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Episode 89 Each and Everyone’s Resolve

When Seiya and the rest entered the tower, they saw its wide interior along with a stairway leading up.

Then, Seiya vigilantly proceeded up into the room. After discovering nothing dangerous, he gave the rest a sign and climbed the stairs.

Upon reaching the second floor, they were greeted with the same wide room as before with the addition of some human shadow. That being said, there weren’t that many of them and they weren’t particularly strong either.

When Seiya tried to cast『Dark Wave』in their direction, he was stopped by Selena.

「Leave them to us. We will show you our resolve」
「Shall we do it? 」
「Let’s go」

The student council moved to demonstrate their resolve to Seiya.

Selena pulled out her magic guns and run towards the center of the room. The enemy soldier that stood there was surprised at her sudden appearance but immediately pulled out his own gun and tried to pull the trigger.

However, no bullets left his barrel. The reason being, he wasn’t able to pull the trigger.

Looking closely at the gun, its trigger part was frozen. Of course, it was Aishi who did that.

Selena released the red mana bullets towards the defenseless enemy soldiers decimating them one after another.

And Mona’s knives decimated those, lucky enough to survive.

「This is our resolve」
「How about this?」
「We can do it」

Towards the student council members and their daring appearance, Seiya said with a smile.

「You’ve passed. Your resolve is true, no doubt」

Hearing his approval, the student council rejoiced. However, Seiya’s words didn’t end with just that.

「But you took too much time. We won’t be able to maintain secrecy like this」 [1] 「Uh……..」

Groaned Selena.

「Whatever. This brings an end to our cover. From now on, we shall go with fanfare」
「「「「「Eh? 」」」」」

Seiya grinned and lifted his hands towards the ceiling. No one understood what was happening. However, Seiya didn’t mind and activated the spell.

「Let’s go.『Dark Cannon』」
「Are you kidding me!?」

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Accompanying Selena’s voice, the ceiling above them disappeared. Seiya spell, as its name suggests, was a simple spell that fired mana of the dark attribute forward.

By doing this, he made everything up to the 10th floor disappear. Of course, there were plenty of enemy soldiers on those floors but they disappeared without a trace.

「Hey, lolicon! It was an overkill however you look at it」
「Seiya, you overdid things……..」
「Seiya, it was amazing! 」
「This is…….I don’t have any words to describe it」

They complained about Seiya’s rough approach but it was a fact that the number of enemy soldiers decreased considerably. However, at the same time, their team was discovered and the rest of the enemy soldiers started descending under the sounds of the alarm.

When Seiya tried to climb higher, he noticed a certain something.

「Crap, there are no stairs」

The rest couldn’t understand what he was saying. Looking in a direction of the stairway, they found nothing except for the now beautiful and smooth surface of the tower.

「Hey, what have you done?」
「Relax, We have Lily. If you don’t mind, Lily」
「All right! Come! Gedo-chan! 」

Once Lily said that, a big water sphere appeared and transformed into the water dragon. The team immediately climbed on the back of the dragon made out of water and flew towards the upper floors.

「Eliminate all the enemies as we fly up」

Saying that, Seiya released one『Dark Wave』after another annihilating the enemy troops.

Yua created the Yurial and released the arrows of light destroying the enemies around them. Lily too pierced the enemies with the water laser.

Selena, with her magic guns, Mona, with her flying knives, and Aishi, with her ice projectiles. They kept robbing the enemies of their lives.

Only after reaching the 15th floor and getting off Gedo-chan did they proceed on foot.

A lot of enemies awaited them in that room. In a room that was much wider that before, about 1000 soldiers of a greater than before strength waited for them with their weapons ready.

「Apparently, the enemies are prepared for our arrival」

Said Seiya as he summoned his favorite swords, the Hollins. Yua took a stance with her rapier, Yuriel, instead of her bow, Yurial. Lily and the rest also assumed battle positions.

Right before everyone sprang into action, Seiya said.

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「The one, who defeats the least amount of enemies, is going to buy everyone’s lunch for a week when we return to the Leiria Kingdom」

As he said that, he activated『Mantle of Light』, explosively accelerated, and went forward destroying the enemies in his way.

「Seiya, unfair…….」

Saying so, Yua activated『Single Light』and went to destroy the enemies. The enemies stabbed by the Yuriel didn’t die immediately. However, in a moment they burst from the inside in a gruesome manner.

It was just an act of Yua filling the enemies with mana of the light attribute and causing them to explode from the inside but the enemies, who weren’t aware of the light attribute, were in terror.

