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Episode 76 World Chronicle

World Chronicle. It is a history of a period before the appearance of magic. Before the Leiria Kingdom was founded, there was a single god. The people worshiped the god as well as his two children.

The people back then weren’t aware of the concept of magic and weren’t able to utilize it.

One day, the god, who ruled the land for hundreds of years, died. The people thought that one of his two sons would become their leader. However, the god’s children considered each other as obstacles.

Due to that, the sons of god fought each other.

The god had a special power. Sometimes he「created objects」, sometimes he「erased objects」, sometimes「cured the disabled」, sometimes「relieved the pain and suffering」, sometimes「hardened the fragile bones」.

That’s why he was called a god.

That power was, of course, inherited by his children and used in their fight. The people felt as if the world was about to end and prayed for them to stop fighting as soon as possible.

However, the god’s children fight wasn’t about to end anytime soon. The god’s children had different powers from each other. One didn’t have the power to「erase objects」, the other wasn’t able to「create objects」.

Having the opposite powers, they recognized each other as enemies and decided to kill.

The people, who have been spectating the never-ending battle, at some day, joined it. They were driven by their desire to dispel the fear from the rest of the people.

The people pledged themselves to the god’s children, whom they believed in, and joined the fight. The god’s sons granted their respective divine protections to their followers.

That was mana. The people accepted the mana and obtained the power of god.  But only the powers of「erase objects」and「create objects」didn’t manifest in any of them.

The war escalated and involved the whole humanity. The people fought with everything on the line and the day to settle everything finally arrived. It happened after 30 years of fighting.

In the end, the god’s child, who had the power to「create objects」, killed the god’s child, who had the power to「erase objects」.

With that, the leader’s position was decided and the world was finally at peace. The new god with the power to「create objects」hunted and executed the allies of his enemy, who had the power to「erase objects」. As a result, he created a world void on any opposition.

After that, the new god married and left the world to his children. That was the beginning of the Leiria Kingdom. However, the magical beasts that appeared out of nowhere disrupted the peace and severed the god’s bloodline.

With the god’s clan destroyed, the people left the country to the god’s clan subordinates. That was the beginning of the Holy Church.

And once the Holy Church discovered anyone with the power to「create objects」, they passed a position of the leader to that person. However, for some reason every single person was female and everyone came to call them as goddesses.

That’s how the Leiria Kingdom arrived at this point.

It is compulsory knowledge in the academy. It falls under the kingdom’s history. On a side note, the reason why the country has kingdom in its name while not having any royalty is that the Holy Church still honors the god’s clan.

「But why did you suddenly remember the World Chronicle?」

Selena’s question as troubling everyone present except Seiya. Except for the privileged few, no one knows about the Great Dakuria Empire in the Leiria Kingdom. No one even thinks about such a possibility.

That’s why, following his next words, the student council members lost their words.

「But what if the god’s child with the power to「erase objects」managed to survive?」

Even Yua, who was aware of the dark element, couldn’t hide her surprise. Raiga told her about dark magic, but he never mentioned any outsiders.

He couldn’t predict how this knowledge could have affected her. That’s why he only told her about dark magic and the countermeasures against it.


Lily, instead of losing her words, felt as if she remembered something. However, her face was that of uncertainty. She didn’t show any surprise after learning about the Dakuria.

(So I ended up remembering it………)

Inside of Lily, another Lily muttered so. The adult Lily’s face was stiff. However, the child Lily didn’t hear her voice.

「Is it even possible?」
「It’s hard to believe it without any evidence」
「I don’t believe」

The student council members completely denied that possibility.

It wasn’t difficult to understand. Yua, who knows about the existence of the dark element, can perhaps associate the power to「erase objects」with it, but the student council, who doesn’t know, can’t easily accept it.

It denied their common sense. It was like saying「There were humans with wings in the past, some of them are still flying in the sky」and asking to believe in it. There was no way they could believe that.

「Well, it is indeed unbelievable, However, it is true. A part of the Holy Church believes it」
「In that case, do you have a proof? 」

Aishi sharply replied. Truth be told, it was difficult to present a proof.

For example, if Seiya showed his dark attribute and said「I’m one of them」, they might have believed him. However, that would have created trust problems and thus hindered the rescue operation.

Without any other choice, Seiya decided to proceed as it is.

「There is no evidence that I can show to you」
「Then I can’t possibly……..」
「Ah, that’s fine for now. Please listen to my story until the end」

Aishi faltered for a moment under his serious eyes. Selena and Mona didn’t say anything. Once Aishi saw that and also assumed an attitude of a listener.

Although, deep inside they considered this story quite ridiculous.

