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Chapter 241: Mira Looks for Clothes (Part 2)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3025 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1406 words
Editor(s): Fire

The clothes Mira usually considered as looking cool clashed harshly with her current cute appearance.

So left without options, she returned the robes while recalling how cool and dignified she used to look as Danbulf, which brought her immense sadness.

「Maybe if I could find a Vanity Case somewhere…」

Muttering that, it occurred to Mira to ask the Spirit King about it, wondering if he knew of any spell, magic, or item that could alter her appearance. But he replied that he had never heard of anything like that, revealing the harsh truth that not even he could cause such a miracle.

「I guess I have no choice but to accentuate my cuteness then.」

Understanding that there was no possible way to become Danbulf again, Mira let out a conflicted voice, which was both optimistic and pessimistic at the same time. Then, with a sigh, she turned around and went out to the street. There she stopped, tilted her head, and turned around to look at the store again.

「That wasn’t it!」

She finally recalled her original goal there, after having seen all the male robes that she was interested in. She was not looking for cool robes, but for something to stop her mini-skirt from revealing her underwear.

That was essentially the opposite of looking for a stylish robe. Remembering that, Mira entered the store again, and this time she avoided getting distracted and headed straight for the second floor with the women’s clothes.

「How do I put this… The air here feels different.」

Mira could not tell if it was her own mood or something more tangible that made the second floor look a lot more glamorous. The most obvious difference was that nearly everyone there was female, but then Mira found the actual source of that feeling.

A fourth of the entire floor was arranged differently, displaying outfits in neatly spaced hangers instead of the piles one had to search through from the rest of the store.

「Trends can be a terrifying thing…」

That whole corner of the floor was dedicated exclusively to magical girl style outfits, and even had a large sign that read ‘Exclusive Magical Knights Items’.

Mira had heard of Magical Knights before, as they were a brand dedicated to producing magical girl style outfits. Something about that area lured Mira to get closer.

Their popularity was palpable, as there were many women there already, and all of them were clad in those very clothes.

It was almost like she had stepped into a cosplay convention, though they did not look particularly out of place in this fantasy world. Mira moved forward while admiring all of the women around her, and eventually reached a set of displays labeled First Generation.

According to the description next to it, they were the first run of outfits made by Magical Knights, with revolutionary robe designs that had sparked the modern trend.

「I had a hunch this was the case.」

All of the outfits were encased in glass cases and presented neatly. They also looked familiar to Mira, or rather, they were identical to many outfits she had seen in magical girl animes in the past. They were replicas of the original outfits made by Magical Knights, but because of their legendary status they all had exorbitant prices.

Magical Knights had been the brand behind the invention of the magical girl style movement, and by now Mira was convinced that they were run by a former player. And at the same time, she also began to feel like she could have a really nice time having a conversation with their founder and Solomon.

(I can tell they know what they’re doing, picking the outfit of the second season of that specific series.)

There was an anime with three magical girls as protagonists, who would mature as the series went on, and Mira believed that their outfits in the second season were the best.

While thinking of that, she recalled that she also went with Solomon and their other friends to watch the movie adaptation at one point.

(I wonder if they also have the final battle mode outfits.)

Those were not on display in the store, but by now Mira was convinced that they had been made as well at some point, considering the founder’s tastes. While thinking of that, she kept reminding herself of the reason why she was there, so she continued searching for something to conceal her underwear.

The store was really large, and the other areas outside of the Magical Knights one were filled with clothing items. It was almost like the store had taken the challenge of packing as many clothes as possible into the space available to them, leaving the pathways so narrow that two people could barely walk next to each other. If a client was busy looking at a dress, one would need to wriggle a little to get by, which obviously meant a lot of physical contact.

In other words, it was like the ideal shortcut to touch a woman’s body.

「Sorry, passing by.」
「Ah, sorry…」

An unwritten rule of this store was to always rub against each other when passing by to avoid bumping the racks and shelves of clothes. Mira quickly noticed that by observing the store, and put it into effect, rubbing against various glamorous women. Every time she felt their soft bodies pressing against her, a grin appeared across her lips.

Moving like that, she eventually reached the area with the women’s bottoms.

「Hmm, where do I start…」

Mira was confronted by a problem as she looked at the items available, wondering what to wear under her skirt. Then it hit her, she had never really tried to find clothes for her current body. Not to mention that she was a girl now, so everything was new to her.

「Maybe this…though this looks easy to wear too.」

Eventually she reached for a pair of navy blue pants. Wearing them would cover everything below her skirt and she would never have to worry about something peeking through again. They would be like an impenetrable wall protecting her underwear, even if her skirt were to shatter into a million pieces.

Glad of her quick victory, she hurried to slip her legs into the pants and went to a nearby mirror to look at herself.

「It’s..! I see, I get it now, that’s what he meant.」

Mira’s outfit was on the cutesy side, with a mini-skirt that enhanced that charm and accentuated the shape of her legs. But seeing herself now, she was reminded of the words of a certain friend she had.

That was back in the heyday of the VR era, and that friend was an excellent student who had been admitted into a real school. And then when winter came, he began ranting with tears in his eyes, condemning the actions of his female classmates who had started wearing tracksuit pants under their skirts. And he also kept insisting with all seriousness that if anything they should wear black tights then.

At the time, Mira believed he was just a degenerate for saying such things. But now that she was seeing herself in a similar situation, she understood the gravity of that sin.

「No, I’ll never accept this.」

She had created her body as her ideal creation, the epitome of beauty, with a pair of incredible legs extending down from a mini-skirt. And now the simple action of wearing pants had sullied that appearance, robbing her of that perfect charm.

So she hurried to take off those pants and threw them away. Then she looked at the mirror again to admire her bare thighs.

(Truly, I wouldn’t ever dare cripple this cuteness.)

She had put a lot of care and effort into creating her ideal appearance, so she had also grown attached to it. Now with renewed goals, she began looking through the available clothes, this time making sure it would be something that would preserve her silhouette.

But the way she went around picking clothes was still different from the other women there. She still had the rather masculine viewpoint that mini-skirts existed to show off one’s legs, so she searched for something that would align with that idea, after returning the pants to their shelf.


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