Chapter 87 – Plain Yet Relatively Important Training – Third Part

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1667 words

Cheers! I’m going to do blacksmithing energetically today! Yes, this is Ren.

Really, I got a bit of trouble yesterday, making me a bit panicked. But I also bribed the master, so things should somehow go well! Well, there’s nothing I could do about this anyway… Since it has come to this, I want to have a strong backing. However, getting incorporated into strange power sounds like it would only bring many troublesome things. Hmm. I wonder if there’s no favorable person in authority…

…Huh, thinking about it too much would change nothing! Rather than that, I should raise my level now!

So, I planned to train my blacksmith after heartily eating my breakfast. But before that, I have to report this. My new skills had increased.

[Concealment] and [Disguise] skills. With these skills, I could hide, mislead, and trick other people. [Concealment] was a skill that allowed me to hide evidence, erase various traces, and hide any specific thing when my status was being assessed. [Disguise] was a skill that allowed me to cover up various things, such as changing the status value of an item into another value. Both were the skills I always wanted, but they were both very difficult to acquire. Please note that even though it sounded similar, their effects were slightly different. Each of them had various uses. Fufufu.

The reason why I acquired them was probably that I bribed the master and acted innocent during dinner yesterday… Other than that, I had been hiding my face and sneaking around on a regular basis, so I felt like they finally bore fruit? No, really… When I had dinner yesterday and breakfast this morning, I was bothered by the gaze around me…

For the time being, I hid most of my skill fields, covered up some skills to make them seem to have low levels, and disguised my status by changing the value of my MP, MGC, INT, and CHA into low numbers.

By the way, it seemed that the master was gazing and examining the katana I forced on him all night. That’s why he was half asleep during breakfast. Wasn’t he working too hard?

Ah. I also acquired [Swordsmanship: Art of Sword Drawing], meaning that my melee attack skills had increased. Did I learn it after doing that in the courtyard yesterday? Well, I learned it a little in my previous life, so saying that I remembered how to do it was closer, I guess?

However, I would immediately tumble the moment I try to tussle, so basically, I could only do it as an interceptor… Seriously, couldn’t I do something to this unathletic body…!?

Rather, just give me [Swordsmanship: Katana] skill! …But well, I couldn’t use katana since it was too conspicuous… I don’t have any reason to stand out like a sore thumb anyway. Eh? Saying that now was too late? …I’m taking care of myself for the time being, okay!

…But let’s practise it too. It’s safest to have all of my skills at a high level.

Now then, let’s compose myself and do blacksmithing already.

When I walked towards the blacksmith workshop with a slight gloom, the master stopped me.

“Hey, Miss. I’ve thought about this repeatedly, but there’s something I don’t understand… Can I ask you this? Ah, I’m not going to make you tell me how to make it, so rest assured.”

“Haa. Sure.”

“Thanks. So why did you make the handle of this katana with metal? Well, I think that the metal thread on the handle is honestly amazing, but it will kill the impact of the blade, right? Your hands will also get numb after swinging it several times, won’t it?”

Eh…? …Ah!? No good, I was too careless! Now that he said it, that’s right!? Wood and silk were chosen for the handle to make sure the user’s wrist wouldn’t get damaged due to the impact! Maybe I was stupid!? I played too much!

Ahh, ahh, what should I do? What kind of excuse should I make? I couldn’t just tell him that I made it like this because I was playing around without thinking anything, right? First of all, I had to make sure that my face didn’t look upset! Ah, right. I had to cover up my facial expression and mood using the [Concealment] and [Disguise] I just learned! With full power!!

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“Ahh, I made it for fun… It’s not for an actual fight.”

On top of that, I tried to lie while tilting my head. Well, it’s true that I played too much and caused that error, so it was half-truth?

“Ah… I see… So you were testing various techniques you have learned.”

Ohh, did I fool him? But if I think about it calmly, I definitely sounded very disappointing, right… Even I realized that I was playing too much. I had to seriously reflect on this.

The lesson I learned this time was, “Don’t play with weapons!” …But having fun was important, so I was still going to play!

