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Chapter 241: Mira Looks for Clothes (Part 1)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2973 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1328 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Ah, Detective Wolf. We were just looking for you. There’s been a bit of a problem regarding that day.」

While they talked in the street, an employee walked out of the Spellcasters’ Union and spoke to the detective the moment he saw him. But then he noticed that the detective was talking with Mira, so he apologized for interrupting.

「Oh, don’t worry about me.」

Mira noticed that the detective seemed to be busy with many things, so if talking to the employee’s would take a while, she suggested she could go meet the detective the next day.

So the detective asked the employee how complicated of an issue it was, and found out it was going to take a while to discuss that.

「I’m sorry, Mira. It seems we’ll have to continue tomorrow.」

The detective apologized, but mentioned that he would be free the entire next day, as it was the one before the scheduled heist, so they would be able to discuss everything wherever they wanted.

There were still many things they had to iron out for their plan, as well as do some test runs to make sure their position and aim was correct, amongst other things.

While Mira largely understood what to do, they had not discussed what to do if any irregularities surged, and what to do after they were in pursuit of the thief.

Ironing everything out would take a considerable amount of time.

(Hm, is that..!)

As Mira began to think where and at what time to meet the next day, she caught sight of an interesting sign atop a store further along the street.

‘All-you-can-eat festival opening in celebration of Fuzzy Dice’s arrival!’

The store underneath the sign was a very fancy-looking sweets store, which did not look like the kind of place to make all-you-can-eat offers.

The sign also had a passionately drawn portrait of Fuzzy Dice, so it was easy to assume that the owner had to be one of his hardcore fans.

(What in the world…)

Mira shuddered, almost like she had seen something horrifying, but she still approached the place, lured by it.

They were offering all-you-can-eat cakes between 12pm to 2pm for the next three days.

That made Mira more interested in the sign, so she examined the place even more closely, and soon realized that it was a really high class sweets store, though the sign somewhat ruined that impression.

Further down the sign there were other items also available in the all-you-can-eat menu, starting with cakes, bavarois, tiramisu, parfaits, ice cream, gelato, and so on.

The unit price of those items was also rather high, with the cheapest being 3,000 Rils. While the large sign ruined it’s facade, it was clear that usually that store was a fancy place.

But the biggest surprise was that a place like that was offering all-you-can-eat service for an entrance fee of just 8,000 Rils. The cheapest item in the menu cost 3,000 Rils, so eating three of those would be enough to get a good deal out of it, and just one of the more expensive items would recoup the entrance fee as well.

Operating like that would likely incur a huge loss for the store, but that also made it clear just how much of a fan of Fuzzy Dice the owner was.

「What do you say if we meet up there at 12pm tomorrow?」

The detective had said they could meet anywhere at any time the next day, so Mira glanced at that sign and suggested that, and he followed her gaze to look at the sign.

After a short moment, he replied with a firm voice 「Alright, I don’t mind. Let’s meet there then.」

Having parted ways with the detective, Mira went to the shopping district to find something to eat for lunch, eventually settling on getting a Fuzzy Dice lunchbox, which she began eating on a bench at a plaza.

There she noticed a group of Fuzzy Dice fans gathered in one area. They were talking about the best location to be in, all of them desperate to get a good look at the thief when he appeared either at the church or the Union, and trying to compete to secure the best locations.

(They’re out of their minds…but at least they still have some manners…)

Their shrill shrieks Mira could overhear told her that the locations they were competing for were all limited to specific corners that would not disturb the business of nearby stores, and even their current location did not get in the way of anyone.

Some of them tried suggesting entering the church’s place of worship, or the balcony on the Warriors’ Union, but they knew they would not get permission to do that just for wanting to see Fuzzy Dice. Eventually Mira was done eating from her lunchbox, so she stood up and carefully walked past that crowd.

「Ohh right, now that I think about it…」

As Mira walked along the street heading to a certain shop, she noticed a clothing store nearby.

It was a rather large building that stood out from the rest, serving as both store and tailoring shop. Just the outside displays alone had everything from underwear to regular clothes, festival and ceremonial outfits, and even reinforced clothes for adventurers.

Seeing that, Mira recalled the advice Julius had given her earlier. Her current outfit would leave her underwear fully exposed if she moved around too much.

「I guess I can look around.」

While Mira did not care whatsoever if people looked at her underwear, that was only her feelings. Now she was beginning to realize that a true gentleman also would be considerate for the feelings of others.

But more importantly, she had a hunch that she would completely forget about it if she kept waiting. So now that she had been reminded of it, she decided to enter the store.

It was a really large store, even though it was a considerable distance away from the center of the city, and was branded Marc & Strelitz. Because of the large variety of items it carried, the many shelves gave the store a crammed appearance. But the sheer volume of merchandise also increased the sense of searching for treasure when going through it. Everything was also categorized neatly, giving it a sense of order even amongst the crammed shelves.

「This is the biggest variety I’ve seen so far in one place.」

Mira muttered with admiration as she looked around, seeing all the clients inside the store. Then again, she hardly ever visited clothing stores before, so her opinion on this being the biggest place meant little. Regardless of that, Marc & Strelitz was still overflowing with items.

「Now that I think about it, these clothes are my only outfit, so I should fill up my wardrobe here!」

The store had two floors, with the first one dedicated to men’s clothing, and the second floor for women. The entrance was on the first floor, so the stylish and cool male clothes being recommended by the store were on full display there.

So Mira instantly forgot her goal of finding something to cover her underwear, and instead she went to look for cool male robes.

「Ohh, these are really nice. These red lines as accents really enhance it.」

Mira had an affinity for clothes with strong designs rather than functionality, and she picked three sets of robes out of the many available which she liked best, and brought them to a large mirror nearby.

There she tried lining them up with her figure, their designs tingling the side of her brain which still had the tastes of a teenager, but then she sighed. The reason for that was simple, they were all too large for Mira’s petite girlish body, even in S size.

「Hm…this looks a bit…」


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