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Episode 87 Trouble Full Throttle from the Morning!?

Another problem occurred in the cafeteria. Next to the five girls, three men sat down without their permission.

Those men wore rings and necklaces and looked quite like the players. These men forcibly approached the girls, who tried to refuse them.

Their sat in order Yua, Seiya’s seat, and Lily with Mona, Selena, and Aishi on the other side but the men took the seat next to Yua and tried to talk with her.

「Hey, at least tell me your name」
「We are staying on the seventh floor, you know」
「How about going out with us somewhere」

The brown-haired man on Seiya’s seat tried to talk to Yua only to be completely ignored.

Normally, she would have trashed the men who dared to take Seiya seat. However, since she couldn’t use her light attribute here, she decided to ignore him.

Being refused by Yua, this time, the man tried to talk to Lily on the other side.

「hey, you’re cute. What is your name? 」

Lily looked at the man with a disgusted face. From her expression, the man understood that he was completely rejected by her but contrary to Yua, he decided to start his conquest with her, since she at least answered him.

「Do you not know me? People call me Grisfon」

At these words, the customers around them, other that the five, showed their surprise.

「Oi, Grisfon is?」
「Yeah, probably」
「It can’t be, that A-rank adventurer?」
「Than the other two are B-rank adventurers」
「They are the recently trending adventurers family」
「Grisfon family, huh……」

The brown-haired man, Grisfon, grinned hearing the words of the customers. The men felt good seeing the rumor spread so far.

The surrounding customers immediately gave up upon hearing the name of the Grisfon family. Their level was just that high.

Trying to show off, he stretched his hand towards Lily. At that time, Lily became his inside his mind.

Every time the women heard his name, they immediately became his.

「How about you stop right now!」

Don! Don!

Selena, who sat across the man, pulled out her magic gun and released two bullets towards the man that still tried to reach Lily with his hand.

The guests were surprised at an unexpected turn of events but Grisfon just lifted his hand and muttered.

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「『Dark Wave』」

In the next moment, the two mana bullets disappeared without a trace. Grisfon said to Selena with a depraved look in his eyes.

「Relax. After I finish with her, you are next. No need to be impatient」

Apparently, in Grisfon’s mind, they already became his women. Selena was surprised at her bullets suddenly disappearing but shot again nevertheless.

Don! Don! Don! Don!

This time she shot twice the amount, four bullets but Grisfon lifted his hand once again and muttered.

「『Dark Wave』」

Immediately after he said that the bullets disappeared without a trace, nothing was left behind. Grisfon became a bit irritated at Selena’s pointless behavior.

「It’s useless. You can’t defeat me. Obediently wait for your turn to come. At that time, I will play with you」

Having said that, Grisfon tried to touch Lily. Selena intended to attack Grisfon with her magic guns once again but Lily words stopped her in her tracks.

「It’s all right」

For a moment, Selena couldn’t understand what she just heard. But from Lily’s face, she could see a certain confidence.

Selena, who was convinced that there was a catch, sheathed her magic guns. Once he saw their behavior, Grisfon thought that they came to peace with the circumstances and carried his hand closer to Lily’s cheek.

However, at the next moment,


With such a sound accompanied by a great pressure, the trio rolled off their seats.

At that time, the two B-rank adventurers besides Grisfon lost their consciousness. Grisfon managed to somehow preserve his consciousness but couldn’t stand up revealing an unsightly posture.

「Do you have some business with my companions?」

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Such words were heard in the cafeteria. The customers couldn’t comprehend what just happened and silently awaited a development.

Seiya was the one, who entered the cafeteria. Immediately after coming to the cafeteria he saw Grisfon trying to touch Lily and released his bloodlust at maximum power.


Lily and Yua turned bright with the appearance of Seiya.

Actually, the two knew that Seiya would definitely come. Yua did it with her unscientific Seiya Sensor and Lily relied on her contract with Seiya to sense his position.

That’s why Lily said that it was all right to Selena, Yua too didn’t do a thing.

「Trying to lay your hand on my companions, you sure are brave, small fry」

Anger dwelled in Seiya’s eyes, which he used to glare at Grisfon.

His contained despise as well as disdain. Being glared by Seiya, Grisfon felt his pride hurt and tried to face him.

However, that turned out to be the greatest failure in his life.

