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Chapter 242: Fitting (Part 2)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3001 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1298 words
Editor(s): Fire

The elastic fabric of the tights had no issue following Mira’s rapid movements.

Once she was happy with their performance, it was finally time for the final check, and she lifted her skirt.

「…They look similar to the spats, but not really.」

Everything below her upturned skirt was black. Spats and tights were similar in various ways, though one left most of the legs exposed, while the other covered all of them. Noting that difference, she looked at the faint line of her underwear against the tights, and continued mulling over the differences.

After some time of making her brain work at high gear, she recalled the words of her friend from back then.

『You know, spats give a really lively and sporty appearance, but black tights have a more intellectual feel to them, right? I wouldn’t really say one is better than the other, I find both irresistible.』

Those had been his passionate words.

「I see… If I were to wear glasses like this, I would certainly look like a cool beauty.」

A girl wearing spats would look lively, and one wearing tights would look composed. It was hard to say how that friend had reached that conclusion, or if there was any reason or wisdom behind it, but Mira nodded sagely as she recalled how she looked while wearing spats.

「However, you will have to wait for another time.」

Mira had been able to understand the difference between spats and black tights from a male point of view, and knew which she preferred, but she removed the tights from her shopping list. The reason for that was very simple, and important.

「They won’t be the best in this season…」

It was currently summer, and just moving around for her tests had already made her body start feeling hot. The tights were made of a tightly woven fabric, which was ideal for durability, but it also trapped heat more easily, and could lead to a lot of sweating considering the weather outside.

She could cool down her clothes with the Cul’Cool she had bought at the Dinowal Store, but its effect did not reach all the way down to the tights. As she could not imagine anything worse than having half her body drenched in sweat during summer, she quickly took off the tights, pulling down on her underwear at the same time by accident. And then she recalled more of her friend’s words.

『Though when it comes to sweaty spats and tights…』

Mira shook her head to ward off the overly perverted words of her friend, put her underwear back on, and then returned the tights to the place she took them from.

(Now that I look around again, there’s plenty of winter clothing in here.)

The shelves and racks of the store had plenty of clothes for all seasons. Most of them were focused on summer clothes, but there were certain shelves packed with items left from winter. The place Mira had taken the tights from was also one of those winter shelves.

That explained why they felt so stuffy and prone to sweat. Understanding that, Mira went to check the summer shelves and found a black panty hose.

「Hmm… There’s no point in even trying.」

The thin panty hose was nearly transparent, and would never be able to conceal her underwear. Immediately arriving at that conclusion, she once again heard his friend saying 『Oh, but panty hoses-』 but she shot down those thoughts and left that place.

After trying out everything she found there, she began touring the rest of the store, wondering if there was anything else she had missed, and eventually found herself back at the Magical Knights section.

Even though it was the same store, that area looked completely different. As she went further in, she began to recall the words of the maids at the castle, who had said that the magical girl style was in vogue.

As she reached further in, she noticed that there was a whole rack of underwear next to the wall, adjacent to the Magical Knights section. Then she also noticed that there were many racks with underwear that matched the magical girl style within the section itself.

「Who would’ve thought they had a dedicated area for this…」

A small mini-skirt was a common part of the magical girl style designs, and as there was no special magic to defend against wardrobe accidents in this world, it was essential to have the right type of underwear. Considering the massive following Magical Knights had garnered, it made sense that they would also start selling underwear and inner pants so their clients could wear their products at ease.

They had various products similar to those Mira had tried earlier, but also had stockings, petticoat pants, and other varieties. At first glance there were some with frills, lace, culottes, some that emphasized cuteness or sexiness, and so on.

(This place feels even more feminine than the others…)

Mira began to regret not checking there first, but before she could run up to take a closer look, she noticed a group of three girls already there.

That area felt almost like a lingerie store, but those three girls looked like they were between fourteen and seventeen years old, all fully clad in magical girl style clothes, and examining the products on sale with earnest looks.

Unlike Mira, those three were girls through and through, and so they took care of every aspect of wearing their beloved magical girl style clothes, which tended to have really short skirts.

「These ones look so cute. Look, even if you catch a glimpse like this their color just pops.」
「You think so? Hmm, I still like these ones better. Are they bad?」
「They’re not bad bad, I just like how these spice things up a bit more.」

They were discussing the inner pants they were trying out there, letting each other see what they had and arguing about them.

At the same time, considering that there were only women in the store, the girls were far more careless with their skirts. Or rather, they were raising their hems just like Mira had done in front of the mirror earlier, preparing for any situation.

(I’m still very inexperienced, so this could serve as reference of how girls who have done this longer act. Yes, this is merely study, I’m just watching them to learn, nothing more.)

Mira slowly moved closer to those girls, allured by their sweet shrieks and the way they waved their skirts like a matador waves his mantle…or rather, to learn more about how women behaved, as she kept repeating herself as an excuse to no one in particular.

Then she went much closer to that area, randomly shuffling around the shelves acting like she was just a regular client, while spying on the girls’ actions and conversation.

Since Mira looked just like another girl there, she did not appear suspicious, so the girls continued picking inner pants unbothered. They continued exposing their skirts even with Mira watching from nearby.

She also made sure to pay attention to their conversation, trying to learn the various reasons they chose one or another set, and checking if she had done the same earlier. There was some merit to her excuse after all.

But her eyes were glued to their skirts, paying attention to the way they would raise and flip them, while nodding to herself and still trying to act like she was only studying.

As time went on, she ended up learning more personal details about those girls, on top of how women usually went about picking clothes.


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