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Episode 75 Staying in the Dark Territory

When the sun was about to set, you could spot the six on a mountain path in the dark territory.

Close to the beautiful river, you could see the two tents and a bonfire. At the first glance, it looked like someone was on a pleasure outing, but it wasn’t that relaxed. It was a camping spot for the advance team for Moka Fenix rescue operation.

After they left the church, the six rode the horses for half a day.

On the way, they were looked at strangely by the gatekeepers, but once they saw the 『Request from the thirteen apostles』issued by Bagil, they immediately changed their attitude and let everyone pass.

After that, the six traveled non-stop for half a day and stopped only when the sun was about to set.

There were no humans and, most likely, monsters around the campsite, except for the six. The river quietly flowed and the fish were leisurely swimming in it. The student council was gawking at every little thing they saw during their first trip in the dark territory.

Actually, the horses weren’t ordinary horses either. The six were using a special breed of a horse called『Magic Horse』accessible only to the apostles, their direct subordinates, and the special magicians.

Unlike a normal horse, 『Magic Horse』is able to use mana. That being said, they aren’t able to generate mana themselves, so they need to be powered by the mana of the rider.

A magic horse powered by the mana is able to exert more power than usual. They might have traveled for half a day, but it would have taken 5 days on the normal horses.

Of course, they weren’t able to maintain their speed forever, that’s why they camped near the river to rest.

Naturally, they bumped into the magical beasts on the way, but since it was just a one-sided annihilation, they didn’t slow down.

Most of the time, he was leaving the monsters to the student council, but when they weren’t able to cope he intervened himself. This wasn’t very effective but was implemented to let the student council adapt to fighting the magical beasts.

The student council was able to annihilate most of the monsters, yet Selena with her magic guns was a masterpiece.

As soon as she saw a monster, she pulled out the magic guns, fired a mana bullet, it hit the monster’s head and the end.

Selena’s appearance, when she was shooting in the head every moving thing while riding a horse, resembled a cowboy.

Thanks to that, there weren’t many chances for Seiya to participate. By the way, Seiya was in charge of magic-immune boar-headed bears called boads.

In that case, Seiya used the dark magic to erase soil under their feet and create the improvised pitfalls.

While they advanced, they spotted a river and decided to camp on a riverbank.

Originally, Selena wanted to continue going forward, but she reluctantly gave up due to Mona’s persuasion. Even if they decided to camp there overnight, there was a problem of bedding. There, Yua’s holy attribute showed its usefulness.

She used the holy attribute to produce enough iron bars to construct the frames of the tents and assembled it. As to why she wasn’t able to produce the tents with the skeleton already installed, it was because of the materials being too different from each other.

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In short, only one material can be produced at one time. Since Yuriel was completely metallic there was no problem, but to create metal and cloth at the same time was too difficult. That’s why she had no choice but to split the skeleton and cloth.

In this way, the rescue operation met no difficulties until now. With the bedding situation resolved, it was time to solve the food problem.

Fortunately, there was enough water due to the river, but the food was another matter. There, everyone decided to catch some fish from the river.

「All right……」

Being called by Seiya, Yua immediately guessed what he wanted. Yua activated『Holy Creation』and made a large number of harpoons. Seiya grabbed them and approached the river.

「You aren’t going to……」
「Isn’t it a little difficult to pull off?」

The student council wasn’t that optimistic about his idea. It was impossible for an amateur to succeed on his first attempt.

Instead of doing that, you can use different ways to fish, they thought. However, Seiya immediately proved them wrong, with Lily’s help that is.

「Lily, do not hold back」

As she was told, she faced the river and lifted her hands in the air with great momentum. Immediately, a part of the river rose in the air.

Lily was an Undine, a water fairy. Manipulating the water was the same as eating breakfast for her. The water was suspended in the air for a moment and then fell down into the river, fish not included.

No matter how fast the fish in the water is, it can’t do anything in the air. Seiya kept throwing the harpoons towards the fish suspended in the air one after another. In a blink of an eye, he nailed about 20 fishes.

「It can’t be happening……」
「That was amazing」
「So it wasn’t stupidity」

The student council’s members lost their words at the incredible performance.

「As expected of Seiya…….」
「Lily worked hard too!」
「Yeah, thanks, Lily」

Seiya patted Lily’s head while being stared at by Yua. And after being patted by Seiya, Lily immediately recovered. Seeing Lily enjoying by herself, Yua requested for the same treatment.

The student council started doubting their common sense, looking at this scenery.

「All right, we have the ingredients. All that is left is cooking……」

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Looking at the caught fish, Seiya contemplated how to handle them. The reason being, he never had any contact with cooking before.

There he looked at his own fiancée, but he never saw her cooking before. Of course, Yua’s answer was negative. Lily didn’t require food to live in the first place, so she never bothered.

With things as they were, the student council was his only hope, but

「Can’t help it, give them to me」

Selena voluntarily stepped forward.

And after few tens of minutes, many dishes appeared before everyone. Grilled fish, boiled fish, some kind of soup and other things.

「Did the bird woman make all of these?」
「That’s right, Do you have any complaints?」
「No, just thought it is amazing」
「I-Is that so?」

Yua furrowed her brows for a moment, but no one noticed. Everyone tasted Selena’s dishes.

Seiya decided to start with the soup. The moment he tasted it, his eyes narrowed.

「Delicious! You are incredible, bird woman! 」
「Y-You think so?」
「Yeah, to the extent of wanting to eat it everyday」

After tasting her soup, Seiya displayed a wide smile. Her soup produced a great impact on him.

He felt his whole body warming up the moment he brought a spoon to his mouth,

「E-e, every day?! It is not like I did it for you! 」[1] 「Yeah, I know. I just wanted to say that it is tasty enough to want to it eat every day」
「I know」

Looking at Selena, Yua secretly swore to raise her cooking skill.

「Everyone, can I have a moment?」

However, it was time to dispel this carefree atmosphere. Seiya gathered everyone’s attention and spoke about everyone’s future actions.

「I want to talk about the things ahead of us. However, do you know the world chronicle? 」
「Is that a story about the origin of magic?」

Selena answered Seiya’s question with a question of her own.

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「Right. Before the formation of the Leiria Kingdom, there was a sole god in this world. The people lived while worshipping that god」
「I know. That god had two children, who were later called god children」

Mona knew about this. In the first place, it is told in the academy’s history lessons in the beginning of your studies.

As long as you attend the history lessons, you should be aware. If you didn’t know, that indicated that you never attended in the first place. There was no way for the student council to be in that category.

Yua looked like she knew. The only one left was Lily, but she also knew for some reason.

Then, Seiya quietly told them, about the origin of everything.


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