「『Dark Wave』」

Grisfon eliminated the unknown pressure and stood up. Seiya looked at Grisfon for a brief moment but immediately diverted his attention to stroking Yua’s and Lily’s heads, as they came hugging him.

「*******, who do you think I am? I’m an A-rank adventurer, Grisfon Egnozas. If you want to live, immediately release my woman and scram. If you won’t, you will disappear」

As long as I use『Dark Wave』, he isn’t an opponent of mine, thought Grisfon.

Seiya completely lost interest in such Grisfon. If he does touch Yua or Lily, Seiya will erase him without question but since it doesn’t seem like it actually happened, he wasn’t in a mood to play with him.

However, if he doesn’t agree then the story is different.

In Dakuria, Seiya’s team common sense doesn’t work. If the situation becomes beyond salvageable, he didn’t mind to show the offender the harsh reality.

「You sure are great for using the magic stone with『Dark Wave』inside of it. However, this is how true 『Dark Wave』looks like」

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Seiya released his bloodlust again as he chantlessly invoked『Dark Wave』to erase a ring on his finger.

There was a magic stone in his ring, he used『Dark Wave』stored inside and acted as if he could deploy it chantlessly.

Being exposed to his bloodlust, Griffon fell on his knees once again. His face was covered in sweat, his body trembled all over, and his breathing became rough.

Since his magic stone was destroyed, Grisfon couldn’t activate『Dark Wave』again. He noticed that he tried to land his hand on someone he shouldn’t have ever messed with.

Grisfon wanted to immediately run away but Seiya’s bloodlust didn’t allow it. Thus, while being aware of the shame, he chanted the incantation for『Dark Wave』.


Although he managed to successfully activate it, the bloodlust showed no signs of disappearing.

In the first place, 『Dark Wave』isn’t supposed to be able to eliminate something without substance. He did it for the first time because Seiya lifted his bloodlust at the same time as he released the spell.

「How unsightly. Let me warn you. If you make a move on them once again, your existence itself shall disappear. I won’t use a magic stone like you did. Do you understand? 」
「Y-Yes, understood. I understand. I won’t try anything weird anymore. I promise」
「Then grab those two and disappear」

Seiya lifted his bloodlust and released Grisfon. Once released, Grisfon picked up his comrades and run away in shame.

The customers, who were left flabbergasted, stared at Seiya with round eyes.

「Who on earth are they?」
「Who knows? I don’t」
「Maybe they are S-rank adventurers」

It wasn’t an environment suitable for conversations, all of the attention was focused completely on Seiya.

Seiya, who was disinclined to stay in such an environment, took the girls with him and went to have breakfast in a store outside.

After coming to a new place, Seiya told them the gist of his conversation with Bagil as he ate breakfast.

「That’s about it from my conversation with Bagil. I will head to the rescue without waiting for other apostles to join me. I can’t force anyone. There is a great danger involved in this plan.
People may die. That’s why think for yourself. Don’t blindly follow the others, choose by your own will」

Said Seiya and looked in their eyes. The answer appeared soon enough.

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「I’ll go…..I’ll follow Seiya until the end of the world…..」
「Lily too! 」

If Seiya goes then Yua and Lily will definitely follow. From their eyes, he felt a determination to never separate.

「I want to save my mother. I’m right here, I don’t want to lose mother because I waited for the reinforcements」
「I shall go too. This is my will」
「I’ll go too. Aunt took care of me a lot」

The members of the student council were determined to go.

「I see, we have full members. You won’t regret it, right? 」
「Yeah, none」
「Yes, no such things」
「Yes, it’s all right」

Everyone was mentally prepared. Seiya made sure to confirm their determination.

「Understood. The plan starts tonight. Let’s leave immediately」

In that way, the Moka Fenix rescue operation started by one boy and five girls.

Thank you for reading. At this time, I don’t know what I should do about everything. For some my reason, my head was full of thoughts about the last episode of the current chapter and the synopsis of chapter four, it was hard to write anything at all. [1] The story is on its way to a conclusion. At last, one of the Demon Kings appears in the story. Look forward to it!

Nevertheless, the author is going to become a disabled person tonight. To be precise, by the end of this day I may become a difficult person. Ah, the last feather is always the hardest…… [2]


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