Chapter 89 – Catching a glimpse of knowledge cheat’s scariness

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2257 words

After Cain’s intrusion, I continued my blacksmith training for a couple of days. This time, I forged many katanas. But I also had to forge ordinary swords. Katanas weren’t suitable for shooting with [Sword Control Magic].

By the way, I’m currently chatting with Triera today. Not only Rico, but Maricle also came. It seemed like Rico came to report what had happened after they scolded Cain. Arle stayed in the inn to watch Cain. She wanted to come along, but she was still worried that Cain would do something stupid once no one was watching him. I can understand their sentiment.

“Ahh, it was really hard after we returned home…”
“I never expected that he was that persistent.”

…Eh, that much?

After Cain woke up the day before yesterday, he immediately tried to leave the room and wanted to look for me. Noticing that, Arle gave him a taste of her deadly jump kick again and made him stop moving. There, Maricle restrained his movement, and Cain was finally obedient.

Before Cain woke up and could do anything strange again, everyone who supported team Ren unanimously agreed that they couldn’t let him free, so they tied him in the chair and preached him until night. By the way, when did I have a team?

After he calmed down, it was time for dinner, so they untied him, had a meal, and went to bed. By the way, Ryuu and Boman were complaining all the time because they couldn’t eat meat, considering how they didn’t hunt for rabbits on that day.

The next day, Maricle noticed that Cain tried to get out of the room early in the morning, so he restrained him again. After interrogating him, Cain wanted to go and see me. His obsession is disgusting.

And after using the whole morning to preach him again, Cain finally gave up, even if he did so reluctantly. In the afternoon and the next day, they went hunting rabbits and collecting herbs as usual.

By the way, Cain was uncannily obedient and looked like he was thinking about something…

“…How can I say this? From your story, he sounds really unpleasant. I don’t understand him at all.”
“…To be honest, I also don’t get him. He’s still tolerable when he doesn’t think about you, but now, even I feel a bit disgusted…”
“I had already given up on him when we were still in the orphanage, but if this keeps going on, he will trouble you again. I did my best to scold him… It’s tiring…”
“I’m sorry for causing trouble.”
“No, no! We’re the ones who always annoy you!”
“Yes, it’s all Cain’s fault! The heck is ‘Ren is going to be my wife’!? Ren is going to be my wife!”

Eh, I’m going to be Rico’s wife? This is the first time I heard this, though?

“Aside from Rico’s joke, I have a request for you… Is that okay?”
“A request?”
“Yeah. I’ve been discussing this with Maricle for a long time, but can you teach all of us how to read and write? Rico and I aren’t very skilled in teaching other people…”
“I hope you can teach us how to read and write, and if possible, how to calculate. I can buy daily necessities using a small sum of money without trouble, but if we’re going to continue working as adventurers, we might have to buy expensive equipment all at once. I also discussed with Triera that it would be dangerous if we don’t notice that we are getting tricked. We don’t have much, but we will properly pay you.”
“I don’t mind. You don’t have to pay me…”
“No, we’ll pay. To be honest, you won’t gain anything out of this. I want you to teach all of us… including Cain and Ryuu.”

…I see. So that’s what they mean.

“Actually, we have received too much from Ren. We have to be reasonable here. You probably don’t mind, but we feel bad.”
“So we want to make a request by paying you a remuneration. It’s unreasonable for us to ask you to teach someone you don’t want to see…”
“Hmm…………… Haa, I understand.”
“Really!? Thank you, Ren!”

Certainly, I didn’t want to see the three fools, and I didn’t want to hear what Cain wanted to say, but… it would help Triera a lot if they could properly read and write. Ah, I felt like I got washed away by their pace… Well, since I’m helping my friends, I guess it’s fine.

“Sorry, Ren. Thanks for your help… Actually, it’s Cain’s suggestion to pay you.”
“Like what Triera said, we had been thinking about asking you to teach all of us to read and write from a long time ago, but we know that making you teach Cain and his team is too much… I discussed this matter with Triera yesterday, but it turns out Cain was eavesdropping us.”
“…I think he decided to use his brain for once because he wants to see your face even though he’s prohibited to… Requesting you to teach us with a payment surely makes sense, so it’s hard to deny his idea.”
“It seems like Cain also wants to learn reading and writing properly like Triera and Rico… This will burden you, but we have to ask for your help.”

I see. He thought of this idea to make a time when he could meet me by involving everyone and encouraged them with his sound argument. How can I say this… if he’s smart enough to think of that, why can’t he act normal? What an idiot.

Ah… I feel gloomy when I think about how I’m going to meet with those idiots. But I already told them I’m going to do it, so it can’t be helped.

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“Ah…… Well, I already said that I’m doing it, so I won’t go back on what I said. Hmm, right… Then the class is once every three days, from 9 A.M. to 12 P.M. Let’s set up ten-sessions for now. How about five copper coins a person per day for the tuition fee?”

Was it too cheap? But everyone needed to survive. Now that they dedicated the whole morning to study, their income would decrease even if they collected herbs in the afternoon. Now that they were also hunting horned rabbits, they would gain even less… Other than that, I set the price this low because they were my friends… But maybe it was a bit too cheap? But… if the price was too high, they wouldn’t be able to save up for the winter.

