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Chapter 88 – Here he comes

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2286 words

Today, I met Triela on the back alley. Together with Lyco.

And as usual, we had a good chat over meals. Eh, study? Ah, I just finished teaching them a while ago. The lesson was simple calculations. As long as they could do addition and subtraction, they should’ve covered the basics.

“Today’s food is delicious too!”
“Lyco, please restrain yourself a little more… Haa.”

By the way, today’s meal was grilled rice balls. Personally, this was my favorite. Be it freshly made or cooled, it still tasted delicious. Other than that was a vegetable soup I made from soup broth using horned rabbit bones. It was also pretty good. Hmm.

“If she doesn’t eat well, she won’t grow up, you know?”
“Yeah! Isn’t that right, Triela?”
“You guys… Haa.”

Well, I’d been eating a lot, but I was this short. …Eh? My current height? …Maybe around 139 cm. I could see my height using [Analysis] skill. Eh? I told you that I was 140 cm a little over a year ago? Shut up, it was my wishful thinking! Leave me alone! …Actually, I had grown by around 1 cm since that accident.

But then, 138cm should have been the average height of a ten years old girl in modern Japan, and I was also considered the tallest one in the orphanage… But maybe that could also mean that the kids in the orphanage lacked nutrition?

“By the way, what happened after you guys went home that day?”
“Ohh, that. It’s awesome. The three fools made a fuss when they saw the weapon. Then they were overjoyed after seeing the meat and became noisy. The people at the inn were very angry at them.”
“After that, they found out that Triela and the others had eaten earlier, so they became even noisier. Even I wouldn’t get angry over such a trivial matter!”
“Lyco, I already apologized to you, right? You’re persistent.”
“I’m not angry, though.”

Lyco was an understanding child, so she wouldn’t fret over this kind of thing. I’m sure they were just bantering… right? Don’t fight, okay?

“And then, Ryuu showed us how idiotic he was by swinging his spear in the room. He almost hit Arle, so all of the girls beat the s̲h̲i̲t̲ out of him.”
“It’s better if he died.”
“Ren, killing him will be a bit too extreme, won’t it… And the next day, we go out and practise rabbit hunting. Since we have enough money, we decided to make sure everyone is used to the spear.”
“I see. That sounds good.”
“But after getting used to it to some extent, we plan to continue collecting herbs. It’s not like we can always catch a lot of rabbits after all. I mean, we could only catch four rabbits even after hunting until evening on the first day. So we didn’t want to rely on hunting too much. We caught a lot of rabbits when Ren was with us, but your wolves must have helped a lot, right?’
“Yes, these kids are clever.”
“After that, the three fools complained about asking the store to process the rabbit’s fur and meat. Just as Ren expected.”
“They are idiots after all.”

It was clear that they never thought ahead.

If the amount of meat they could secure increased, it would be possible to reduce the cost of food in winter by storing it in preparation for winter. Yet all they wanted to do was to eat as much as they could. Really stupid.

How come they didn’t know that food prices would go up in the winter… Especially Cain. He went on errands when we were in the orphanage.

“But I explained the reason, Cain was convinced and explained it to the other two fools. That’s about it? Like what Ren instructed, I told him a kind adventurer gave us daggers and taught us how to make a spear. He was also convinced of that. Cain and Ryuu fought for the shield, but in the end, they calmed down after agreeing that the shield was reserved for Maricle. We are practising on how to use the weapons, so Cain is using the shield temporarily… sorry.”
“It’s okay. I’m giving up there.”

Yeah, I already knew this would happen. But I didn’t expect that Cain would only use it temporarily. I thought he would make it his own and use it as he liked. Since he could still understand once Triela explained things to him, it seemed like he still had some brain cells left.

“Ahh, Ryuu and Boman also said some stupid things. They wanted to find goblins and fight them with the horn spears. To worsen the situation, Cain agreed with their idea even though he only had his previous broken and rusty sword… Well, Maricle got angry and hit all of them, so they finally shut up now.”
“…They are really stupid.”

They even made that kind Maricle angry…

“Since Ren gave us some advice, Maricle persistently explained and made sure they understood in the beginning, but… they got too carried away after hunting the horned rabbits.”

They should just die. I mean, those three idiots should’ve gone to find a goblin and got killed by their foolishness.

“…Leaving that aside, I think you can make more progress in hunting by using a bow, but it’s going to be quite difficult.”
“Bow… Ren, you could make one?”
“Yes, well… but the arrows are consumable items.”

I think I can make it easily. A bow with high accuracy. I also have so many wood materials… Ah, the one I made when I was in the forest is in my [Storage], right? I was too powerless at that time and I couldn’t pull it, but now I probably can, right?

“You’re right… Hey, Lyco. Arle told us that she wanted to use a bow, right?”
“Yup~ But since arrows cost money, it’s hard to fulfil her wish.”
“I’m not going to help you forever, so it’s best to discuss this matter with everyone and find a way.”

Oh, did the atmosphere become a little heavy? But I only said the truth.

Well, if there were only Triela and the girls, I’m okay with making a party together. But I don’t want to be together with the fools. Ah, but Maricle is very welcome. The girls lacked defense and endurance, so it would be helpful with Maricle joining them. After all, he has a good personality.

By the way, Triela and Lyco implied that they were inviting me to their party several times. But I pretended not to notice.

“…Since we have finished our meals, let’s practise magic from now on.”

I have to change the topic and do something with this atmosphere. That’s why, let’s practise magic. That being said, it’s just [Magic Circulation] practise. But I think both of them have gotten used to it?

