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Episode 88 Mansion of the Demon King

At the moment, the team of Seiya could be spotted in the mountains outside the second district.

That mountain was located near the second district and wasn’t that high, however, the road was rough and uneven. In order to rescue Moka, the team headed to the Demon King Mansion on the other side of the mountain.

IT was around 10 in the morning and the team left the city about an hour ago. Since they used their magic horses, they covered quite a bit of distance but couldn’t see the Demon King Mansion yet.

Only rocks were in their line of sight.

The student council members thought about certain something as they rode their horses.

They thought about the spell『Dark Wave』used by Grisfon just a while ago. They had no recollection of such a spell but they did see a similar thing.

That was a mysterious technique that Seiya used on the adventurers in the guild.

At that time, Seiya just waved his finger and their spells disappeared without a trace. That sight closely resembled the sight of Grisfon erasing Selena’s magic bullets.

At that time, Selena remembered one more thing. Back then, Seiya used an unknown technique to erase the ear of a suspicious person that tailed them from the bar.

Back then, Seiya erased his ear with a wave of his finger and even managed to restore it after that.

Seiya erasing the man’s left ear resembled him erasing the spells of the adventurers. A hypothesis was born inside of Selena’s head.

Maybe that spell, 『Dark Wave』, is a spell capable of completely erasing the target.

Once she arrived at that point, she couldn’t restrain herself anymore.

Selena had her horse come close to Seiya, who was currently riding in the lead, to ask. Seeing her suddenly appearing next to him, Seiya asked with a wondering face.

「What’s wrong?」
「Hey,『Dark Wave』, what is it?」

Seiya’s expression froze for a moment. However, in the next moment, he made a face as if he decided on something and had his horse decelerate.

Upon him slowing down, the rest of the team followed suit. Seiya got down from his horse saying that it was time for a break.

Seeing Seiya getting down from his horse, the rest got down too.

Seiya proceeded to the nearest clearing and told everyone to sit down. Seiya hesitated for a moment but considering the place they were about to infiltrate he had no choice but to talk about it.

Seiya prepared himself and started.

「Thinking of the place we are going to, I feel that I need to make it clear. That being said, you can’t tell what I’m about to say to anyone. If you speak about this in Leiria, the Holy Church will detain you without any questions. Please make a necessary resolve」

Once he said that, he started to quietly talk about the dark attribute.

「In the Leiria Kingdom, there are composite and derived attributes but they basically consist of the fire, water, wind, and light attributes.

However, there is no such thing as the light attribute in this country, instead, there is another attribute in its place. It’s the dark attribute like that of『Dark Wave』you all saw earlier」

Hearing the words dark attribute, the student council turned silent. They thought of such a possibility but upon hearing it personally, their common sense couldn’t keep up.

Seeing their reaction, Seiya remembered that seeing is believing and decided to demonstrate.

Seiya waved his finger towards a nearby rock.

In the next moment, the rock disappeared as is it was never present in that place.

They couldn’t understand what happened but their instincts made them shudder in fear. If this magic is to be used against the target that doesn’t know its effect……Selena got goosebumps just by thinking about it.

Faced with their expressions, Seiya continued with the explanation.

「This was an elementary spell of the dark attribute『Dark Wave』」

Selena and the rest received a shock when they heard that『Dark Wave』was just an elementary spell. It won’t be surprising for this spell to be classified as an advanced one in the Leiria Kingdom. But for it to be treated as an elementary spell. They felt their hair stand straight.

「The greatest feature of this attribute is a possibility of eliminating the chant」
「Without chanting?」
「Right. To be precise, the existence of a chant itself if being erased. For the dark attribute, as for any other, there is also a special effect」
「Is that erasing? 」

Asked Mona. Seiya answered her question with an explanation.

「Correct. Like that, 『Dark Wave』is able to erase the chant. If you meet such a magician, you should immediately run away. Most likely, you won’t stand a chance」
「But can we escape? 」
「Well, that may be difficult. However, there aren’t that many magicians capable of using『Dark Wave』without the chant, so relax」 [1]

Said Seiya while recalling Grisfon.

Although that guy used a magic stone, he did manage to unleash it without the chant. The people on the sides called him an A-rank adventurer because of that.

