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Episode 77 Their Past

「I understood about our destination. But I want to know before everything else. Who on earth are you, no, you three? 」

Mona was firmly looking at Seiya. This question was bound to be asked eventually. Mona won’t be satisfied with a half-hearted answer.

「What do you mean by「Who are you?」」

He asked to confirm what exactly she wanted to know, even though it was meaningless. He understood what Mona wanted to hear, but it wasn’t an easy thing to tell.

Mona was aware that they weren’t too eager to tell about themselves, but for the sake of the future, she couldn’t dismiss it.

If she is to believe his story, this time their opponents were some unknown people. To raise the success rate of the operation, it was necessary to trust each other as a team. However, in the current situation, she could work with them but couldn’t trust them.

「There are a lot of things I want to hear. First, from where did you come from? You suddenly transferred to our academy and became the strongest team. I didn’t hear of any famous magicians of Kiritsuna family. Not just that, you are the fiancé of Yua-san, who is a daughter of a special magician. Just how did it come into being? 」

In reality, this question bothered not just Mona, but the whole Arsenia Magic Academy.

A mysterious magician that appeared like a comet and shook the academy with his status of Yua’s fiancé. Immediately after, he defeated the student council and became the strongest in the academy.

Mona’s questions didn’t end with just that.

「Also, what kind of magic did you use in the church? I neither heard nor saw such magic before. It looked like the magic was erased, but if there was such magic, you would have been scouted by the Holy Church long ago. Yet, you aren’t affiliated with the Holy Church. In addition, you seem to have a friendly relationship with one of the thirteen apostles, Bagil Eight-sama, and you also consider each other on equal standing. Not just that, you know the information that could only be accessed by the highest echelons of the Holy Church. Are you going to say that you are an apostle yourself? There is an apostle of the same age, but your surname is different, right? 」

Mona’s doubts grew the more she spent time around Seiya. The same applied to Aishi and Selena.

「I have something to ask too. In a fight against me, lolicon was able to calmly deal with my『Atos』. How could you remain completely unfazed against that? Any normal magician won’t be able to do it」

Selena bombarded him with the question of her own.

She was stunned when he dealt with her strongest attack, but when she thought about it later, she found it eerie how calm he was.

Selena knew only one student who was capable of something like that, but it wasn’t Seiya.

「And it’s not only you. Yua-san too. Yua-san brought out the harpoons and tent parts just a while ago, is it summoning magic? If it is summoning magic, why are you even keeping the tent parts with you? In most of the cases, summoning magic can only summon a single thing object. When you fought us, you summoned a rapier, a hammer, and a bow. How is this even possible? 」

Mona’s doubts not only concerned Seiya, but also extended to Yua. The being the pattern, the next one was for Lily. The one who questioned Lily was Aishi.

「Lily too. Are you really a magician? I could only see that as directly manipulating the water. Besides, you turned an adult. You can’t have such ability at a young age」
「Eh? 」

Lily became confused from Aishi’s questions. At this rate she was about to confess everything so Seiya intervened.

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「Take it easy. You ask too fast」
「True. I apologize, I was too agitated. However, it you won’t answer, we won’t be able to entrust our backs to you」

Mona apologized for her behavior, but it seemed that she wouldn’t retreat. Selena and Aishi were the same, they firmly looked at Seiya.

「Everything that I’m about to say is the truth. I want to especially point it out」
「I understand」
「I got it」

The three properly replied. But at the same time, they were hesitant to know the answers. They were hesitant to know his true identity.

Instinctively, they understood that they should know it for the sake of the future. They perked their ears, while being nervous.

「First thing first, I did come from Aquaristan but from Windistan. I was a student of Senabia Magic Academy. That being said, I’m probably considered dead there」
「Dead? 」

Mona was full of doubts. Whether he dropped, transferred, or went missing, they shouldn’t have listed him as dead if something happened to him outside the academy.

If something happens to the student outside of the academy grounds, he would be listed as a drop out.

「That’s right」

Seiya affirmed her question. No one would record the death of a student under normal circumstances, she had no choice but to wonder about it.

Seiya, the「dead」exception, begun his explanation.

「Although no one usually records students as dead, there is a single exception to this rule」
「But it can’t be……this is impossible…」

The president of the student council, Mona, seemed to notice, but the other two weren’t aware. Mona, who understood what he implied, gazed at him with a surprised expression.

「That’s precisely what happened. I was officially「killed」in the dark territory」

Following Seiya’s statement, Selena’s and Aishi’s expression showed the understanding. The two realized the reasons behind this treatment.

The only exception to this rule for the magic academies is when「a student that was killed by a magician in the dark territory, if the body can’t be recovered, he is to not to be treated a dropout 」.

Normally, magicians should protect themselves by their own power. If something ever happens to them, it is treated as their own responsibility.

However, the incidents involving magicians in the dark territory are treated differently. When a magician due to some abnormal circumstances kills another magician, it goes beyond their own responsibility.

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If his body wasn’t discovered, the possibility of him being alive still remains, as such, he won’t be dropped out.

In case he is treated as dead, the personal student file still exists. Those who left the academy by themselves or went missing need to complete a certain procedures to return to the academy. But if you wish to attend academy again after your 「death」, you can do it without any troublesome procedures.

That’s why these cases are considered as exceptions. That being said, no one had the chance to enjoy this privilege yet.

「One day, I was caught up in a ploy of a certain advanced magician clan from Freestan and brought out to their base in the dark territory together with a few of my classmates. After I escaped, I found Yua and Lily there. Once we were out of the facility, we decided to go to Aquaristan instead of Freestan. For that reason, we traveled through the dark territory」

At this point, Seiya was already lying.

Lily’s identity is a fairy and they met her in the Great Dalis Canyon. But it would be bothersome to go into the details, so he ended up saying that they met after breaking out of the facility.

The three, who listen to the story, were left speechless. That wasn’t difficult to understand. After all, they heard how he suddenly was kidnapped, suddenly escaped, and traveled through the dark territory. They didn’t know what kind of reaction they should make.

At the same time, they were able to understand something. The reason for their strong attachment to life.

The experience of Seiya and the others weren’t normal. They experienced a moment of life and death.

It was no wonder that they became stronger than the student council. Thinking about that, they realized their own naivety.

「When speaking about going to Aquaristan, you need to pass the Great Dalis Canyon first」

When they heard about the Great Dalis Canyon, the three shivered for a moment. They knew about it from the book, but were in the dark regarding the real circumstances. However, they knew that it was impossible to cross it without sufficient ability.

「When I was conquering the Great Dalis Canyon, I landed myself in a life or death crisis, and before I noticed, I broke through my limits. That’s how I obtained my current power. That power happens to be dangerous so I hide it with the help from Raiga and Bagil. This is our story」

Seiya stopped at this point.

He told the student council about their origins, but didn’t touch on the details of their ability. However, they didn’t want to ask anything else.

They weren’t sure if it was okay to dig deeper into his past.

「Tomorrow we will ride early so let’s bring an end to our discussion. We will occupy this tent, you can use the other one」

While saying that, Seiya walked towards a newly built tent. Yua and Lily followed him, and three entered inside.

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However, right after that, Seiya poked out his head from the tent and told them.

「About the night watch. How about one person from each tent for 3 hours. Each shift is three hours」

The student council members looked each other in the eyes, confirmed their intentions and nodded. After that, they went inside their tent, decided the rotation and retired for the night.


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