「Lily won’t lose!」

Lily released one water laser after another accurately piercing their hearts. The enemy soldiers could only see the appearance of Lily penetrating 10 people with one water laser as merciless.

Gazing at this spectacle, Mona suddenly said.

「Let’s join them, shall we」
「This is a fight with our lives on the line. We resolved ourselves to come here. The same goes for our opponent. It seems that our resolve is still too weak.
Here, in this place, I shall demonstrate my resolve one again. I won’t hesitate any longer. Besides, I don’t want to be the one to buy everyone’s lunch for a week」

Said Mona with a smile, pointed at the enemies with her cane, and cast her magic.


Myriad of knives flew in the air destroying the enemies one after another. There was no hesitation in their movements, just the intent to defeat the enemy.

「Selena-senpai. Let’s do it」
「Aishi? 」
「This is not the Leiria Kingdom. I think that we were too naive. That’s why I’m going to do it」

Aishi said as such and made an ice creation. Twin swords. With the twin swords in her hands, Aishi plunged in the midst of enemies.

She cut down the enemy soldiers one after another with her twin swords and, once someone got behind her back, she changed her swords into the katana and pierced him.

After that, she changed it into a spear, ax, knife and many other weapons destroying the enemies in the process.

Watching the two, Selena became aware of her own naivety. Regarding this plan, Selena thought that she had the biggest resolve of everyone present. However, in reality, she had the smallest one.

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Selena made a decision. No more hesitation.

「The abyss of the fire maiden, manifest『Atos』」

Selena’s『Atos』, as if to respond to her determination, fiercely branched towards the enemy.

The red laser and its twenty thousand branches hit the enemies burning their bodies. The enemies tried to avoid the laser but sine『Atos』was of the tracking type, their efforts bore no fruit.

The red laser burned the enemies one after another.

In such a manner, the enemies were annihilated. Seiya and the rest, who were the main reason of their annihilation, climbed the stairs to the next floor. On the way, Seiya suddenly said.

「According to my calculations, bird woman killed the least. Bird woman, once we return our lunches are on you」
「Why is that!?」
「Why, she said. Because you defeated the least amount of enemies」
「Arara, Selena, I leave everything to you」
「Selena-senpai, you’ve got it」
「Thanks, big sister Selena! 」
「Eh? Were you serious back then? 」
「Of course」
「You have to be kidding me~」

They arrived at the seventeenth floor as they had such a conversation. However, different from the previous floors, it wasn’t wide and only had two doors.

「Apparently, we need to split up into two teams here
「Looks like it」

For a moment, everyone’s faces became serious. That was also a proof of the student council’s newfound determination.

「All right then, how should we split….?」

Thought Seiya as he stared at everyone’s faces. Since they showed their intention to follow his arrangement, Seiya split the team in the most efficient and safe manner.

「Considering the possibility of encountering the dark element it is better for me and Yua to act separately. Also, Lily, who can transmit information without a telepathy stone, should join Yua’s team…….」

Until this point, the division happened easily. The problem comes after.

Who should join Yua and Lily? Normally he should have chosen Aishi with her weapon skills but considering her affinity with Lily it could become a problem.

On the other hand, choosing Selena is troublesome in its own way. Thus, Mona became the natural choice.

「Mona, join Yua and Lily」

At that time, Seiya didn’t know. He shouldn’t have put Mona and Lily on the same team.

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「That settles it. I don’t think I need to remind you but our operation’s goal is to rescue Moka Fenix. As soon as you discover Moka Fenix, immediately report and retreat. Avoid needless fighting as much as possible. You aren’t permitted to die」
「Yeah, I understand」

Like that, everyone separated and entered their respective doors.

Right before opening the door, Yua hugged Seiya, whispered「cheating is prohibited」in his ear, and left after a deep kiss, as well as some other things occurred, however, Moka Fenix rescue operation finally entered its second stage. [2]

Seiya, Selena, Aishi
Yua, Lily, Mona

No one knew about the tragedy that will result from this choice.

Thank you for always reading me. The fight starts at last. The peerless Seiya will encounter a lot of fighting from now on!
This signifies the last update of this year. Thank you for all your support during these three months. See you again next year if it’s fine with you. Happy New Year, everyone
While I’m at it, this author finally started his own Twitter. I’m going to write my progress there, follow it if you’d like. Until we meet again |・x・)ノ [3]


  1. Secrecy? Is this a thing in this operation? 
  2. I came up with a super plan. Put six doors. 
  3. Author’s note. 

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