“I’m thankful for that, but isn’t that a little too cheap?”
“Just consider it as friend’s price. Also, you told me that your current income is depending on how much you collected herbs, right? I remember that you guys get around one small gold coin per day.”
“Yeah, you’re right.”
“The lodging fee is one silver coin per day, and food expenses for eight people are one or two copper coins, right? Currently, you are also hunting horned rabbits, so your income has decreased further. I think tanning rabbit skin costs around eight to ten small silver coins per piece. And if your clothes and various daily necessities are insufficient, you will have to buy them again. I want everyone to save money, and I feel awkward to request a high fee…”

Perhaps taking a few silver coins or one small gold coin was acceptable for teaching other people. But asking them to pay that much was a bit… you know?

“…We’re really sorry.”
“Once you start hunting rabbits, you will be able to get meat. Until then, your food expenses will increase, so everyone should work hard for now.”
“Where will we study?”
“If I’m teaching a lot of people in this back alley, the guards will get angry. Let’s see… ah, there’s a big tree right in front of the forest where we went to collect herbs before, right? How about studying at the foot of that tree?”
“Outside the town? Isn’t that dangerous?”
“It’s okay. Norn and Bell… my followers are with me.”
“I see… That’s certainly safe.”
“I will prepare the teaching materials.

I had to make more of the small blackboards I used to teach Triela and Rico, and also a big blackboard, I guess? Maybe I shouldn’t use [Storage] when carrying them around… Since I was going to teach them constantly, I had to take them out often, I don’t want them figuring out my trick. So I should take some measures to make it inconspicuous for now? Hmm, how about making something like a cart and carrying them with that? I should be able to load the big blackboard as long as I cut it up into three parts.

“We keep troubling you. Sorry.”
“No, no. But I won’t take any responsibility if they aren’t motivated and don’t learn anything, so please understand that.”
“Ryuu and Boman, right… I know, don’t worry about that. If they complain, I will hit them.”
“Thank you. Then let’s start tomorrow.”
“I understand. …But the food Ren makes is delicious. Now I understand why Triela and Rico are always in good spirits.”

Maricle glared at Triela and Rico… Both of them looked away. It wasn’t my fault, right? …No, it’s my fault.

In fact, we actually talked while eating meals. By the way, the dish we had was the pork bowl that everyone in the workshop loved. Maricle was eating so fast, so I gave him extra servings.

After that, I watched Triela and Rico’s magic training. Maricle also gave it a try for a while, but his progress wasn’t very good. Rico said that she would patiently teach him, so I decided to leave it to her. Teaching other people would help her understand it herself, so it should be beneficial for Rico. After that, we decided to split up.

Now, it’s afternoon.

I already ate and I wanted to continue my blacksmithing training, but I’d like to make the cart I was thinking of. It should be easy to carry and store if I made the structure foldable. I have [Storage], though.

Hmm, I probably shouldn’t make rubber ropes with hooks for fixing the luggage since there’s no rubber in this world yet. I didn’t want to stand out… But well, I could make it with [Creation Magic]. Hmm… Should I make a chain or a hole in a leather belt to attach a hook on the carrying frame?

After that, let’s make it possible to remove the belt so it could be used as a knapsack. Make it so I could pull the cart normally until we went to the forest, and carried it on my back once we entered the forest.

Once I decided the specifications, I created it in a blink of an eye. I tried making around five units, including the spares. Should I give one to Triela? For now, let’s use it in the courtyard.

In preparation for tomorrow, I made the blackboards, loaded them into the carry cart, tied them with the belt, and tried walking around the courtyard while pulling it around… Yeah, it’s pretty good. Since I designed the wheels larger, it should be okay for a slightly rough road. The axles were also thicker, so it was pretty firm. But if I didn’t care about the firmness, I could just make this from wood.

Since it looked convenient to carry various materials, the master and the landlady wanted the carry cart as well. So I went to the Commercial Guild for a patent.

Once again, I drew the design on the spot and submitted it. Since I had the real item with me this time, they asked me to submit it as a reference sample. Wait, I didn’t have to submit a sample, right? At least please pay me the material cost back.

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Other than that, I had been ignoring the call from the Commercial Guild since I didn’t want to come here, but since I was already here, I decided to tidy up all of my business here. Was it a rank up? It’s troublesome, so let’s deal with them now! I went to the counter… and it turns out my rank in the Commercial Guild was C rank. Eh? Already? Wasn’t that too fast? Wasn’t this too strange?

… It seemed like the amount of the patent usage fee made in foreign countries was earth staggering. There wasn’t much domestic production, but some empires in the western and central part of the continent had union with the headquarters for each guild? And they made a lot of the products… When I looked at the deposit, one, ten, a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand, a million, ten million, a… a hundred million? Ohhh!?

Eh, what is this?

For the time being, I decided to take all the money and head home. There were a lot of gold, silver, and copper coins, as well as some smaller changes. I wouldn’t have to worry about coming back every time I wanted to get some money and I can easily carry it with me as long as I use [Storage]… At least I won’t have to worry about money for a while, yay! Anyway, I wonder if it’s okay to cash out the total amount of the deposit in that Commercial Guild? What a scary guild…

No, wait! Eh!? Aren’t there too many digits!?


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