「The god’s child with the power to「erase objects」somehow survived and retreated from the territory of the current Leiria Kingdom with a group of his trusted comrades. Then, he went deep into the current dark territory」
「Didn’t he fight with the magical beasts back then? 」

Selena intended to listen quietly at first but doubted his ability to move in the dark territory unobstructed.

Even if he was a god’s child, his power wasn’t different from magic. Listening to his story, it was even closer to mana than to the magic. There was no way to survive in the dark territory with these conditions.

Instead of Seiya, Mona answered Selena’s question.

「The magical beasts didn’t exist at that time. They were the reason why the god’s bloodline died out, but there were no indication of them when the god’s child ruled the land, Selena」
「Precisely. At that time, there were no monsters in the dark territory. Even if there were some, they should have been on the level of wild beasts like tigers and bears」
「I see. Sorry for interrupting」

Selena was convinced by Mona’s argument. The World Chronicle wasn’t that important to always keep in mind, so she wasn’t sure of the exact event sequence. Yua had the same question, but since Selena asked first, there was no need for her to ask again.

「Don’t worry. The god’s child traveled a long distance from the Leiria Kingdom and established a new country there. The country was named as the Great Dakuria Empire. This country still exists」

At this point, Mona noticed.

「Then the kidnapper of Moka-san…….」

Mona finally discarded her carefree attitude from before. Previously she thought that his story was ridiculous, but now it started making sense.

Mona remembered the problem about this whole incident.

That is「Why did he aimed for Moka? Why did he choose that timing? 」. The question itself was simple. A lot of tourists came to the city of Moru due to the Aquamarine.

The church’s people became busy, but if you think that the security became weaker, you are wrong. The are strong magicians and the people affiliated with the Holy Church mixed with the crowd. The security looks lax at the surface, but they would be able to immediately react to any emergencies.

Moreover, their response would be even stronger than usual. Adding to that, 『Fenix’s Flames』is extremely important to the Holy Church.

Adding to that, 『Fenix’s Fire』is extremely important to the Holy Church. Stealing something like that before the eyes of the Holy Church is a serious provocation.

The best timing to kidnap would have been one week after the Aquamarine. At that time, the Holy Church’s people would have returned, the security would have returned to its normal state. No, thanks to the afterglow of the Aquamarine, it would have been even weaker.

However, the fact that he didn’t choose that timing hinted that he was either ignorant or wanted to pick a fight with the Holy Church.

If you pick f fight with the Holy Church, the apostles would be sent after you. There are no people, who wish for that to happen.

That means, he is ignorant. The being said, the Aquamarine is a famous festival in the whole Leiria Kingdom, you can easily investigate it beforehand. In that case, you should be able to notice that this timing is wrong.

Nevertheless, the criminal chose that timing. In short, he is stupid, or just ignorant, or both.

According to Seiya’s story, Dakuria’s people shouldn’t see the Leiria Kingdom in a good light. In that case, this incident makes sense.

Thinking up to this point, Mona started to faintly believe Seiya’s story.

「You are right. Moka Fenix was kidnapped by a person from the Dakuria」
「There is no way I can believe this」
「I agree with Selena-senpai」

The two tried to deny Seiya’s conclusion, but Mona stopped them.

「His story explains a lot of things. I find it difficult to completely reject it」

After that, Mona told them about her speculations. The two weren’t completely convinced, but they understood her logic.

「Something like this…….」
「Then the place we are heading to……..」

Towards the two, who lost their words, Seiya said.

「Right. We are heading towards the 2nd district under the Great Dakuria Empire」

The destination voiced by Seiya was something none of them could think of. They didn’t know what kind of place it is. The only thing they did know was that they need to cooperate between the six of them before even reaching there.

Yua immediately believed in the existence of the Dakuria.

It wasn’t difficult to reach that conclusion. Raiga told her only about the dark magic, but there should be people, who can use it.

It was magic unknown to the public, but since Raiga was able to teach her about it, he should have met someone who could use it before.

However, there were no rumors in the country about such an encounter. In other words, it happened outside the country.

There are no other perfect candidates except the people of the Dakuria.

「I understand…….」

Yua answered with strong determination. She put a lot of things into her determination, but the biggest one was the desire to follow after Seiya anywhere.

「Lily too!」

Lily was uneasy just a while before, but now, her vigor was with her again. Lily wasn’t different from her usual hyperactive self.

The student council felt the need to settle their thoughts. Both, Selena and Aishi, recognized that they had no choice but to believe Seiya.

「I get it」
「I understand」

Deep inside, they still weren’t ready to believe. But at the same time, they felt as if they had to.

That left Mona, but her face was even more serious than before.

「I understood about our destination. But I want to know before everything else. Who on earth are you, no, you three? 」

Mona firmly looked at Seiya. So this question finally appeared, thought Seiya.


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