“I understand why you’re doing this, but if possible, can you fix this to a proper one? Ah, but if you don’t want your technique to be stolen, I will give up…”

Ah… I see now. Sure, sure.

“I don’t mind.”

It’s not a big deal. I guess I can try? So I remade the proper one in around fifteen minutes and returned the katana to the master. For some reason, he left with great joy. Hmm, I had this feeling for a while, but the master might be a blacksmith fanatic…? Well, I don’t really care.

Haa… I was already tired, but… ah, the levels of my [Concealment] and [Disguise] had risen, ahaha… haa.

No, no. Let’s start over. What should I do today? Hmm… Right, maybe I should try making armor instead of weapons? Attack power was important, but defense power was also important. In the first place, I was untrained.

What should I make then? I was powerless, so metal armor might be too much… Ah, but if I applied [Weight Reduction]… Ah, but if someone like me equipped a full plate mail and walked leisurely, I would stand out. Leather breastplate would be too troublesome, so… clothes? For clothes, I had to strengthen it first, but maybe I shouldn’t expect much from fabric.

Ah, I got an idea. Now that I acquired [Steel Thread Creation] skill, why not knit a metal thread into a cloth? That being said, clothes made of steel would be heavy… Should I make it with mithril, which is lighter than iron? Once I applied [Weight Reduction], it would be perfect. For the coloring… I probably could figure out something using [Creation Magic].

…With that feeling, I tried to make mithril underwear. With the usual design. The texture was quite silky? And I didn’t get any allergic reaction to metal I was worried about. Fantasy metal was amazing! By the way, since I enchanted various things in it, the defense power was also high. For underwear. And for some reason, I got additional [CHA+5]. The heck does that mean.

By the way, the garter belt and stockings were a set, so now I didn’t have to worry about injuring my legs. Yeah, I realized that I was doing something stupid. Ah, let’s make long gloves that reached above my elbows so that I wouldn’t hurt my arms. It could also protect me from the cold.

With the same flow, I made several sets of spare underwear and a certain number of clothes. Mithril mesh! And my important hooded cloak! Including the spares, I made three of each kind. For my cloak, I applied [Stealth] as usual, but this time I also added [Concealment]. With this, I should be able to act more inconspicuously than ever before, right?

By the way, once I added [All Attributes] to my clothes and underwear, I got a temperature control function as a bonus. And somehow, the cloth became breathable. Ahh, [All Attributes] sure was convenient…

After that, I decided to apply [Concealment] and [Disguise] instead of [Appraisal] to my fake glasses.

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I hope this would suppress my [Magic Attribute] skill and reduce troubles related to the origin of my face… I pray that it will be effective…

I also made elbow protectors and knees protectors. I adjusted them to be thinner and lighter to make sure that my movement wouldn’t be obstructed. The original defense power and durability would reduce due to me emphasizing on the lightness and ease of movement, but I could compensate it with various additions. Then I cut and stick leather on the surface of the completed protector to disguise it as leather equipment with the same design as the equipment I had been using so far.

Then I tried to patch a thin plate to serve as breastplate and shoulder pads so I could raise my defense. Yeah, I didn’t look that different from usual. But my defense power had improved all at once. Hm hm.

Finally, after making this and that, my [Apparel] skill had become LV10. At the same time, [Steel Thread Making] also went up to LV6. Wasn’t this too fast?

However, thanks to the various things I made, my mithril had decreased considerably… With the remaining mithril ingot, I could only make 4 to 5 swords.

Since it had already come to this, I should forge my own sword with mithril. Let’s do this. But let’s not make katana. The short sword was enough. I didn’t want to stand out. As usual, I should make the blade sword and apply various skills.

However, as a precaution, I also made a katana to intercept my opponent using iai. I could equip it in a second with [Storage]. But I also prayed I wouldn’t get a chance to use it.

Hmm, I think I’ve prepared all of the equipment. And it’s noon soon. Triela was coming today, right? Alright, let’s go to the back alley soon.


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