For that, he understood that being able to use『Dark Wave』without the chant was enough to qualify as an A-rank adventurer and that the A-rank adventurers are rarely seen. That’s why Seiya wasn’t concerned about it too much.

「Is there any countermeasure if your opponent is the dark attribute user?」

Asked Selena. Selena knows the frightening aspect of the dark attribute more that the other two. That’s why she was so interested in a method to oppose it.

「Of course there is. In short, the light attribute. It is said that no other element can counter the light attribute in Leiria but the dark attribute can.
The opposite is also true, the light attribute can contend against the dark attribute. That being said, it is impossible in your case so you better dodge」
「Dodge, he said…….」

Selena became exasperated at his ridiculous explanation. However, Seiya didn’t know any other method instead of dodging.

「In general, the chant is still necessary for the dark element magic. That’s why you don’t have to be so frightened. Is there is one, who can do it, leave him to me and run away. Yua can withstand it too by the way」

While making unresigned expressions, the team proceeded forward once again. In the end, no one asked「Why can Seiya use the dark attribute? 」.

After another two hours of horse riding, the team finally caught sight of the Demon King Mansion.

The Demon King Mansion was more of a tower than a mansion. Its height was beyond that of the 8-story hotel that they stayed in. That stone tower looked sturdy and intimidating.

「All right then, shall we go?」

Selena was surprised at his casual approach.

Even though it was the enemy’s stronghold, he started walking as if going to a convenience store in the neighborhood. By the way, the magic horses were bound to a nearby rock.

As Yua and Lily followed closely behind him, Selena and the rest hurried after them.

As a matter of course, there was a gatekeeper near the entrance to the tower, who blocked their path.

「Wait, who are you?」

There were four gatekeepers. The four had weapons and looked competent. However, it had no meaning before Seiya.

「Just have some business with your Lord. Let me through」

Listening to Seiya, who was too familiar with the Demon King, the gatekeepers’ pupils shrunk for a moment but they immediately deemed it a lie and turned intimidating.

In the first place, a boy like Seiya couldn’t possibly be the Demon King’s friend, he was just a suspicious person. The gatekeepers pulled out their swords and pointed them at Seiya and the rest.

「I will warn you only once. If you let me pass, I won’t kill you」

Faced with his relaxed attitude, the gatekeepers became enraged and slashed at Seiya.

「Don’t screw with me!」
「You are the one, who will be killed」
「Prepare yourself」


The moment Seiya waved his finger at the gatekeepers, their existence vanished from this world.

To be precise, their bodies were erased thanks to Seiya.

Since Seiya killed them too nonchalantly, the student council members couldn’t comprehend what happened at first. However, when this fact gradually seeped into them, they immediately asked.

「Why did you kill them?」
「Wasn’t that overdoing things?」

A person was killed before their eyes for the first time. The three had trouble to accept the reality. Perhaps, is Seiya killed them after a hard fight, they wouldn’t have minded it too much.

However, he killed a person too easily.

Of course, Seiya had a reason for that.

「What are you saying? This is a fight. The enemies may kill me if I hold back. This is different from the practice fights in the academy. The other side was going to kill me. We should be ready to kill too」

Seiya’s opinion was a correct one.

Because Yua and Lily have experience in the dark territory, they could easily accept it.

However, the student council didn’t have such experience. Since they ventured into the dark territory the problems were mostly solved by Seiya, they didn’t meet with any life or death situations.

That’s why they couldn’t easily accept Seiya’s actions.

That was also one of Seiya’s worried since the day they departed.

Killing people is not the same as killing monsters. Although it is essentially the same, the hesitation may be born depending on your opponent being a human or not. And a moment of hesitation separates life from death.

That’s why Seiya said once again.

「You can treat it like a war. It’s impossible for everyone to survive, if you want to protect something, you must have the resolve to take something away from your opponent. Even if it’s a life」

The three answered with silence.

「If it’s now, you still have time. Those, who didn’t resolve themselves to kill, go back. You will only increase the risks」

Said Seiya and headed inside the tower. Yua and Lily followed right after.

The three looked at each other and decided on an answer. We came all the way here to save Moka. If you need our resolve, we have it.

The three followed Seiya into the tower.


  1. Why do I feel that they will bump into them all the time. 
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