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Chapter 242: Fitting (Part 1)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2972 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1237 words
Editor(s): Fire

While living as a girl had not been Mira’s plan, she had accepted this was her reality now. And so she decided to just follow her ideals to the end.

「An underwear cover sounds simple enough, but there’s a shocking variety here…」

As expected from a large store, there were plenty of items that fit Mira’s needs. Now she was only going through them and ruling out those that ruined her charming legs and figure.

Even with those conditions there was plenty of variety for Mira to choose from, from shorts, to leggings, skorts, tights, and so on, making it difficult to make a decision.

「Well, I’ll just have to try and see.」

Rather than thinking about it, it would be faster to try them on and see how they actually looked. With that idea in mind, she grabbed a few things she wanted to try and went to the mirror, completely overlooking the fitting room nearby.

First she tried the shorts. They did not extend past the skirt, and she preserved her cuteness.

Then she grabbed the hem of her skirt and lifted it, verifying that her underwear was still protected even if her skirt was upturned. They were just as secure as the pants from earlier, letting her move however she wanted.

「Yes, it’s no exaggeration to consider them impenetrable walls.」

Mira began to hop around and turn, checking how the shorts looked when she made her skirt move. Eventually she was satisfied, knowing it would fulfill its purpose and still allow her to move freely.

「This seems to be the best candidate so far.」

In the past, if Mira had found out a girl was wearing shorts under her skirt, she would have been filled with indignation, as that would crush all hopes of catching a glimpse under the skirt by accident. But now it was her who was doing that, and decreasing those chances was her objective.

Mira began to feel like she was finally starting to understand the female mind, as the skorts would allow her to preserve the cuteness of a mini-skirt while letting her move more freely. Though as she lifted her skirt again, she still felt a pang of disappointment.

Then she tried putting on a pair of leggings, and just like earlier, stood in front of the mirror with them.

The leggings she chose were the shortest ones she could find, which barely reached to the hem of her skirt. Calling them spats was probably more accurate.

「Hmm, not too bad either.」

They fit her quite tightly, while still feeling like casual clothes. They also let her move as comfortably as the skorts from earlier, so she put those in her list of candidates as well.

Then she tried lifting her own skirt again, letting her see how the black spats concealed her underwear. Their fit was much more tight as well, covering the small gap the skorts from earlier had shown.

In other words, they were even more effective than the skorts at covering her underwear.

But there was one small issue.

「I remember him singing the praises of these too…」

That friend she had recalled had once also praised spats in the past, mentioning how they did not ruin the curves of one’s thighs and buttocks, but actually accentuated them, with the best part being the faint raised line caused by the underwear beneath.

「I see what he meant now…」

Seeing her own spats reminded her of that friend’s words, and she understood what he meant now. At first sight there was nothing suggestive about them, but those who knew could find a delicate eroticism in them.

Mira had never expected that finding something to wear under her skirt could be such an elaborate science, but she felt like she was mastering a new side of life, so she put even more effort into her search for clothes.

The next thing Mira tried was likely the most stereotypical solution to her problem, a pair of bloomers. Those were commonly thought of as decorous underwear that could be seen even if one’s skirt was turned over, also known by some as the king of showoff underwear across the ages.

「Somehow it looks like a fancy diaper…」

Mira muttered her first impressions as she held them up, and then began putting them on while standing in front of the mirror.

「Hmm, much better.」

They were essentially baggy panties, so they vanished underneath her skirt, and did not affect her movements at all. She still hopped and kicked around just in case, making sure everything worked properly.

Once that was done, she moved onto the main test, raising the hem of her skirt to fully expose what lay underneath.

「I see…that’s what he meant.」

The bloomers under her skirt were black, adorned with fancy lace that brought an air of refined elegance to her appearance. It was almost like the act of revealing that enhanced her attractiveness to a new level.

That made her understand why they were considered showoff underwear as more of her friend’s words resurfaced in her mind.

He had once said that bloomers were made to conceal actual underwear, but as they were shaped like underwear, they were enough to tingle his mind too.

「I wonder what makes them different…」

She began to think about that as she continued staring at the mirror. The bloomers she was wearing looked just like underwear, but somehow they were considered okay to let others see.

The whole point of bloomers was to cover one’s actual underwear beneath, but at first glance they also looked like fancy underwear one might wear for special occasions. And yet they were not considered underwear.

Staring at her upturned skirt, Mira continued wondering exactly what set them apart, and whether they were in direct contact with her skin or not really made such a big difference.

She could only tilt her head in wonder, but she also felt like the lace and adornments on the bloomers enhanced her cuteness.

Her mind continued mulling over that question as she moved on to try a set of black tights.

Those were made of highly elastic fabric, and covered her entire legs and feet. They were like legendary underwear covers, that would not only conceal one’s underwear, but all skin of one’s legs.

「Ohoh…look at that..! I see, hmhm.」

After putting on the black tights, Mira looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were filled with determination, willing to peruse this matter to its fullest.

She examined her whole body carefully. Going from her face down to her neck, chest, waist, and then her legs extending down from her hips.

Having done that a few times, she proudly announced, 「Everything matches perfectly.」

While she had lost the appeal of the mini-skirt surrounding her bare legs, the tights made their shape and contours stand out a lot more, inciting a different type of arousal.

Not to mention that Mira’s excellent figure matched that perfectly, elevating her appearance to new heights

「I knew it, I’m a beaut.」

She had designed that appearance to match her ideals after all, so she was obviously pleased with how she looked now. Next she began moving around with the black tights.

「Good, I can hardly feel them.」


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