimes hobbies could get so costly that they became one’s main expense.

Mira was also starting to understand the properties of her outfit, and just how expensive it was. At the same time, she was a bit baffled at her two friends for going so far.

Then the obvious question came, as the three girls began to fervently question Mira about who had made the outfit, since they had to be someone excellent to be able to produce such a superior product.

But all Mira told them was that it was a large group of people who liked to make clothes as a hobby, and that anything more was secret.

The three seemed to realize it was better not to pry in that case, so even though they badly wanted to know more, they just swallowed any further questions related to that.

Once they were done gushing about the properties of Mira’s outfit, they finally returned to their main objective of determining which inner pants would suit those clothes better. As they did that, Milet noticed something on Mira’s left arm.

「Ah, an Operator’s Bracelet! Does that mean you’re a high ranking adventurer after all?」
「Waow, that’s incredible!」
「So cool.」

Mira’s arm had become visible when they took off her coat, but they were so entranced by her outfit that they did not notice the bracelet on her arm. Now they were surprised by that, but also excited. That bracelet was all the proof they needed to believe that Mira was a high ranking adventurer.

So their eyes filled with aspiration and respect as they looked at Mira.


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