“Hmm. I think you two have gotten familiar with magic. Lyco has fairly stabilized as well. It should be okay for both of you to practise alone from now on. After getting a little more accustomed, you can teach Arle and others.”
“Really!? Are you serious, Ren?”
“However, make sure you won’t overdo it or push yourself too hard.”
“Okay! Triela, let’s do it tonight right away…”
“Triela! Lycoris! So you’re here!”
“Oh no…”

Ah… he finally came?

“Haa… Cain, what are you doing here?”
“I overheard Maricle and Arle’s conversation. You all met Ren without telling me, right?”
“Why do we have to report everything to Cain? Do you think we’re stupid?”
“Haa? Oi Lycoris, Ren and I are…”
“Cain and Ren are what? Nothing is going on between you two, right? Ren hates you a lot, so how about noticing that already?”
“Ren hates me? What are you talking about?”

Ohh, he really didn’t understand. This guy’s head was still broken as usual. Why did things become like this, really…

“Well, I don’t care about that. …Ren is that hooded girl, right? Ren! It’s me Cain! …Why don’t you come to see me if you’re alive? Don’t make me worry so much…”

He didn’t listen to people as usual. Not to mention, he kept getting the wrong idea, how disgusting.

“Why don’t you reply? …But it’s a relief. I missed you…”

It’s amazing how he could enter his own world. Ugh. Anyway, he extended his hand to me, but what did he want to do? Could he please not touch me? Of course I avoided him and escaped to Triela’s back.

“…Why are you avoiding me? Show me your face.”
“No way. Please don’t touch me, you’re disgusting.”
“Ha? What are you saying?”

Would he mind not coming near me?

“Don’t approach me. You make me sick.”
“Oi, what are you saying!? Just come here already!”

Kyaa, I’m afraidー Help meー (Monotone)


Norn, who was curled up behind the bench, barked at Cain before he could reach me. She slowly got up and stepped in between me and Cain.

Wahh, thanks Norn! As expected from my goddess! Bark at that villain and chase him away! …Bell was still curled up without any worry, though.

“A wolf beast!? How can such a big monster appear here!? Ren, come here! It’s dangerous!”

Do you think I’m stupid? For me, you’re the dangerous one.

“Haa… Hey, Cain. That wolf is Ren’s follower. She’s not dangerous at all. Right now, she’s just trying to protect her master.”
“Ren’s follower… Wait, what is it protecting Ren from? There’s nothing dangerous here is there?”
“Well, there’s someone who tried to grab Ren even though she clearly hates him. There’s nothing strange, isn’t there?”
“Haa? Hate… She’s just shy, right?”
“No, Ren clearly hates you. She doesn’t even want to look at your face. Rather, why do you think Ren likes you after you bullied her so much?”
“Eh? No, but… when we were children…”
“Do you remember Bob, who is two years older than us? He was really violent with you. You hate him, right?”
“Yeah, I remember. I definitely won’t forgive him!”
“He may look like he’s bullying you, but he was rough with you because he wanted to leave the orphanage to you after he’s gone. You know that, right?”
“Yeah. He told me that before. But that doesn’t matter! Even if he has a reason, he overdid it!”
“Right, I also think that he overdid it. Then what’s the difference between what you did with Ren and what Bob did to you?”
“At least, Bob has a reason to harass. What about you? You don’t have any reason, right? Should you do all of that just to hide your embarrassment? …I have told you many times when we were still in the orphanage that she would hate you if you kept bullying her, right? Do you understand what you’ve done so much to Ren? You bullied her and made her cry. I don’t understand where you get the idea that she likes you.”
“Eh… I did that…? Ah, no… But, that’s…”

Oh, did he finally reflect on his actions? And it seemed like he understood what he had done. His expression turned from confusion to shock. Flustered, he shifted his eyes to me. Disgusting, don’t look at me.

“You said that we didn’t tell you about Ren, but the reason was that Ren told us she didn’t want to see your face. Do you have any complaints?”
“That’s… But she taught you many things and helped us, right? If she didn’t want to see my face, then why did she do that…?”
“…I wanted to help my friends Triela, Maricle, and Lyco, who I consider as my younger sister. You just happened to be in the same party as them. Meaning, you and your team are just a bonus. In the first place, I wouldn’t even get involved with you if Triela and my friends aren’t with you.”
“Wha… Ren, you…!”

Ah, did he get angry?


Eh? Did he want to grab me? Norn, please chase him away!

“I found you!!! Cain, die!!!!!”



…Before Norn could kick him off, Arle, who was running very vigorously, kicked Cain and sent him flying. After flying away for around two meters, Cain twitched. Tsk, he’s still alive? What a persistent guy. Also, Cain was going to hit me just now, right? His head is really broken.

…Norn, who lost her chance to shine, had her jaws drop. Norn, something like this will happen sometimes.

“Haa, I’m refreshed. Ren, did I come in time?”
“Yeah, that was dangerous. We just talked a little bit.”
“…Haa, uhh, did I come in time?”

Oh, Maricle also appeared.

“Unfortunately, you’re late, Maricle.”
“Sorry, Ren. It seems like Cain heard us when Maricle and I were chatting…”
“It’s a matter of time. Don’t worry about it.”
“Maricle, Arle, let’s leave it at that. I’m sorry Ren, we’re going home now. Cain just fainted by Arle’s jumping kick, so Maricle will carry him on his back.”
“Is that okay?”
“Yeah, it’s okay! It looks like he finally understood what he had done, so this is a good opportunity to scold Cain once we return! I’ll make sure he won’t look for you on his own! Maricle, please help out too, okay!?”
“I understand. We have bothered you, Ren.”
“It’s fine. I’ll leave that matter to you guys, then.”
“Yes, leave it to us!”
“I will kick him around too!”

In the end, everything felt like a mess, but it was settled for now. Everyone went home after apologizing. Since he did something ridiculous, please make sure to beat the s̲h̲i̲t̲ out of him, okay?


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